A Classy Wedding

When I last checked in, the shuttle buses were headed to the reception at a country club on Lake Norman. It was stunning.

We took the opportunity to take more “prom” photos. It was so fun to see Rugs and Scoop (who live in MN) again.

I loved my dress! Kelly green is such a fantastic and flattering color on everyone.

After a beautiful cocktail hour and some red wine, we headed inside and were given these notes.

Brody is classy, just like this wedding.

As the note says, JJ Gray would be surprising the bride.

Brody had actually seen JJ Gray in concert before, but I had never heard of him. However, he was amazing and so entertaining. He played about six songs. It was pretty crazy to have a celebrity at the wedding!

Dinner was delicious: surf and turf.

Do you see that little half of a potato? That potato stole the show – no lie. It was incredible.

We took nice photos during dinner.


And we took silly photos.

Post dinner, we had fun dancing to live music (and accompanying dance moves) by a band called Simply Irresistible. They played great songs that got people out on the floor, such as “Starship” by Nicki Minaj.

Brody and I took the first bus back to the hotel and crashed just before midnight. Being social is exhausting!

This wedding was SO gorgeous. From the flowers, to the wedding gown, to JJ Gray, to the Simply Irresistible band, this was a fancy wedding.

With this, our wedding-filled September is over. It was a whirlwind, especially for Brody who was in Montana last weekend, but it was lots of fun seeing friends who live elsewhere. It will truly be sad when all of the wedding invites stop coming.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Do you have weddings to attend this year?
Do you prefer a DJ or a band?

Charlotte and Wedding Photos

I have been super lame about posting this week. For some reason, I decided now, minutes before loading a bus for the wedding reception, would be a good time to post.

Brody and I are in Charlotte for a wedding this weekend. Aside from a sketchy trip to Walmart (but really where in the country are Walmarts not sketchy), I have really enjoyed my time here. Unfortunately we’re not in downtown Charlotte but closer to Lake Norman.

Detroit airport has decent food choices.


How I keep occupied in airports.


Anyone in town Friday night was invited to the bride’s mother’s house on Lake Norman. I failed to take pictures of the outside, but this bathroom was beautiful.


Family and friends put wishes for the couple in these lanterns. They were so pretty in the sky against the black sky and full moon.


I ran a PD on this hotel treadmill – 9 miles in just over an hour and a half. Luckily I had Jersey Shore and a Fitness magazine.


Brody and I went out for brunch.



The wedding party had a Rolls Royce limo.


Pumpkin beer for me (purchased at Walmart) between the ceremony and reception. We also needed mousse (for me) and five hour powers (for the boys).


And now we’re off to the reception. I love weddings!

Wedding Photo Dump

Brody and I attended a wedding in Toledo last night and had a ton of fun. Normally I hit a wall at weddings around 10pm, but when a friend told me it was past 11pm, I couldn’t believe it.

Instead of a wordy recap, I have amusing pictures.


Brody’s mom took a “prom” picture of us: Brody’s friend Scott and his wife Regan; JP and Bridget (the ones we traveled with this summer); and Brody and I.

Scott and Regan’s youngest son, Mason.

The married couple: Ben and Lindsay. I wish it wasn’t so blurry.

A little snackage between the ceremony and reception. The almond coconut flavor is awesome! It tastes like a macaroon.


Brody and his intermezzo: pineapple mint sorbet.

Bridget being a blogger.

A dinner of salmon, mashed potatoes, and veggies. In lieu of cake they had a cookie buffet.

Not sure what is happening here.

Brody, the bride, Lindsay, and a flower arrangement.

Although there are no pictures of me from the night, I promise you I had a great time and would’ve been smiling in all of them.

Now we’re off to JP’s family’s cabin by Adrian, Michigan. Although the weather isn’t ideal, we’ll have a good time. I foresee mimosas, euchre, and pontoon boat rides.

Weekend Wedding Part Two

I realized that I dislike dividing up the recap of this wedding in two parts like this with the Indian portion of it and the non-Indian portion.  Unfortunately, because of the break in the afternoon on Saturday (when I took a nap), it made sense to split it up.  However, what I saw this weekend wasn’t two separate families with different beliefs and traditions, but two families and friends coming together and to celebrate love.

After said nap, we boarded the shuttle buses to the Bridgeport Art Center about four miles out of the city.  It’s an old warehouse that they’ve converted into usable space, often for art galleries and weddings.  The view of the city was incredible.

The ceremony completely reflected the couple and had lots of personal and more casual touches, in particular their music choices (see program below), the second reading (also see program), and their vows (it was obvious they wrote them together).

For the cocktail hour, guests were transported back down to the first floor of the building into what used to be the loading dock.  Being a converted warehouse, the elevators are massive and can hold ten thousand pounds.  This classy joint even hung a chandelier in the elevator.

Brody and I enjoyed mingling with our friends, drinking (red wine for me), and sampling some of the incredible hors d’oeurves.  On a large white backdrop that took up the entire height of the room, which was VERY high, Bollywood music videos played.  This kept the mood light and joyful; I mean, how can you not smile when watching people dancing like that!

Cocktail hour finished and elevator-loads of people made their way back up to the room for dinner and dancing.  I had taken a few pictures of the rooms before the ceremony in better light – isn’t it amazing?  It could’ve easily been in a wedding magazine.

The groom had told us there would be a surprise coming up.  The surprise arrived right before the couple was announced to their reception: pink and white glow sticks!  Kids and adults had so much fun shaking the glow sticks around as the newly married (for the second time) couple arrived for dinner.  These glow sticks were also SO much fun to dance with; it made dancing feel a lot more club-like.

No pictures of food were taken, and sadly, I only have this one picture of Brody and I from that night.  Too bad it’s a little blurry, but you can see another angle of the room we were in and the pink glow stick by my left hand.

We had such a fun time dancing (which is likely why I have no pictures from here on out).  The groom is really into music and electronics and has lots of “connections.”  The DJ they hired was legit and not some run of the mill wedding DJ; he was positioned on a platform, blended the songs perfectly, and played a great mix of new and old music to keep the crowd going.  I haven’t danced that much at a wedding for a long time.

Brody and I had such a fantastic time seeing more friends tie the knot, and it’s always great to have groups of friends who are now spread out get back together.  Although we sometimes gripe about all of the weddings we have, I know we’ll be both sad when they stop.

  • If you are married, what do you remember most about your wedding day?
  • Do you have a lot of weddings this summer?