Pint Likes, Pint Unlikes

During the two hours and forty minutes I spent with myself and my music this morning (running sixteen…okay, technically 15.6 miles), I let my crazy mind wander. I thought about running (Will I really be able to run 26.2 miles?), food (What should I eat after this?), the future (summer plans), and this little blog thing I’ve got going on (What could I write about?). Insert: Pint Likes, Pint Unlikes.

Pint Likes

1. Yellow desk

Brody and I are thinking about moving the office (which is currently in a guest room upstairs) into the living room. The room has a beautiful cabinet built by Brody’s grandpa, a nice big window, and a fresh coat of paint, but the only “people” who use it daily are Moose and Frankie. If we did turn it into an office, we would need a new desk because the desk would float in the middle of the room. While this yellow desk is not our style, I still like it. This one is more of our style.

2. Brody’s burgers
My mom and sister are visiting for this Easter weekend, and because we didn’t want leftovers, we made burgers. Brody doctors the ground beef with a “proprietary mix of spices” (quote from Brody himself because he doesn’t want to share his recipe). We got to talking about the best burgers in Madison, and since I rarely eat burgers when out, I didn’t have much to contribute; however, my bison burger from Bison Jack’s was pretty fantastic last weekend. Brody’s favorite is the Melting Pot from Dotty Dumpling Dowry’s.

3. Buying running clothes
I go shopping (Old Navy and Marshall’s) and what do I buy? Running compression pants, tank with built-in bra, running spandex shorts, and a whisk. Having new running clothes makes me even more excited for my runs. Plus, my sister gave me an early birthday present: Nike running shorts with a sweet pattern. My awesome new running gear will hopefully distract people from my red, salt-crusted face and awkward gait.


4. Having a mom who works for a bakery
When my mom and sister arrived at 2pm today, they brought lots of food, including a doughnut, an egg-shaped chocolate Easter cake, bakery buns, dark chocolate M&Ms, ingredients for a strawberry pretzel dessert thing, and wine. Sixteen miles < calorie intake for the day.


Pint Unlikes

1. Peanut butter flavored GU

I was so excited for this flavor that I even saved it for my second gel of the long run to have something to look forward to. Unfortunately, the thicker consistency left the back of my throat coated, as if I had a frog in my throat. I actually liked the first GU, Sublime Lemon flavor, much more.

2. Running alone for more than an hour
Running alone today kind of sucked. I like the social aspect of running, so when I woke up this morning knowing I would be alone for a long time, I felt a little worried. While other people can work through “issues” during their runs, my mind wanders from one topic to the next. Definitely looking forward to running with friends again next weekend.

3. The end of spring break
After a glorious week, my spring break ends Monday night. Unlike most working adults, I am lucky enough to get this time away from work, so I will not complain that it is over…I will just put it in the unlike section of my mind and this post.

4. Needing to be even
I can’t think of another unlike from today, but I don’t like the idea of four likes and only three unlikes. The balance feels nice now.

What did you like or unlike about your day?

Ten Nuggets of Randomness

I have lots of random thoughts I’d like to share with you. In one of the classes I teach, we are reading The Catcher in the Rye which is written and narrated in a stream of consciousness style. I will spare you all of the randomness going on in my brain and limit it to ten nuggets.
*Note: While reviewing this post before publishing, I realized where the word “nugget” came from – the Garlic Gold!

1) I realized yesterday that I have completed half of my training plan. This weekend I will run 14 miles and bypass the halfway mark in terms of distance. Even now, I struggle to understand what 26.2 miles will be (and of course feel) like.

2) Roasting veggies is the easiest way for me to fit in a few servings a day. Tonight I roasted yellow squash, red and orange peppers, and onions. I love how the onions caramelize and become sweet.