The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Amazing

The Good
Summer break is almost here! I have two more days and then it’s time to decompress. To prevent myself from spending every day at Target, I nanny. Last summer I split my time between three families and one tutoring gig, but this year I am scaling a little back and watching two families a few times a week.

The pistachio cupcakes were a hit. The recipe got me thinking of other pudding and cake mix combinations: white cake and cheesecake pudding or chocolate cake and butterscotch pudding. Before I make any cupcakes, though, I need to use up the two overripe bananas on my counter. Recipe suggestions? Or maybe I could incorporate the cake mix/pudding combo with the bananas. Hmmmm…you may be getting a semi-original recipe from me soon!

The Bad
Yesterday was a big day for Wisconsin politics. As a public worker who went to UW-Madison, it is probably not surprising which direction I swing. This was not a place I intended to talk about politics, so I won’t. But, I will say I ate blueberry pancakes and ate blueberry Greek frozen yogurt for dinner last night and I wore black today.

It is Wednesday and I completely forgot to document my eats from yesterday or today. I took one picture of the wrap I had for lunch today and one of dinner. That’s all you get. #WIAWfail


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The Ugly
Can I not catch a break with marathon weather? The temps in West Bend on Sunday are 67/81, which is warmer than I’d like. Thankfully the humidity looks like it will be pretty normal. With those high temps, I am going to quite the ugly-looking runner.

The Amazing
Brody follows The Chive, basically a photo blog, which recently called its community into action by asking for donations to help Taylor Morris, a Navy EOD tech who sadly lost parts of all four limbs, be able to afford a down payment on his and his girlfriend’s dream house: a log cabin. If you are at all doubting the state of humanity, please go here for the full story. A similar situation happened last year with this lovely family.

What is a good, bad, ugly, or amazing from your life?