This Week’s Sweat Sessions

While walking Tucker, the dog of the family I nanny for, I realized how I was a cross-training rockstar this week. Not sure what I’m training for (maybe the Tyranena half marathon?), but I was happy with how I pushed my body this week.

Workout Round-up
Saturday: Five mile run (outside with friends)
Sunday: BodyPump Express
Monday: Hot yoga (Power Flow at Inner Fire Yoga)
Tuesday: Kickboxing
Wednesday: Three mile run outside and forty minute incline treadmill walk
Thursday: Two mile “trail” run and thirty-five minutes of a Jillian Michaels circuit training DVD
Friday: RPM (a.k.a. spin) and fifteen minutes of free weights

This week I definitely kept my body guessing. No elliptical-for-thirty-minutes-every-day kind of girl over here. Although I wish I could’ve gotten a second Pump class in, I am very proud of myself for doing some new or rare workouts, like the “trail” run at the dog park, the workout DVD, and even lifting weights on my own. Also, please remember I am basically on vacation and have lots of free time. Once school starts, I do not have the luxury of time to create such a diverse workout schedule. I also have normally two rest days a week.

While I am not sore or fatigued from working out every day, I need to give my body a rest, and Sunday is the day for that. Tomorrow I am joining my friend Mel for about five miles in the middle of the Madison Mini half marathon. Should be fun!

Next week’s workout goals:
1) Run at least twelve miles
2) Get to BodyPump twice
3) Have fun doing the Color Run 5K in Milwaukee on Friday (that will not be hard)



Did you try something new this week?
Have you ever done a color run?

Weekend Recap

Is it really Sunday night already? I tend to scramble a little every Sunday night: laundry, dishes, baking, grading…all things I could’ve done in the last forty-eight hours but didn’t. My excuses, though, are credible. Want to hear them?

Thursday was Brody and my fourth wedding anniversary, and to celebrate in style, we went out to dinner at Ruth’s Chris. If we want a good steak, we normally go to Delmonico’s or The Tornado Room, but we had a gift card for Ruth’s Chris.

It was delicious! We both started with a salad; the Ruth’s chopped salad for me and a special salad with arugula, bacon dressing, prosciutto, and orange wedges for Brody. For the main course, I had the petit filet and Brody had the ribeye. They offer family-style sides, so we shared the potatoes at gratin and sautéed broccolini. We were planning on sharing the cheesecake when our waiter informed us a dessert would be on the house in honor of our anniversary – score! Brody and I had a great time enjoying wine, dinner and each other’s company.

Saturday morning I had my last long run before the marathon on Sunday. Yes, I was “here” two weeks ago getting ready for the Madison Marathon, but because of the cancelation, my sights are now set on completing the Eisenbahn Marathon.

My confidence took a major hit after the half marathon, so I needed a good long run…and I got it. This run felt amazing: strong legs, easy breathing, and beautiful scenery. I ran down State Street, along Lakeshore Path, through campus, and around Monona Bay. Here are a few pictures I took (with my new iPhone!!!).

I made a pit stop at the Union for water and got to see the blue chairs for the first time.

I love running by water.

Last time I ran on John Nolan, I was not doing so hot. I made peace with John on this run and forgave him for being such a jerk last weekend.

The rest of the day included Chipotle, the dog park, an hour and a half nap, and some reading on the back patio. We had a charity event to attend in the evening, so it was a late night.

Bridget suggested I take a yoga class to help get me out of my head – she is a genius. My last class from the Groupon I bought for The Studio was used up today unfortunately. Luckily, it was a great class and I sweat out the toxins, both physical (wine) and psychological (doubt).

Sunday afternoon included grocery shopping, the dog park, and grading. The baking I mentioned in the beginning will be explained tomorrow with a link to the recipe.

So you see why I was a little frantic Frannie tonight?

Now I am off to bed where I will likely be asleep a minute after I close my eyes. Goodnight!

