This Week’s Sweat Sessions

While walking Tucker, the dog of the family I nanny for, I realized how I was a cross-training rockstar this week. Not sure what I’m training for (maybe the Tyranena half marathon?), but I was happy with how I pushed my body this week.

Workout Round-up
Saturday: Five mile run (outside with friends)
Sunday: BodyPump Express
Monday: Hot yoga (Power Flow at Inner Fire Yoga)
Tuesday: Kickboxing
Wednesday: Three mile run outside and forty minute incline treadmill walk
Thursday: Two mile “trail” run and thirty-five minutes of a Jillian Michaels circuit training DVD
Friday: RPM (a.k.a. spin) and fifteen minutes of free weights

This week I definitely kept my body guessing. No elliptical-for-thirty-minutes-every-day kind of girl over here. Although I wish I could’ve gotten a second Pump class in, I am very proud of myself for doing some new or rare workouts, like the “trail” run at the dog park, the workout DVD, and even lifting weights on my own. Also, please remember I am basically on vacation and have lots of free time. Once school starts, I do not have the luxury of time to create such a diverse workout schedule. I also have normally two rest days a week.

While I am not sore or fatigued from working out every day, I need to give my body a rest, and Sunday is the day for that. Tomorrow I am joining my friend Mel for about five miles in the middle of the Madison Mini half marathon. Should be fun!

Next week’s workout goals:
1) Run at least twelve miles
2) Get to BodyPump twice
3) Have fun doing the Color Run 5K in Milwaukee on Friday (that will not be hard)



Did you try something new this week?
Have you ever done a color run?

Hiatus No More

Hi, friends!

My hiatus from blogging just happened to coincide with a hiatus from a normal working GI system. Crypto was exhausting…literally. I am happy to be back to both blogging and, well, you know.

Although that darn parasite limited my activities for a week and a half, I was still able to keep up with a regular workout schedule (yah for BodyPump and kickboxing) and do a handful of other fun things.

1. I went to dinner at Pizza Brutta with a few friends; it was delicious, but I think I still prefer Cafe Porta Alba.

2. I went to an RPM (spin) class with my friend, Ellie. This class kicked my butt! After the third song, I was a sweaty monster. Thank God the class was only fifty minutes. Spin is hard, and while I didn’t love it, I have a feeling the fact that it’s so hard for me means I should be doing it.

3. I went up to my cottage. This place is lovely and so relaxing. The weather wasn’t the greatest, so I did a lot of reading (The 19th Wife…which I just finished this afternoon). Brody and I also met my sister’s boyfriend; he was great and fit right in.

4. I began thinking about school…you know, my real job as a teacher. While I enjoy the summer and my job as a nanny, I do begin to look forward to school right around this time of the summer. Part of me is excited and part of me is overwhelmed. The first day of school will be here before I know it.

5. I bought a new tv! Actually, Brody picked it out and bought it. Our main tv was one Brody bought after graduating law school. This one is pretty, extremely skinny, and has 3D capabilities. Fancy schmany. I even figured out how to turn it on and change the channel this morning without crying, calling Brody, or giving up.

6. I watched the Olympics. My favorite has been gymnastics, swimming, and track and field. Moose’s favorite was men’s gymnastics. This was not a random, one second kind of thing; his eyes were glued to the screen for a good five minutes.

7. I made mac ‘n cheese per Brody’s request. Carbs and melted cheese = happiness. While this dinner fueled Brody’s late night hockey game, it gave me the energy to watch the women’s vault and fall asleep immediately after.

It feels good to be back.

What summer Olympic sport is your favorite?
Have you tried any new workouts recently?
What is your favorite comfort food dinner?