Clean Teeth and Grassland Walls

Growing up, my dentist’s last name was Moeller (pronounced molar) – hilarious, right? He was destined to clean and fix people’s teeth. Dr. Moeller was graced by my presence two times a year, thanks to a diligent mother, and the importance of my oral care continues now. Despite needing eight cavities at age seven and HATING the bubblegum flavored fluoride, I looked forward to seeing Dr. Moeller.

I still look forward to visiting the dentist, especially because I like my hygienist, Diane, so much. Funny story: I randomly started walking with this lady with a yellow lab at the dog park. We chatted, and our conversation led to our professions. When she said she was a hygienist at my dentist’s office, I made the connection; she had been my hygienist there before! Small world. She is a sweet lady who talks through the entire appointment but doesn’t make you feel like you need to contribute by awkwardly saying something with your mouth open.

My dentist office is in an old, Victorian house that greets you with pretty flowers. Maybe this puts nervous patients at ease? Or maybe my dentist has a green thumb?

For my first day of Spring Break 2012, I was very productive.
7:30am: dog park
8:30am: school work, grading
10:00am: vacuum first floor
10:30am: shower, hair, makeup
11:00am: eat lunch
12:00am: dentist
1:30pm: Sherwin Williams
2:30pm: paint hallway
4:00pm: run three miles, BodyPump class
6:30pm: make dinner
7:30pm: eat dinner
8:00pm: sit on couch with Brody, blog, and watch The Voice

One aspect (of many) that Brody and I both take advantage of over my breaks is trying new recipes for dinner. I turned yet again to Jenna from Eat Live Run for a quick, simple meal and stumbled on 30 Minute Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken. I realized I had everything but chicken and lemons. Believe it or not, I went into the store for three things (chicken, lemons, and root beer for pulled pork), and didn’t get anything else! Are you proud? I am.

I followed the recipe but may have pounded my breasts out (sounds a little wrong) a little more than Jenna did, as mine cooked in twenty minutes, not thirty. They had a unique but delicious flavor, but if I made them again, I would use less lemon zest. Cheesy broccoli noodles (from a package) and roasted green beans (with Garlic Gold) accompanied the meat.


Brody and I slept on the paint colors, and after looking at each of them in different light at different points of the day, we agreed on the Grassland. I am very happy with how it looks so far, so if any of you (Bridget?) are thinking about painting, I highly recommend getting the samples. I will post pictures of how it looks tomorrow.

Have a nice, relaxing Tuesday night.

Do you like, put up with, or hate the dentist? Painting?

A Long Run and a Paint Color Conundrum

Before yesterday, the farthest I had ever run was the half marathon distance. The last two long runs had me doubting my ability to make it the full 26.2, but yesterday, my confidence soared.

Mel and her husband Tim met me at 9:00am by the Brittingham Boathouse in Madison, and we ran to pick up our friend Nicole about half a mile away. The four of us did four miles together around campus and chatted the whole time.

We said goodbye to Nicole and continued on for the eleven mile loop I mapped out on Map My Run. We headed east towards Maple Bluff and ran part of the race route. There were some decent hills and my upper hamstrings, lower butt got super tight (as did Mel’s) but loosened up on the downhills. My first Gu, vanilla, at mile six was delicious, but as Tim predicted, the pineapple Gu was not. Now I know. I did buy the Peanut Butter Gu at REI today; Monica mentioned it and said it was really good, so I am sure it will be ah-mah-zing (channeling Penny from Happy Endings).

Overall, I felt strong the whole time, felt only a little discomfort, and kept my breathing under control. Unfortunately, Mel and Tim both had less than great runs. I hope we can all be in sync next weekend for the sixteen mile run.


My big Spring Break 2012 (meant to be said really loudly and quickly) include painting the front hallway and living room. Brody and I visited Sherwin Williams to look at colors and get a few samples. Our family room and kitchen are in Comfort Gray and our dining room is a light mocha color (not a Sherwin Williams paint), and we want something neural that flows well with these two colors. We picked out Grassland and Versatile Gray.

For about five dollars each, we brought home about a quart of paint to put up on the walls. I wanted to see how each looked in different lighting, next to the Comfort Gray, and next our trim.

The one on the left is the Versatile Gray and the right is Grassland.

Next to the trim and the Comfort Gray, what do you think? No seriously. This is not a rhetorical question; what color do you like better? I know it is hard to tell because most of you don’t know the space, but humor me.

What color do you like better?