Pregnancy Update: Week 34

It’s time for an update!

How far along? Today marks the beginning of week 34. According to the daily pregnancy journal I read aloud before bed, if she was born now, she’d be fully functioning. Don’t get any ideas Little Girl – you got to hold on until at least June 6 (last day of school for final exams).

No side shot this week. My belly is the bigger one on the left.

Baby’s size? She’s about the size of a cantaloupe, about 4 3/4 lbs, and 18 inches long.

Weight gained? I haven’t weighed myself for over a week. I would guess I’m getting close to 20 lbs.

Stretch marks? Nope!

Sleep? Ehh…not great. I still wake up often, and while I’m not uncomfortable, I can’t get comfortable. Does that make sense?

Best moment(s) this week?
1. Last night at our baby classes, an anesthesiologist came to share information and answer questions. Both Brody and I found it very helpful. At this point, I hadn’t really committed to going drug-free, which tells me that it’s not something I want to shoot for. I’d like to keep an open mind, though, because I realize I may not be able to get an epidural for whatever reason.
2. My birthday was a great “moment,” including the prenatal massage.
3. Grilling out on Sunday night and then eating outside.

Miss anything? Sleeping well (which I realize will not happen again for a long time), red wine, and not having to pee every hour (especially in the morning).

Looking forward to? My last baby shower is Sunday, and this is the one with friends and family. My BFF from high school who lives in Iowa is coming, and I’m super excited to see her.

Movement? All the time! My doctor said her head is still down, and I think her butt and hips are under my right ribs and her knees and feet are under my left ribs.

Food cravings? Corn Chex, artichokes, and Sassy Cow 1% milk.

Anything making you queasy or sick? I’ve been feeling faint quite often. When I mentioned it to my doctor, she said that it’s my lower blood pressure. Mine is a little lower than normal, so when I stand still for a while, I start to feel woozy. As I mentioned in my last post, I think I have supine hypotensive syndrome. When I lie on my back or even at an incline, I start to feel nauseous, anxious, and panicky (similar to symptoms of going into shock). The anesthesiologist said that the major arteries (or veins) are blocked from the weight of the baby and uterus, and the heart can’t reload to pump more blood (or something like that). This explains why I freaked out during the MRI, at the dentist, and while getting a massage (on back on an incline).

Exercise? Walks at the dog park, intervals on the elliptical, and an occasional cardio class at the gym. Not too bad for the belly I’ve got on me.

Gender? Girl.

Labor signs? None really – some minor Braxton Hicks though.

Symptoms? Linea nigra, special varicose veins, some varicose veins on the backs of my legs, low blood pressure, and frequent urination. Nothing too horrible.

Belly button in or out? Basically flat.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Other pregnancy/baby news:
-Brody ordered prints from Etsy and had them made on canvases. They look amazing above the crib!

The mobile has shipped and should arrive any day.

It’s all coming together.

-My friend from high school, Jeana, had her daughter, Avery, last Monday. A C-section was scheduled for Friday, but her water broke Monday morning. I can’t wait to have play dates with our daughters this summer!

-I had a female student tell me I look huge last week. Awesome. Thanks. Teenagers don’t always have filters.

That’s all for today. Hope you had a good Tuesday!

Hey Shorty, It’s Your Birthday

Yesterday I turned the big 3-0.

Some people freak out over this milestone, but it didn’t bother me at all. It was actually a lovely day from start to finish.

It started with participating in the Crazylegs two-mile walk with my friend Jena. We made shirts – people loved them!

We walked along with my former coworker Brad and his wife Jess. They had their baby girl, Hadley, about two and a half months ago. The four of us talked baby stuff (I love hearing people’s birth stories) while Hadley slept.

We made out way into Camp Randall and posed at the finish line. Both of us got a wee but jealous of all of the red-faced runners. I miss the adrenaline, exhaustion, and sweat of finishing a good run. This summer, hopefully, I’ll be back at it.

It’s crazy (no pun intended) that a year ago I ran 14 miles, with the last five being the Crazylegs race. How things can change in a year!

At 1pm, I scheduled a prenatal massage at The Wellness Room – happy birthday to myself. She didn’t have a table for me to lie on my stomach, but it still felt amazing. Because of my self-diagnosed supine hypotensive syndrome (have I mentioned this before?), I was unable to stay on my back the whole time, even at an angle. I still felt super relaxed afterwards as obvious by my manly voice for the next couple hours.

Up until this point Brody had been absent from my birthday due to a hockey tournament. He had a game at 4:30pm, so I got to the rink and watched his team shut out the other team, 9-0. Brody scored one goal (which I missed because I was in the bathroom – story of my life) and one assist. Unfortunately they didn’t make the finals. Fortunately, this meant we got to go to dinner for my birthday.

Last week I told Brody I wanted to go to the Tornado Room for steak. He was surprised because normally I choose funkier or more ethnic restaurants. This pregnant lady wanted beef, which, interestingly enough, is also what I requested for my birthday dinner last year.

I basically knew exactly what I wanted when we sat down – baked french onion soup, petit filet (medium rare), and a green vegetable (I went with asparagus). Their steak is SO good, and I love the onion ring they serve on top of the steak. I failed to take any food pics, but if you live around Madison or are visiting and you want the best steak in town, go here and you will not regret it.

At home, I had a few bites of Chocolate Shoppe peanut butter cup ice cream and then went to bed. We were asleep by 10pm. Party animals around here.

As for presents, my sweet husband got me a ten classes at my favorite yoga studio, Inner Fire Yoga, so that post-birth, I can get in the routine of going once a week on Saturday or Sunday while he stays home with our little one. He also got me a fabulous diaper bag.

I had planned on just using his (the Diaper Dude), but this one is way cuter and looks more like an over-sized purse. He’s so good at gifts!

Like I said – a very good day.

Are you a “birthday” person?
What would your perfect birthday be like?