Pregnancy Update: Week 26

Hello! Before I head to dinner with Brody to meet up with another couple (who are also expecting their first, and a girl like us!), I wanted to check in with a baby update.

How far along? Week 26 will be done on Monday.

Baby’s size? She is a head of lettuce. Her eyes are starting to open now!

Weight gained? I weighed myself one morning this week, and I’ve gained around ten pounds.

Stretch marks? No, and hopefully it will stay that way.

Sleep? Some night were better than others this week. Falling asleep is no problem (ask Brody who has to listen to me snore a minute after closing my eyes), but I wake up to any little sound or movement. Last night was a good night though: fell asleep on the couch at 9pm, went up to be at 10:15pm, woke up around midnight to pee, up at 4:30am again, and then up for good at 7am.

Best moment this week? Brody and I switched over a bunch of items in my Wish List on Amazon in to the registry. Most of the big stuff (BOB running stroller, Liteway stroller, swing, bouncer, etc.) are on Amazon, and I’ll be registering the smaller stuff at Babies R Us. We also purchased our bedding.

Isn’t it adorable? It’s from the Land of Nod collection through Crate and Barrel. Once it arrives, we’ll be able to pick out the paint color (we’re now thinking a pale yellow). It’ll be fun to see the nursery start to come together.

Miss anything? I haven’t officially given up running, but it’s been a week since my failed attempt. It could’ve just been the day, so I want to give it another shot. This morning in a cardio class, running in place felt awesome and made me crave real running. I also got a little jealous when I saw a bunch of my running friends met in the Arb and did 6 miles this morning.

Movement? She continues to move around, and I’m noticing it more during the day now. Her kicks or punches actually woke me up last night also for a second.

Food cravings? I like tortilla chips (the ones from Chipotle are to die for), pears, and orange juice. I have been having a glass of orange juice most mornings, with ice. Anyone else love orange juice with ice?

Anything making you queasy or sick? Car rides still aren’t the best, but no episodes like a couple weeks ago. I have been getting some mad heartburn lately, though. I carry a baggie of Tums with me wherever I go. Can someone OD on Tums? I hope not.

Gender? Girl.

Labor signs? None.

Symptoms? Round ligament pain, heartburn, and some tiredness are what I’ve been feeling lately. We have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday night, and hope she tells me the discomfort I’ve been feeling from the round ligament is normal.

Belly button in or out? It’s still kind of an innie but it looks different. I wonder if I’ll ever have a full-blown outie.

Wedding rings on or off? On – no water retention (knock on wood).

Happy or moody? Happy but normally tired by Thursday – I wish the weekend came one day earlier.

Exercise? I made it to BodyPump twice this week, walked with the dogs at the park twice, and then did an hour and twenty minutes BodyStep/Attack class this morning. I actually worked up a little bit of a sweat at it too!

Looking forward to? I am excited to get the bedding, for our doctor’s appointment on Thursday (hearing the heartbeat), and for all of the dinners we have with friends coming up.

Until next time (which will be a Wine and Recipe post – I have good and easy recipes to share)!

Pregnancy Thoughts

Good afternoon! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was fantastic…partially because it included a nap each afternoon. Quick story: Brody today turned to yesterday as we both relaxed on the couch and said, “After this show, should we get up and be productive?” Without thinking I whined “Why?” like a five year old and made a super big pouty face. Ha! Naps occurred only fifteen minutes after this brief conversation.

I skipped a pregnancy update last week because the week before’s was late in the week. However, I am getting towards the end of the second trimester, and from what I’ve heard, things often start to go a little downhill from here until the end.

This week I have noticed my mood and energy levels dipping a little. A coworker and friend pointed it out (in a loving way). While I’m still enjoying being pregnant, feelings of “Hmm…maybe this isn’t all unicorns and rainbows” has seeped into my psyche.

I realize I am so lucky to be pregnant, to have had an easy pregnancy, and to have had no complications. There are sadly many people who want desperately to conceive and struggle. Brody and I weren’t sure if we’d be one of those couples, and luckily we were not. I am taking nothing for granted. Yet, there are some aspects of pregnancy that are not so fun, and I wanted to point out some of the good and not-so-good that I’ve experienced.


Bella Band
I bought this on Amazon for around $25, and it worked really well for me. Being 25 weeks along, I am still able to use it with some of my dress pants. However, I think I wear it upside-down, or at least the tag ends up being upside-down. I put the “sticky” part above my belly, and the rest of it is tight enough to stay in place. FYI: as short and fairly small girl, I bought the size 1 and it fits perfect.

Feeling her kick and punch
Man, is she getting strong! Last night she was kicking down into my pelvic floor, and that was a strange feeling. I notice her moving more at night while I watch tv or before falling asleep. She’s also active in the early morning hours but luckily isn’t strong enough to wake me up yet.

