Views of a Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Monday but it feels like Sunday. I love that. This week is going to fly by!!!

I attempted to take more (random) photos than normal this weekend, and I somewhat succeeded.

Brody used his Phish mug from Bridget for the first time Saturday morning. People have told Brody that with a baby, coffee is going to become a regular drink for him. He was practicing.

I have been loving Corn Chex lately. Dry or with 1% Sassy Cow milk, and it hits the spot. I never have cereal for breakfast, though – only as a snack.

I took the advice of Liz and made some muffins for easy breakfasts once Baby arrives. I’ve had this recipe for sweet potato muffins forever and finally made them. They are delicious!

I am at 37 weeks and 5 days in this picture and getting ready for a Memorial Day BBQ at our friends’ house. I was semi-patriotic with a red tank under a white shirt.

Brody rode his new bike to the BBQ (15 miles in 50 minutes – impressive!). I drove and was responsible for choosing Brody’s beer for the day; I bought Capitol’s new IPA, Bell’s Oberon, and O’Douls red amber (for me).

There was lots of good food at the BBQ; I had a cheeseburger, taco dip, lots and lots of fruit, and a cupcake. I brought screwdriver cupcakes (meant to be a bundt cake but worked great as cupcakes), a recipe from a Wine and Recipe night, and people loved them.

On Monday, we all woke up to cold, rainy weather. While Brody and I were happy to have the weather match our level of ambition, the dogs were not thrilled. Lots of pouting going on around here.

Enjoy the last few hours of your three-day weekend!