Pregnancy Update: Week 41

How far along? 41 weeks, so overdue by a week.

Baby’s size? The website I had been referring to stops giving comparative fruits and vegetables after 40 weeks. Maybe there’s one that starts comparing her to animals? Household objects?

Weight gained? I am holding steady at 25 lbs.

Stretch marks? None.

Sleep? Some nights are better than others. Saturday morning I slept until almost 8am – that almost never happens. Brody’s sleep, on the other hand, has been suffering big time. I have apparently become a snore monster. Truth: I woke myself up at least once because of my own snoring.

Best moment(s) this week? Giving birth…psych. That didn’t happen, but it would’ve been cool. For real, though – good times: getting to the dog park every day, going to see This is the End with Brody on Saturday afternoon, trying new recipes, meeting up with Jeana and Nicole, reading on the back patio, hanging out with Brody after work (and not being worried about grading), and, of course, hearing Baby’s heartbeat at our now bi-weekly appointments. It’s the little things.

Miss anything? The usual: stomach sleeping, changing sleeping positions while sleeping, red wine (and sangria), blah blah blah.

Looking forward to? Seeing our baby and finally telling everyone her name.

Movement? She’s still squirming in there.

Food cravings? This isn’t exactly a craving but more of an anti-aversion; I ate chicken breasts! Now it wasn’t a whole chicken breasts as that still makes me want to gag. I made sweet and sour chicken (bite-size pieces), and I ate it and liked it.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Food commercials – I can’t watch them. Everything savory looks disgusting. Everything sweet still looks good, though.

Exercise? Lots of walking still. One day this week I made it to the dog park in the morning and again with Jena when she was done with work. I got to the gym one day for some treadmill walking and elliptical action.

Gender? Girl.

Labor signs? Lots of Braxton Hicks, lost my mucus plug (sorry if that’s TMI), some crampiness, some lower back aches, slightly dilated and effaced, and brief “twinges” of pain. Two nights this week I woke up thinking (and hoping) that my water had broke. Unfortunately it was just sweat that had formed between my thighs and knees from how I lie in bed. Both embarrassing and disappointing.

Symptoms? I don’t even know how to answer this one anymore.

Belly button in or out? Out. The timer says I’m done, but Baby hasn’t heard the buzzer. Lame metaphor? Yes.

Wedding rings on or off? Off at night and on for most of the day. I don’t wear it to the dog park because my hands swell when walking in the warmer temps.

Now that I’m d-day plus seven days, the i-word has been tossed around a lot by me, friends, and my doctor. Before my due date, Brody and I had decided to hold off and avoid induction interventions.

Suddenly at my appointment on Thursday (three days after EDD), I found myself open to the idea of inducing using a prostaglandin. The three of us discussed even doing it that next weekend or early next week. My doctor was not pressuring me but was open if I waned to do it.

As we drove away, Brody (unintentionally) asked a loaded question: But I thought you wanted to wait?

After a nights sleep, some additional thought, and a little research, I decided to not schedule anything, and Brody supports that decision. I believe the pressure of “the due date,” my boredom at home, everyone’s well-intentioned texts and calls (don’t take that the wrong way friends and family – keep checking in!!!), and knowing I had the power to meet her in three-ish days got to me.

From what I’ve read, inducing can bring on a slew of interventions that I would like to avoid if possible. Obviously I’m open to whatever is necessary to have a safe and healthy baby, but the big two I hope to avoid are having a C-section and getting Pitocin.

In my free time this week, I read about lots of “natural” induction options, and have tried a handful. On Saturday morning, I decided to give reflexology a shot.

Reflexology is based on the belief that certain points in a person’s hands and feet correspond with body parts and organs, including the uterus. I made an appointment at Reflexions and decided that even if nothing happened from it, at least it’d be a relaxing 60 minutes.

The reflexologist was nice enough to have a chair for me instead of asking me to go on the table.