Maternity clothes from Gap and Old Navy
Is it weird that I totally love my maternity clothes? It was so great to get some hand-me-downs (mainly from Motherhood Maternity), but I am very much into Gap and Old Navy stuff. It all fits so well and is my style. Half of my non-maternity closet is from these two stores, so it makes sense I’d be happy with their maternity lines.

Picking out stuff for our registries
My college friend, Tina, compiled a document of Consumer Reports for various baby items and comments from moms she is friends with. This helped me get started with at least figuring out what we’ll need to register for and what brands to look into or avoid. I started a Wish List on Amazon, and besides Tina’s document, I have been relying on reviews on Amazon.
On Saturday we drove the hour and half to Brookfield to Buy Buy Baby. We had heard this was the best baby store around, and we needed to pick out and order the furniture. With the latest Baby Bargains book in hand, we perused bedroom sets, I changed my mind about white, and we agreed on a pine finish set by Bassett (which was given a B in Baby Bargains).

At Buy Buy Baby, we gave the Bob Stroller SE and the Chicco Liteway stroller (thanks Kristina!) a test run. We also found this super modern swing by Mamaroo, but it doesn’t have the greatest reviews on Amazon.

Along with bouncers/swings, Brody and I discussed pack n’ plays, monitors, and bedding last night.

Knowing that in fifteen weeks or less we’ll get to meet our baby
This is obviously the best part of the pregnancy. She’ll be here before we know it!


Round ligament pain
I’ve mentioned this before in my pregnancy updates, but this pain is no joke. I haven’t talked to many women who experienced this, so I wonder if it’s really not very common. On Saturday it was very intense and was even shooting down my right leg. This could’ve been sciatica also. When I am active it feels the best and almost disappears, but if I’m lying down or sitting for a while and get up, that’s when it hurts.

Worrying about stretch marks
I don’t consider myself a vain person, but I care about my appearance and have been concerned about the feared stretch marks. My doctor said to moisturize, and that’s what I’ve been doing every morning and night. The two factors I have going for me are that my mom never got them and I haven’t gained a lot of weight quickly.

NA wine
It tastes more like juice, but at least it’s red. On Saturday night, Jena (who is also expecting!) and I polished off a whole bottle of the red blend by FRE – getting wild and crazy over here! While all of the other Wine and Recipe ladies enjoyed the delicious reds I picked out (it was my turn to host – post coming soon), I watched with a little envy. Oh well. At least I had no chance of feeling hungover the next morning.

Along with the FRE brand, I have tried Ariel. As you can see, it was not a winner.

Only sleeping on my sides or back
I love sleeping on my stomach. My go-to position to fall asleep is on my stomach, head facing left, right arm under a pillow, and left arm/hand holding the blanket close to my face covering my left ear. Once I assume this position, I am out in under a minute. Fortunately I haven’t had problems falling asleep on my sides, but I know sleeping can get even worse as a pregnancy continues. I probably shouldn’t be complaining about this one because it’s not that bad.

Waddling (especially when people point it out)
First of all, I waddle when I’m not pregnant. Like my mom and sister, I have a very distinct walk. When I attended a ballet camp in Michigan one summer before 8th grade, Mia Michaels (yup, the judge and choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance) was the jazz instructor. She called me “her little Penguin.” As I get bigger and the round ligament pain persists, I see even more penguin-ness in my future.

And to end, a shot of what I see when I look down nowadays. The belly is growing!

I hope my negatives don’t come off as me complaining because they are so minor and shadowed by the positives. Women who haven’t been pregnant often say “There’s so much women don’t talk about regarding pregnancy,” and I agree. By no means am I willing to tell you everything, I can give you an insight into my experience of how I am adjusting mentally and physically to this beautiful little girl growing inside me.

Pregnancy Update: Week 24

Good morning, folks. In this update, I unfortunately do not have many pictures – not even a belly shot. I’ll get one this weekend when I’m not wearing pajamas. Promise (both that’ll I’ll take a pic and that I won’t be in comfy clothes the whole weekend).

How far along? I started week 24 on Tuesday.

Baby’s size? She’s a cantaloupe and weighs about a pound. Apparently her face is now fully formed.

Weight gained? I was up about eight pounds last week Thursday. My doctor said to expect to gain a half a pound to a pound a week from now on. Grow Baby, grow!

Stretch marks? No, and I’m still moisturizing like crazy with Neutrogena body oil and Burt’s Bees fragrance free lotion.

Sleep? Now that I’m not scared of cutting off blood flow to the baby, I have been sleeping better from not worrying about rolling on my back.

Best moment this week? It wasn’t related to pregnancy, but I had a lot of fun last weekend with Brody and our guests. Megan even brought our little girl some clothes.

So cute! Thanks Megan!!
Another great moment was getting a bouquet of red roses from Brody and the delicious dinner he made me for Valentine’s Day.

