WIAW – Summer Staples

Happy hump day!

It’s been a few weeks since my last WIAW post, but I am back and ready for Jenn‘s theme for this month: summer staples. Yesterday was kind of an odd eating day for me; normally I eat three meals and two snacks, so eating four small meals was quite unusual for me.


Breakfast @ 6:45am

Once again my mom gave me half a loaf of her homemade wheat bread. A classic peanut butter and jelly has been hitting the spot and has definitely become a staple for me this summer. During the school year, overnight oats are my staple, so it’s good to mix it up.

Lunch #1 @ 11:30am

After a great three mile run and my favorite kickboxing class, I came home hungry for something cold and refreshing. Brody and I purchased the Ninja blender a few weeks ago (hence the blender for sale on Craigslist) and it makes awesome smoothies. This one included a little ice, half a frozen banana, frozen strawberries, half a scoop of Plant Fusion protein powder, a little milk, and coconut water. It was very thick, almost like soft serve.

Lunch #2 @ 3:00pm

I had no obligations yesterday and ran a few errands. Shopping makes me hungry. I finished the baked beans from the weekend and cut up a watermelon. There’s really no way to make baked beans look nice in a photo, but I tried. I also had a spoonful of sunflower seed butter.

Dinner @ 6:00pm

Crockpot lasagna! This is why I was chopping onions yesterday. Although it wasn’t the best day for lasagna (hello 85 degree house), it was easy and delicious. Brody even liked it! I can definitely see myself making this again; however, it only needs four hours on low, so I could never make it on a school day. But on a chilly Sunday, this would be perfect; maybe it’ll become a winter staple.

Dessert @ 8:00pm
No picture – #wiawfail
I attended a Mary Kay event with a friend who is a representative and ate some treats after my facial. The dessert plate included a square of red velvet cake, a piece of dark chocolate Dove, a twizzler, and a few apple slices with a dip.

Did I eat any greens today? Nope. Besides the tomatoes in the lasagna, I didn’t do well on the vegetable front. That is kind of the story of my life; I never have problems with fruit but really struggle with vegetables.

As for summer staples, I ate quite a few summer-y foods. Smoothies scream summer to me, as do baked beans and watermelon.

Thanks again to Jenn for hosting!

Who you use your Crockpot in the summer? What do you make?
What are your summer staples?

Succeeding and Failing

Hi, friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday.

As a way to share some of the random details from my life today, I decided to label each as either as success or fail. I hope you’ll share a success or fail from your life as well!

Success: Anniversary dinner
Last night, I made chicken teriyaki meatballs to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. As always, they turned out fantastic. I cannot take credit for this, though, as it really goes to Real Simple magazine for providing easy, quality recipes. Normally I use Jennie-O ground turkey, but chicken was cheaper and had about the same stats. Dinner success!

Fail: Protein pancake
I woke up early to get a little school work done and realized I had just enough time to make pancakes. To make them a little healthier and more satisfying, I searched for a protein pancake recipe and quickly found one. It called for one and a half scoops of protein powder (she used Sun Warrior, but I have Plant Fusion), so I threw everything together. This may have been why the fail occurred; I didn’t follow the instructions in mixing the ingredients together but did it all at once. Because the batter was dry and clumpy, I added a little more milk. Keeping my fingers crossed, I heated up a pan, coated it with a little butter, and formed a patty with my fork. It was bad. The bottom stuck to the pan and I couldn’t flip it. At this point, I gave up and toasted a TJ’s sprouted wheat bagel. Breakfast pancake fail!


Success: Three posts in one day
Yesterday, I blogged like it was my job, but it’s not. I teach about metaphors and similes, grade research essays, and help students learn to love reading. Writing almost everyday has helped me become a better writer, and I am more efficient in writing and publishing a posts. In case you missed them, I wrote about tapering, our wedding anniversary, and Foodie Pen Pals. Blogging success!

Fail: Present for Brody
While it is not exactly a failure (although it could be if he doesn’t like it), I did not get Brody’s anniversary gift to him on time. Brody is the best gift-giver ever; he pays attention to what you say you want months in advance, remembers those offhand comments, and then buys it for you. This is how he knew I would love a Volvo. Me…not so smart. I wait until the last minute and stress about it until I finally make a decision. The gift should be arriving early next week – let’s hope he likes it. Gift-giving fail!

Success: Five mile run
My morning run was so fantastic yesterday. I did five miles in about 48 minutes, had no pain, and could easily breath. The temps were cool, around 45 degrees, and a faint drizzle fell on me the whole time. After a handful of craptastic runs, I SO needed this. Running success!

Fail: Summer employment
Back in high school I began babysitting for extra money. I continued watching kids in college during the school year and summer and have managed to find nannying gigs during my summers off. However, I am not having good luck for this summer. I have applied to many positions posted on the UW Job Center website and have not heard back from even one person. Employment fail!

What is one recent success and one recent fail from your life?