I Got 5 On It

I often have the urge to title my posts after song lyrics or titles. “I Got 5 On It” by Luniz came out in 1995 but I remember hearing it when I was a sophomore in high school, which was 1999. My friends and I listened to inappropriate rap and hip hop songs, and my music still leans in this direction (especially when running). Anyways, upwards and onwards…

1. I love a good deal, and 79 cents for all of these bananas equals one amazing deal.

During a quick trip to Woodman’s this morning (which may be an oxymoron since the store is gigantic), they had bags of reduced produce. I wonder if they do this every Thursday morning? I should’ve asked. #smoothiesandbananasoftserveforlife

2. Today was my last chance to take the incredible kickboxing class with my favorite instructor ever for the summer. So sad! It was, as always, a great class. I realized two new reasons why I love kickboxing: 1) It feels like dancing to me with choreography to music – it’s been so long since I’ve really danced, and this gives me a similar feeling, and 2) I feel really badass, like I could seriously punch someone out – as a peaceful, nonviolent, non-confrontational person, this is a unique experience. Jab, cross, hook, roar.

3. My best friend, Susan, from high school lives in Iowa but was visiting her family only an hour away from me. After nannying, I drove to see her and her family. It was so nice catching up, and it made me sad how we are not able to see each other more often. Her little boy, Aidan, is two years old and a little spitfire. As with many of my friends, I love how we’re able to pick up where we left off.

4. Dinner for tonight cooked the whole day, and it felt good to not have to worry or stress about it when I got home after babysitting this afternoon. What’s in the pot?

Pork and root beer. When cooked, I drain off the liquid, shred it, mix in BBQ sauce, chopped up pickles, jalapeños, and banana peppers, and serve it as a sandwich with shredded cheddar cheese.

5. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll be signing up for the Tyranena Beer Run half marathon on Nov. 3. I figured out a ten week training plan yesterday which starts on Monday. To get my butt in gear for running in the morning before school and/or running outside again, I did four miles yesterday morning in my neighborhood. Moose loves when I come home sweaty and tries to lick any available skin.

This is fine for about ten seconds but then I get grossed out and annoyed that his tongue is hot. In case you’re grossed out, I shower immediately after the Moose “bath”.

What’s your easy, go-to slow cooker meal?
Did you run today or have a race coming up? Let’s hear the details!

Summer Break, Marathon Anxiety, and One Lovely Blog Award

Happy Friday, friends!

This girl, as in me, is done with school for the year.

This was actually taken on Thursday which was the last day with students for the year. I am not driving, so don’t worry.

While this has NEVER happened, I went in to school today done with all of my grading.  All I needed to do was be there, clean up, and wait until a certain time to leave.

Students needed to have their lockers cleared out yesterday, and the custodians were going around opened all the lockers to be checked and fully cleaned out.  Being the garage sale loving person I am, scrounged the lockers for worthwhile items; I came “home” with brand new notebooks, a pair of scissors, copies of books (including two that I teach), and a pretty photograph from an art class.

My colleague became the winner when he found a plaid suit.

I have two pictures of him in this suit, and he is striking this pose in both. Who knew this is how you needed to stand when wearing a hideous, fabric plaid suit?

On the running front, I’ve been trying to avoid freaking out about the weather.  Mel, Tim, and I will be dealing with similarly hot conditions this Sunday for the Eisenbahn Marathon in West Bend.  I complained about it on DailyMile and Bridget said something I’m going to adopt as my mantra: Embrace the heat.  I do hot yoga and used to do Bikram yoga six times a week – I like the heat.  Now I have to like the heat while running 26.2 miles.

Also, my anxiety has been heightened due to a very sore, scratchy throat.  It started Tuesday night and has continued through today.  Besides gargling warm salt water and sucking on cough drops, I’m at a loss.  However, I did just wake up from an hour and a half nap, and it is feeling better.  Per Mel’s suggestions, I am downing four Emergen-C packets today and will use the neti pot after I type this post.