Miss anything? My Gap khakis. I have been wearing a lot of black lately. Luckily, a pair of Gap maternity khakis are on their way (the ones I was supposed to get in my last order).

Movement? She’s been a lot more active lately. When I’m busy during the day I don’t notice her moving as much. But at night when I am relaxing on the couch or in bed, I feel her punching, kicking, and squirming.

Food cravings? I am loving sunflower seed butter again, chocolate, and hard boiled eggs.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope – it’s been a good week.

Gender? Girl.

Labor signs? Nope.

Symptoms? I still have round ligament pain. It tends to be worse if I’ve been sitting or lying down for a while and then stand up. My belly is getting big – last night Brody said he could tell it was out there more.

Belly button in or out? In but getting closer to being an outie.

Wedding rings on or off? On, and hopefully they will be the whole time. I’ll feel naked without it.

Happy of moody? Happy!

Exercise? I got in a three mile run on Saturday, BodyPump on Monday, the elliptical on Tuesday, and walking for thirty minutes each of the other days. Not too shabby!

Looking forward to? Brody and I have plans to go to Buy Buy Baby in a couple weeks on a Saturday to pick out the baby furniture and check out other baby items for our registry. As of now I have started a wish list on Amazon, and we’ll eventually register on Amazon and probably Target and Babies R Us.

This weekend my mom and sister are coming to visit. They haven’t seen me since Christmas when I wasn’t showing at all. I think they’ll be surprised to see the belly!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Pregnancy Update: Week 23

Happy hump day! Checking in quickly with a pregnancy update and a little venting about a trip to the dog park. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

How far along? I started week 23 yesterday.

Yet another embarrassing selfie – it’d be even more embarrassing to admit how many shots it took to get this quasi-acceptable pic

Baby’s size? One website says grapefruit, and another says spaghetti squash. I think she’s more of a grapefruit.

Weight gained? I haven’t weighed myself for over a week, so maybe around 6 pounds? I’ll find out tomorrow at the doctor’s.

Stretch marks? No. 🙂

Sleep? I had a few nights of crappy sleep last week, but since Friday it’s been better. I still keep waking up on my back. I don’t think this is problematic now because there’s not a lot of weight pressing on that major vein, but eventually it will be.

Best moment this week? Besides movement (see two below), getting my clothing order from Gap Maternity today was awesome.

Even though they screwed up my order and sent me the wrong pants (the red ones), I am still happy. And actually, the red pants fit great, are cute, and were the same price as the khakis I wanted. Score! I also ordered a pair of their black leggings, which I am wearing now.

Miss anything? Not really.

Movement? I felt a clear kick/punch with my hand on my belly last week, and just this morning, my hand actually MOVED when she kicked/punched. So cool!

Food cravings? My sweet tooth is back but not crazy intense. I still am into salty foods but am getting in my servings of fruits and veggies.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Last Friday, I got super car sick on the way to school. I had a plastic bag ready, my jacket off, cold air blowing on me, and the seat reclined. Even though I was in the front seat, it was a rough ride: back and forth, up and down, fast and slow. It makes me nauseous thinking about it.

Gender? Girl.

Labor signs? Nope.

Symptoms? The belly is definitely out there now – one pair of dress pants and one pair of jeans (both non-maternity) still fit…but barely. I also have started to feel some round ligament pain (which is a dull ache for me, not sharp pains).

Belly button in or out? In but coming out slowly.

Wedding rings on or off? On. I haven’t noticed any water retention (knock on wood).

Happy of moody? Happy!

Looking forward to? We have a monthly appointment tomorrow; I’m excited to hear the heartbeat again and ask my doctor some questions. Brody and I will also be making our first (of many, I am sure) trips to Babies R Us. My fabulous coworker gave me her old stroller to trade-in and receive 25% off! The car seat we want is there (Chicco Keyfit 30), and we’ll save almost $50.

On a non-pregnancy note, I had a very stressful, anxious trip to the dog park with my friend Jena tonight. Normally we keep a good pace and our dogs run around. We got caught up walking with a person who I know, and then a group of people and dogs, and it made me nervous.

I am totally fine walking with a group of people if I know them, and more importantly, know their dogs. Moose and Frankie like to play and wrestle with each other, but not with other dogs.

“We are exclusive – please don’t try to join in on the fun.”

Sometimes their playfulness excites other dogs, and most of the time when a new dog tries to join in, they will run away from the other dog. But if that dog doesn’t get the hint, both of them will make it known they are not interested. They’re not being aggressive but setting boundaries. Anyways, today Jena and I were surrounded at times with new dogs, and the energy levels were a little too much. Now with my growing belly, I also get nervous with dogs, including my own, rough-housing around me and knocking me down. We both left feeling frustrated, with high blood pressure, and like we didn’t get a good workout in ourselves.

Oh well. Mini-rant from dog park lady over.

Have a good night!