I Heart Castles, Mountains, and Fennel Wine in Switzerland

I am FINALLY posting some quality (aka not iPhone photos) of our trip. We’re starting with Switzerland.

Brody and I are so fortunate to visit his dad and stepmom every summer. This visit was sadly shorter than normal because of the flight times to Croatia, but we still had lots of fun with them and Bridget and JP.

We ate good food.

Mmmm…Swiss Grill – good thing no one is a vegetarian

We hiked.

Hiking the Swiss Alps

Brody’s dad, Bridget, and I relaxing on a rock where we ate lunch while the boys hike up to the waterfall

Pretty waterfall

We drank wine in the cave (pronounced with an a like avocado).

Check out all that wine! Sorry, but you won’t find any fennel wine* in those racks – JP polished it off.

*The fennel wine comment deserves an explanation. Brody’s dad purchased a whole case of red wine from a local vineyard because he had tried their other wines and enjoyed them. This particular red wine, however, was not good. Someone, maybe JP, decided it tasted like fennel, and the wine was called such from then on. After quite a bit of red wine one night and many games of euchre, we attempted to finish the last bottle or two, but only JP could stand it. He was a trooper; Brody’s dad was very happy when he found out he no longer had nasty fennel wine on his hands.

We visited castles.

We walked for about thirty minutes along Lake Geneva from the Montreux Jazz Festival to this castle

While JP visited (as in looked, not used) the ancient latrines (the holes went right into the water!), the three of us took a break in an open section of the castle.

We took in the incredible landscape.

Can you imagine waking up to this view every day?

For Bridget’s vacation recap of Switzerland, head here. She is WAY funnier than I am and she already has her Croatia posts done. She has a full-time job and I only nanny a few days a week. Me = no excuses.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Have you ever been to Switzerland? Where’d you go? What’d you do?


Vacation Update: Switzerland

Hello from the Swiss Alps!


This rainbow appeared Friday afternoon

After three days in the Valais, we will be saying goodbye to Brody’s dad and stepmom tomorrow morning and flying from Geneva to Dubrovnik. We’ve had an awesome time, and we’re sad to leave already. Brody has been taking lots of pictures, so once we get back to the States, I’ll do a few posts using those images (food and mountain porn). But for now, here’s a brief overview of our visit.

-drove from Geneva and sat around in the late afternoon
-ate “Swiss Grill” which is a smorgasbord of meats (various sausages, lamb, and pork)
-drank good red wine

-woke up around 8am and read on the patio
-went hiking up the mountain and had a picnic lunch
-drove to a mountain village where we had a drink, shopped, and drooled all over a bakery
Bridget and I both “shut ‘er down” (napped) for an hour and a half
-ate veal, pasta, salad, and tartes (and I had my first French macaroon!)
-played euchre and drank wine in the Cave (a wine and drinking cellar in the basement) until 2:30am…oops

-slept until 11am (combination of late night, wine, and jet lag)
-drove to Montreux, which is on Lake Geneva, to check out the Montreux Jazz Festival
-walked to the Chateau Chillon and toured the castle
-ate roasted chicken, salad, raclette, and apricot sorbet with raspberries

There is so much I have left out, but like I said before, the pictures will tell a better story. I have no clue if I will have access to Internet or time to post from Croatia, so if I don’t check in, assume I am on a sailboat in the Adriatic Sea. Sounds incredible, I know. I can’t wait to see Croatia!


We Made It

Here is the view I woke up to this morning:

Pretty incredible. Unfortunately there is a 100% chance of rain by 1pm, yet because we’ve had such a drought in Wisconsin, I am kind of looking forward to the wet stuff. Hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in a hike this morning before it comes.

Traveling went fairly well; we only had one hiccup.

Our flight out of Madison left on time, but because of storms, circled a little longer before landing. We had enough time to catch our next flight to Amsterdam; however, these same storms kept us taxiing and delayed take-off for an hour.

For the second time in my life, I ran through the Amsterdam airport like crazy people. My red Tom’s were great for sprinting, and of course the gate was super far from where we landed. Sweaty and out of breath, we got to the gate only to have the lady tell us the gate closed a minute ago. ONE minute.

After some intense sighing and a few swear words (not directed at the lady – she was kind and sympathetic), we walked back to where we started to the transfer desk.

We were pleased to discover we had already been scheduled for the next flight to Geneva a couple hours later; KLM also gave us vouchers (for food and miles) and calling cards. What good service.

In the end, we arrived in Geneva at 1:30pm (which is 6:30am central time), met up with Bridget and JP (who had their own hiccup involving a lost and retrieved wallet in the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris), picked up the rental car, and drove the two hours to Brody’s dad and stepmom’s house in the Valais.


I love this place.

Have you ever had to sprint through an airport? Where and why?
Do you like flying? (I do only if there are personal tvs behind each seat, which there were for our long flight. I watched Horrible Bosses and The Artist.)

Au Revoir America, Bonjour Switzerland

I realize my title is in Frenglish; my French is a little dusty.

We leave for our European vacation in a couple hours. Because we’re flying out of Madison’s airport, we’re only getting to the airport an hour and a half before our flight. From Madison we fly to Detroit, Detroit to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam to Geneva. I am so excited to get there and not so excited about the traveling part.

This morning I made a to-do list to keep me in track and to stop my mind from running through all of the things I needed to do.

