Rhabdo Update and WIAW

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  It’s Wednesday but feels like Monday to me because I spent the last two days in the hospital with Brody.  Before I get to Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday, a quick update:

Brody’s CPK numbers continue to go down, and there is a very good chance he’ll be coming home tomorrow.  Last night, his CPK was at 54,000 and once they are below 30,000, he can come home!  I was able to come home yesterday because my kind, generous, amazing grandparents drove up to Antigo from Appleton, picked me up, brought me back to the Madison-area, and then drove back to Appleton.  Although I felt horrible leaving Brody up there, I needed to get back to work; with only a handful of instructional days left, I have a lot to do and teach still.  I will say it is strange to be in the house without the husband or dogs – it’s so quiet and lonely!  I’m excited for everyone to come home tomorrow.

Food.  I love it.  I don’t share a lot of my daily eats here, and that’s why I love participating in Jenn’s WIAW – thanks again Jenn!  Today I tried to focus on veggies and protein.  I think I succeeded – score!

As I got ready, I sipped on an iced coffee with coconut milk.  So refreshing!

The food portion of my breakfast included a bagel thin, half with cream cheese and fig butter and the other half with sunflower seed butter and homemade jam.  I polished off the fruit in the car during my drive.

I inhaled this yogurt and forgot to take a picture until it was in the trash.  There’s your proof: I ate a black cherry Chobani.

My mom had cooked up chicken and ground beef for nachos grande (basically loaded semi-healthy nachos) and sent all the leftovers home with me.  I made a salad with romaine lettuce, half a tomato, chicken, black beans, and salsa as the dressing.  It was yummy and very filling.  I also had an orange and a few mini-chocolate bars.

On my drove home, I ate red pepper strips (no picture: driving + eating + camera = accident).  At home I needed a little sumpthin-sumpthin to hold me over until dinner and ate the whites of a hard boiled egg.  This is unpictured because I forgot.  You all know what eggs look like, so it’s all good.
With Brody gone and no meal to cook, I decided to clean out the freezer and finish the meatless chicken strips.  They have decent stats: two strips (small, IMO) were 100 calories and 8 grams of protein.  I ate four with BBQ sauce and then one more with honey.  I picked up a bunch of veggies and roasted a red pepper, yellow squash, and onion.

I will definitely be having something sweet before I call it a night.  Whether it be more watermelon, a brownie cupcake (made by Mom), or both, my sweet tooth demands satisfaction.

Do you eat any meat substitutes?  How do you cook it?
What foods do you eat to satisfy your sweet tooth?  If you don’t have a sweet tooth, do you want to borrow mine?