What I Ate Wednesday

Jenn’s idea for this month’s What I Ate Wednesday theme, extra serving of veggies, gave me the push I needed after eating such a bland (but delicious) Easter meal and too many Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs (all Easter candy is 50% off!). Before I share my eats, many of which are green or heavy on the veggies (#veggievictory), I want to thank Jenn from Peas and Crayons for organizing this weekly food festival.

Breakfast at 6:45am

This image kills two birds with one stone; not only does it show my breakfast of overnight oats, but it also fulfills the Instagram Photo Challenge (where you ate breakfast). My oatmeal is very thick, especially since I used Fage Greek yogurt this morning. Often I do not finish my breakfast on the ten minute drive to my coworker/carpooler’s house and polish it off as a passenger. As for my oatmeal, here was my magic formula for today: 1/2 cup oats, tablespoon chia seeds, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup yogurt, large scoop of pumpkin, one small banana, honey, pumpkin pie spice, and a dollop of sunflower seed butter. Does the pumpkin count as a veggie?

Snack at 9:40am
This snack happens in anticipation of future hunger. Because of my schedule, I do not have the ability to eat around 10:30am when my breakfast normally wears off. I stick to high protein snacks, like this string cheese stick (which I eat the “wrong” way), almonds, or a hard boiled egg. No picture was taken of this because I ate it while walking down the hall after a meeting two minutes before third hour started.

Lunch at 12:45am

When my mom, sister, and I were out running errands Monday morning, we swung by Aldi’s. Once again, I left with lots of produce. Two of the green goodies I picked up, green beans for 59 cents (I kid you not!) and Brussels sprouts, were roasted last night. The pork is from last week; it had been frozen since Wednesday but I thawed a small Tupperware of it for our Cuban sandwiches. An unpictured pear satisfied my sweet tooth…until I can get home for a Reese’s Egg that is.

Snack at 3:45pm
This afternoon I needed a snack before yoga, and this chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar totally hit the spot: protein, texture, and sweetness.


Dinner at 7:30pm
Brody requested a moderately healthy dinner, and knowing I had peppers in the vegetable drawer and chicken in the freezer, fajitas came to mind.

I used a liquid fajita sauce that had a very smoky flavor. I topped mine with Wholly Guacamole, Fage 0% Greek yogurt, and salsa. For dessert I had fresh pineapple and a Reese’s Egg.

I think I did pretty well with my veggies today. In general, I find it a lot easier to eat fruit, but since realizing how much I like roasted veggies, I am getting better.

I hope you had a good day of eats today!

What was your favorite meal today? Mine was probably dinner (including the pineapple and Reese’s

Sweatin’ at The Studio

Back in the day, I did a lot of yoga, namely Bikram or hot yoga. The summer I graduated from college I found Bikram Yoga Madison (now Inner Fire Yoga) and bought a one month unlimited membership. I went five to six times a week and fell in love. Even though it was the summer, I loved the heat, sweat, and challenge that came with every class. My regular yoga practice lasted just over two years.

Once Brody and I bought our house (a thirty minute drive to the studio) and I started teaching, I had no time to continue practicing. It made me sad, but obviously I eventually found another activity to throw my whole self into eventually (running). Yoga, though, complements running really well, so when I can fit in a class, I do.

My body has been very tight from all of the running and BodyPump; in particular, my hip flexors, hamstrings, knees and hips feel different. After yesterday’s ten mile run, I wasn’t very sore but knew a yoga class would help stretch things out.

I purchased a Groupon ($29 for five classes…booyah) for a newer yoga studio in Madison called The Studio. The Studio looked beautiful.


When I arrived for the 10:30am class fifteen minutes early with Groupon in hand, the receptionist was especially friendly. I quickly filled out waivers and walked into the heated room. This studio keeps the room heated to ninety-five degrees (to compare, Bikram studios keep the room at one hundred and five degrees).