Juicing probably shouldn’t have been at the top of my list, but it was.

I HATE wasting food, and there were grapes, watermelon, blueberries, a beet, and mixed greens in the fridge. With my breakfast I juiced watermelon and the beet (amazing combo and beautiful color) and grapes, blueberries, and greens after my workout. The juicer is cleaned and will be neglected for the next two weeks. Yup, Brody put the kibosh on bringing it along. We tried Bridget.

Another important item on my list was laundry.

My amazing travel tip: wash your sheets before you leave. It is the most incredible feeling to get into bed with clean sheets after traveling for almost twenty-four hours.

I also like to workout the day I travel because of how much I will be sitting. My blood got moving this morning in a BodyPump class and thirty minutes on the elliptical. While on vacation, I like to stay somewhat active but in different ways. Last year, we did tons of hiking in Switzerland and I went on one amazing run in Lauterbrunnen (even though I had just developed runner’s knee). This year, Bridget and I have hopes of running in Croatia, but the research I did about running in Croatia make it seem like a challenge. If we end up just hiking and walking a lot, I’ll be okay.

All of our other affairs are in order: the neighbor boy is watering my plants and getting our mail, the dogs are with my mom, and my pack and carry-on (scarf, socks, books, iPad, toiletries, and snacks) are packed. Now it’s time to wait for my coworker to pick us up and we’re off!

See you again in Switzerland!

Have you ever been to Switzerland or Croatia?
What do you bring on your carry-on for long flights?

Summer Break, Marathon Anxiety, and One Lovely Blog Award

Happy Friday, friends!

This girl, as in me, is done with school for the year.

This was actually taken on Thursday which was the last day with students for the year. I am not driving, so don’t worry.

While this has NEVER happened, I went in to school today done with all of my grading.  All I needed to do was be there, clean up, and wait until a certain time to leave.

Students needed to have their lockers cleared out yesterday, and the custodians were going around opened all the lockers to be checked and fully cleaned out.  Being the garage sale loving person I am, scrounged the lockers for worthwhile items; I came “home” with brand new notebooks, a pair of scissors, copies of books (including two that I teach), and a pretty photograph from an art class.

My colleague became the winner when he found a plaid suit.

I have two pictures of him in this suit, and he is striking this pose in both. Who knew this is how you needed to stand when wearing a hideous, fabric plaid suit?

On the running front, I’ve been trying to avoid freaking out about the weather.  Mel, Tim, and I will be dealing with similarly hot conditions this Sunday for the Eisenbahn Marathon in West Bend.  I complained about it on DailyMile and Bridget said something I’m going to adopt as my mantra: Embrace the heat.  I do hot yoga and used to do Bikram yoga six times a week – I like the heat.  Now I have to like the heat while running 26.2 miles.

Also, my anxiety has been heightened due to a very sore, scratchy throat.  It started Tuesday night and has continued through today.  Besides gargling warm salt water and sucking on cough drops, I’m at a loss.  However, I did just wake up from an hour and a half nap, and it is feeling better.  Per Mel’s suggestions, I am downing four Emergen-C packets today and will use the neti pot after I type this post.

Months ago, I clicked on a link to another blog in the comment section of Hungry Runner Girl.  It was Southern Fit Foodie, and early on, we recognized some of the similarities between us.  She was sweet enough to nominate me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  This is my first blog award ever, and I am honored.  Thanks Natalie!

Here are the guidelines for the award:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate some other blogs you like for this award
  • Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them about the nomination

Seven Facts About Angie

1. I used to record what I wore to school every day on a calendar in my bedroom.  I also wrote down what I did, if I had practice, or had to work.  Below you can see a calendar from what I think was my freshmen year of high school; we toilet papered Mariah’s house two nights in a row apparently.  

2. Last Friday, Brody and I went to the Verizon store for my anniversary gift: an iPhone!  It is fantastic and so great for taking pictures.  I love not having to carry a camera around, which I was never good at doing anyways.

3. My gift for Brody finally came yesterday.  I went out on a limb and bought him a watch.  He used to wear a Swiss Army one every day, but it broke down and he never got it fixed.  Plus, he thinks it was a knock-off.  He really likes the one I picked out for him, which is a real Swiss Army watch.

4. We leave for Switzerland and Croatia in less than a month.  I am very excited about the trip but nervous about the long plane rides.  However, my friend Jena just took a trip to Italy and popped a Zanax (sp?) at the beginning of the flight.  She slept for eight hours!  Hmmm…

5. My feet are shot from training for five months.  They are callused beyond belief and nasty to look at.  I will for sure be getting a pedicure next week.  Let’s hope I don’t lose a toenail on Sunday.

6. I made pancakes with Kodiak Cakes for breakfast this morning and then had half a donut at school.  I’m an expert at carbo-loading.

7. For dinner tonight, we are having pulled pork.  A pork shoulder is currently cooking in my slow cooker, on high, in root beer.  It will be shredded and mixed with chopped banana peppers, jalepeno peppers, and pickles, and of course, barbeque sauce.  This makes the best sandwich, especially with a little melted cheddar cheese on top.

I would like to pass this blog award to a few friends I know personally:

Bridget @ Type A-Frame Personality

Mel @ Life, Scraps, and Ink

Claire @ Design Chalk

I probably won’t be checking in again until Sunday afternoon, so wish me luck!