She also does fertility and prenatal massages, so she had the background knowledge to realize us pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to be on our backs for long. My feet were propped up with pillows, and she sat on the floor while working on my feet, ankles, and lower legs.

After the hour was up (which flew by!), she showed me three pressure points I could continue to work on that connect to the uterus: one on the bottom of each foot, one above the inside ankle bone on each foot, and the webbing between the thumb and first finger.

Considering it’s Monday, I wouldn’t say the reflexology session induced labor, but it sure felt great and was, as I had hoped, very relaxing.

I have a doctor’s appointment today at noon, so we’ll see how I’m progressing and what the future plans may be.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Have you ever tried any more “alternative” medicine (besides massage and chiropractic care)?
To the mamas out there – What brought on labor for you?

A Photo Every Hour {6/14/2013}

I decided to copy Chelsey’s post, which was actually Katie’s idea. This way you can all see the ridiculousness of my life at the moment. Yes, I know it is all about to change drastically in ways I could never imagine, but for now, please appreciate, scoff, or relish in the supreme laziness that is my current life.


After a decent night’s sleep (read: four trips to the bathroom), I arose a little after 6:15am. I made Brody’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ate a toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel, drank an iced coffee, watched the news, and at 7:00am, was getting the dogs ready for the park.


The three of us met up with my favorite dog park people, all of whom are over the age of 60. Not sure what that says about me – I’m an “old soul”? I walked about two miles with them, and here we are on our way back to the car.


I took a quick bird bath (aka a shower where you don’t wash your hair) and plopped down for some Today Show entertainment and blog reading. A snack of cheese and Triscuits happened around this time too.


I left the house for the second time in one day – woot woot! While browsing the clothing section of Target would normally take at least twenty minutes, I had no reason to even glance in that direction. As I’ve been told, I shouldn’t expect to be wearing my normal clothes for a while. Sad face. Instead I bought interesting things like printer ink, crackers (on sale), Manwich, and yogurt covered raisins (for Brody). Also, if you are wondering, 9:30am is prime time for pregnant women and moms with newborns. We were everywhere in that store!


Back at home, back on the couch. I did a little reading about induction methods and going beyond your due date and watched TLC’s What Not to Wear.


Post-lunch, I moved my pregnant butt outside to the back deck. I finished Gone Girl yesterday (so good but quite eff’ed up characters) and started a YA book called If I Stay. I randomly found half a bag of M&Ms in the lazy susan with my cooking supplies – how I forgot they were there blows my mind. They were a perfect sweet treat for my sweet tooth.


Still outside and still reading. I was also doing quite a bit of texting with Brody and various friends. It seems like everyone has a life and stuff to do as no one was able to come hang out with me or meet me somewhere.


My pregnant college friend, Tina, called and we chatted for a while about pregnancy and baby things. Her due date is approaching and she was planning on getting reflexology done. This is one “natural” induction method I hadn’t read about. I did some research and found a massage clinic that also does reflexology just a few miles from my house. They don’t open until 4pm, though, so I need to wait to see if they can fit me in soon (like this afternoon still – ha!).


Frankie and I spent some quality time on the back deck together. I moved into the shade and ate a grapefruit.


I worked on this post for a while before calling the reflexology place. Good news! She got me in at 9am tomorrow!!!

I failed to take a picture this hour but was talking to Brody who had just gotten home from work.

Again, no photo. I was getting ready to leave the house for the third time in the day.


Brody’s involvement in the United Way brought us to a charity event, Berry Bash, at Heritage Hall in Camp Randall. I ordered a club soda and cranberry juice.


This is the same dress I wore to last year’s Berry Bash. Obviously it’s not a maternity dress but is big enough (or had enough stretch) to fit over my pregnant belly.


I actually remembered to get a picture of us.

No photo – we were still at Berry Bash, and I was probably eating a piece of cake.

No photo – I was in bed soon after this time.

There was my Friday, June 14. Although labor didn’t happen, it was a good day.