What I Ate Wednesday

Welcome to Friday…uh, I mean Wednesday. It feels like Friday to me because I am taking two personal days, so I am D-O-N-E for the week! A college friend is getting hitched, and Brody and I leave for Maryland tomorrow morning. Just to throw another wrench in the confusion of days, I recorded my day of eats yesterday, Tuesday.

As always, a big thank you goes out to Jenn for organizing WIAW. I always love browsing through a handful of new-to-me blogs, and once summer comes, I know I’ll be adding a few more to my Google Reader. Yah for summer break! I have less than twenty days, in case you were wondering. But onto my food!


BREAKFAST: Overnight oats

No surprise here. The standard mixture. It’s strange; sometimes I can go on the oats until lunch without my tummy rumbling and other times I am starving by 9:45am.

LUNCH: Salad and strawberries

This salad was the bomb, mainly because of the roasted veggies. Because I was too lazy to put salad dressing into a container, I brought the hummus and used that as dressing. Strawberries and a few unpictured mini-chocolate bars rounded out the lunch.

SNACK: Plant Fusion protein shake and granola

I wrote about this new liquid in my life yesterday. With a half cup of Love Grown Carrot Cake granola on the side, I was ready for a jaunt at the dog park with my friend Jena. This granola is SO good, and I find it difficult to not go back for more.

DINNER: Sandwich, mango, and two squares of TJ’s dark chocolate with sea salt

Because of a late meeting, Brody and I didn’t eat dinner until nine – very late for us. We threw together sandwiches and I finished my meal with frozen mango and two squares of chocolate. This gourmet meal was eaten while watching the finale of The Voice. I thought Juliet Simms with her unique and gritty voice was going to win, but no dice.

Not sure what my blogging opportunities will be like for the next four days, but you can bank on having a few posts about our trip to Maryland at some point. See you again soon!

What or where should I eat while in Maryland?
If you watched this season of The Voice, who were you hoping would win?