Months ago, I clicked on a link to another blog in the comment section of Hungry Runner Girl.  It was Southern Fit Foodie, and early on, we recognized some of the similarities between us.  She was sweet enough to nominate me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  This is my first blog award ever, and I am honored.  Thanks Natalie!

Here are the guidelines for the award:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate some other blogs you like for this award
  • Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them about the nomination

Seven Facts About Angie

1. I used to record what I wore to school every day on a calendar in my bedroom.  I also wrote down what I did, if I had practice, or had to work.  Below you can see a calendar from what I think was my freshmen year of high school; we toilet papered Mariah’s house two nights in a row apparently.  

2. Last Friday, Brody and I went to the Verizon store for my anniversary gift: an iPhone!  It is fantastic and so great for taking pictures.  I love not having to carry a camera around, which I was never good at doing anyways.

3. My gift for Brody finally came yesterday.  I went out on a limb and bought him a watch.  He used to wear a Swiss Army one every day, but it broke down and he never got it fixed.  Plus, he thinks it was a knock-off.  He really likes the one I picked out for him, which is a real Swiss Army watch.

4. We leave for Switzerland and Croatia in less than a month.  I am very excited about the trip but nervous about the long plane rides.  However, my friend Jena just took a trip to Italy and popped a Zanax (sp?) at the beginning of the flight.  She slept for eight hours!  Hmmm…

5. My feet are shot from training for five months.  They are callused beyond belief and nasty to look at.  I will for sure be getting a pedicure next week.  Let’s hope I don’t lose a toenail on Sunday.

6. I made pancakes with Kodiak Cakes for breakfast this morning and then had half a donut at school.  I’m an expert at carbo-loading.

7. For dinner tonight, we are having pulled pork.  A pork shoulder is currently cooking in my slow cooker, on high, in root beer.  It will be shredded and mixed with chopped banana peppers, jalepeno peppers, and pickles, and of course, barbeque sauce.  This makes the best sandwich, especially with a little melted cheddar cheese on top.

I would like to pass this blog award to a few friends I know personally:

Bridget @ Type A-Frame Personality

Mel @ Life, Scraps, and Ink

Claire @ Design Chalk

I probably won’t be checking in again until Sunday afternoon, so wish me luck!

What I Ate Wednesday

Hi folks! How is your Wednesday going? Mine is going quite well, except I did wake up to some odd sensations in my right knee and right hip flexor. I’m trying to be optimistic and be logical about it; I need to rest, ice the affected areas, and take some ibuprofen. As my 57 year old coworker/carpooler said, “When you run 18 miles, you should expect your body to respond in some way.” Good call, Dave.

Time for What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. April’s theme, extra cup of veggies, is motivating me to make good choices (at least on Wednesday) with my vegetables. As I’ve said before, I am great with my fruit intake but struggle with that other part of the pyramid…or plate…or whatever it is this year. Regardless, thanks to Jenn for organizing WIAW every week!

Breakfast @ 6:40am

Last night when I took the pulled pork out of the freezer for dinner tonight, I noticed a lonely bagel in a drawer. Every year for Christmas, Brody and I go to Ohio to spend the holiday with his family, and there are certain food joints we tend to visit annually; Barry Bagels is one of them. This chocolate chip bagel tasted amazing toasted. I topped one half with light cream cheese and the other with TJ’s peanut butter. Realizing it was Wednesday, I snuck in a serving of veggies with a glass of Amazing Grass. I bought this last year and haven’t used much of it. It tastes okay but doesn’t dissolve well. Let’s just say the last sip is not a pleasant one (texture-wise). Although it isn’t pictured, I also had an iced coffee with skim milk.


Snack @ ???am

During my prep hour, I stopped in another English teacher’s classroom to see how she helps her AP students prepare for the test. Later, between classes, I grabbed a few almonds and dried bits of mango to stop my stomach from eating itself.

