Crazylegs Recap and Grumpy Pants

Howdy folks! After a busy morning and afternoon, I am finally on my couch relaxing, and it feels amazing. Let’s start with the running…

Pre-running supplies (although I didn’t wear the cotton shirt for obvious reasons)

If you’ve read any of my posts from this week, you know how bummed I was about the weather. In all honesty, it wasn’t that bad! The rain held off for most of our pre-Crazylegs run, and when it was coming down, it felt good. Besides running through a puddle once on State Street, my feet stayed dry and I had no weird chaffing. One benefit of running in the rain – it rinses away the salt crystals!

Mel, Tim, and I all felt pretty good early on, but we were careful not to start out too fast. We got a little nervous that we were going to miss our waves for the race, so we ended up running the last two and a half miles from our cars by Trader Joe’s to the capitol with a 9:30 pace. Running up State, we dodged all of the walkers going in the opposite direction. This made it feel like an obstacle course. Luckily we made it in time, met up with my high school friend Rena, and waited for a few minutes for our wave.


While Tim took off to be Mr. Speedy, us three ladies set off just to enjoy the experience. Observatory was kind of a beast, but we pushed through and didn’t stop to walk. The rest of the course stays fairly flat. Although I don’t know our official time because my Garmin included the nine before, I would estimate we ran the 8K in about 47-48 minutes. We probably averaged a 9:30-9:40 pace, but then we all ran the last mile in under 9:00.

Two complaints about the race (and both deal with people):
1) Rena almost got spit on. This girl turned her head, didn’t look behind her, and spit. Nasty! How do people not have the common sense to look first?
2) People just stopped in the middle of the course and walked. Okay – I get that this is not a race that many people really race, but if you have to walk (which I am not poo-pooing), please move to the sides. Crazylegs had approximately 20,000 participants (not sure how many were walkers), and it was crowded the whole time. You bump elbows with people, need to dodge groups, etc.

I have come to a realization: I am crabby after long runs. This made me curious, so I did a little “research.” Some forums said it could be low blood sugar or glycogen (is that the same thing?) or dehydration. This may have been the case with previous runs, but today I was grumpy immediately after running into Camp Randall because the crowd was overwhelming and my right ankle hurt.

What if I hurt myself? I have only a month until the marathon, and I have so far remained physically intact. My ankle isn’t painful but it’s tweaky. I took Advil and have been icing it. Hopefully after a couple days of rest, it will be back to normal. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t scared or nervous though.

I hope everyone out there who ran or walked Crazylegs, participated in a different race, or did absolutely nothing had a great day!

What are your biggest pet peeves related to running?
Do you ever feel grumpy after working out?