It was a fantastic class, and I am looking forward to going back again. Because of the heat and the fairly crowded class, I was dripping in no time. I really liked the instructor; she was confident and offered lots of variations to poses. At one point, after moving between crescent pose and warrior two multiple times, I had to go down to child’s pose; the dizziness became pretty intense and I could taste bleach (this also happens to me after camel pose). I left the class looking like I had just showered but with a big smile on my face.

I wore something new to the class this morning. Before Brody woke up, I drove to Target (only a mile away!) and was the very first customer in the store (lame or awesome?). Along with boring but necessary stuff like printer ink, toilet bowl scrubbers, and air freshener, I bought three new work out items.

This is me attempting to be artistic with my “photography.”

I hate running in shorts but have wondered about spandex style shorts. Target had a pair for $25, and I figured that even if they don’t work for running long distances, I could wear them for occasional yoga classes or even cross training. For yoga this morning, they stayed in place on my thighs and were very comfortable. As for the other goodies, I don’t have many running tops and found this pink one on sale for $9. Lastly, my left big toe nail keeps making holes in my socks = annoying. This three pack was $8, so we’ll see how they hold up. Hopefully they don’t give me blisters.

It feels good to end the weekend feeling like I had a good balance of activity (run and yoga), rest (nap yesterday afternoon and ten hours of sleep last night), time with friends (The Hunger Games and Culver’s), work around the house (laundry and stained the porch swing), Brody-time (grilling out together last night and running errands today), and me-time (blogging).

I hope you also had a balanced weekend!

Do you go to yoga regularly? Where and what kind?
What was the last item of workout clothing that you purchased? I would love more suggestions, especially for distance running.

Run Pump Yoga

Last week, after reading and seeing Janetha’s post about her Livefit results, I was in awe – you have to check it out. Amazing! Ummm, can I look like that if I follow the program? Seeing those pictures made me momentarily regret being in the midst of marathon training. I know I can tackle it after the marathon, but our plans are to be in Europe early July. It would’ve been amazing to look and feel like that on vacation.

Speaking of the marathon training, it is going pretty well. I haven’t really talked much about my running or workout schedule, so here’s what I’ve been doing and continue to plan on doing.

-two shorter runs during the week; normally Tuesday and Thursday; 3 – 6 miles each
-one long run Saturday (only at 6 miles so far – I will end up doing two 20 milers)
-one recovery run on Sunday; normally 3 miles
-two days of BodyPump; normally the 5:30am class on Monday and Wednesday morning
-one day of elliptical or yoga (sometimes)
-one to two days of rest

Besides this, I also walk at the dog park for 30 to 45 minutes about five times a week. Plus, as a teacher, I am on my feet for a majority of the day. No wonder I can fall asleep within a few minutes of closing my eyes at night.

I credit BodyPump with making me a better and healthier runner. Now with my Garmin watch my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas, I watch my pace when I run outside. I’ve noticed I run faster outside than I do inside on the treadmill. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? But really, with stronger legs and arms, everything moves more efficiently. I haven’t noticed a big change in my body; maybe my arms and legs are a little firmer but nothing drastic.


The other type of exercise I wish I could do on a weekly basis is yoga at Inner Fire Yoga. This studio is fantastic, but I unfortunately live a good thirty minutes away. With an hour and fifteen minutes class, that’s a two and a half to three hour commitment. Luckily, I was able to squeeze in a class Sunday morning and did this instead of my recovery run. The flow class was sweaty and challenging, and the instructor, who was new to me, had a positive teaching style. Instead of saying how the room was warm, he kept calling it juicy.


Being active makes me a happier person, and I have found that going even a few days without sweating makes me a little crazy and sometimes overly emotional. My body relies on those endorphins! I feel lucky that my parents signed me up for ballet at a young age and instilled in me other healthy habits.

Question: What is your healthiest daily habit?