Lunch @ 12:45pm


*Not my picture – from Allrecipes, link below

At the grocery store on Sunday, I purchased some meat, including ground chicken. It has about the same stats as ground turkey, and I thought it’d be good to mix up our protein sources. Unfortunately, I had no idea what to do with the chicken, so I headed over to Allrecipes and found this. I had everything it called for, and while I do enjoy grocery shopping, all I want to do after work is get home. They turned out well and had good flavor. They’d be good with pasta and marinara or on a meatball sub. We ate ours with broccoli cheese noodles (from a package), and I had this exact same meal for lunch. I completely spaced out and failed to take a photo. For dessert I had strawberries and a few flavored Tootsie Rolls.

Snack @ 4:45pm
I tend to crave carbs after school, but to do a better job with my veggies today, I microwaved a small sweet potato and topped it with Greek yogurt. Then I remembered the pita chips from Trader Joe’s and finished the last serving as I graded quizzes.


Dinner @ 7:45pm

Brody and I threw together a quick dinner of pulled pork sandwiches. I also had an apple to cleanse the palate.

Most likely I will have something sweet before bed, maybe a chocolate pudding pop or some dark chocolate M&M’s.  What I wish I had is Yogurtland.  Here’s a photo documenting my first (and only, so far) experience at this heavenly place.


There you have it; another day of the eats of a pretty normal 20-something (okay, almost 29 year old) girl.

Have a great night!

Of my three main meals, which one would you be most likely to also eat?

P.S. The spacing of this post is totally annoying me.  I like it to be more organized and have spaces between the “ideas” (in this case, meals), but I haven’t figured out everything about WordPress yet.  I also wonder if it’s because I have an Apple.  I’ve heard Windows Live Writer is the best for writing posts, but that it’s not compatible with Apples.  Boo.

What I Ate Wednesday

Jenn’s idea for this month’s What I Ate Wednesday theme, extra serving of veggies, gave me the push I needed after eating such a bland (but delicious) Easter meal and too many Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs (all Easter candy is 50% off!). Before I share my eats, many of which are green or heavy on the veggies (#veggievictory), I want to thank Jenn from Peas and Crayons for organizing this weekly food festival.

Breakfast at 6:45am

This image kills two birds with one stone; not only does it show my breakfast of overnight oats, but it also fulfills the Instagram Photo Challenge (where you ate breakfast). My oatmeal is very thick, especially since I used Fage Greek yogurt this morning. Often I do not finish my breakfast on the ten minute drive to my coworker/carpooler’s house and polish it off as a passenger. As for my oatmeal, here was my magic formula for today: 1/2 cup oats, tablespoon chia seeds, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup yogurt, large scoop of pumpkin, one small banana, honey, pumpkin pie spice, and a dollop of sunflower seed butter. Does the pumpkin count as a veggie?

Snack at 9:40am
This snack happens in anticipation of future hunger. Because of my schedule, I do not have the ability to eat around 10:30am when my breakfast normally wears off. I stick to high protein snacks, like this string cheese stick (which I eat the “wrong” way), almonds, or a hard boiled egg. No picture was taken of this because I ate it while walking down the hall after a meeting two minutes before third hour started.

Lunch at 12:45am

When my mom, sister, and I were out running errands Monday morning, we swung by Aldi’s. Once again, I left with lots of produce. Two of the green goodies I picked up, green beans for 59 cents (I kid you not!) and Brussels sprouts, were roasted last night. The pork is from last week; it had been frozen since Wednesday but I thawed a small Tupperware of it for our Cuban sandwiches. An unpictured pear satisfied my sweet tooth…until I can get home for a Reese’s Egg that is.

Snack at 3:45pm
This afternoon I needed a snack before yoga, and this chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar totally hit the spot: protein, texture, and sweetness.


Dinner at 7:30pm
Brody requested a moderately healthy dinner, and knowing I had peppers in the vegetable drawer and chicken in the freezer, fajitas came to mind.

I used a liquid fajita sauce that had a very smoky flavor. I topped mine with Wholly Guacamole, Fage 0% Greek yogurt, and salsa. For dessert I had fresh pineapple and a Reese’s Egg.

I think I did pretty well with my veggies today. In general, I find it a lot easier to eat fruit, but since realizing how much I like roasted veggies, I am getting better.

I hope you had a good day of eats today!

What was your favorite meal today? Mine was probably dinner (including the pineapple and Reese’s