A Dog Park Morning

Long time no chat!

All is well here. We’ve been busy with moving into our new house, unpacking, shopping for accessories, and hanging artwork. I’ll post pictures soon.

My hiatus from the interweb was due to a lack of Internet at our friends’ house. They didn’t have it at their house while we were living there, and I managed to use up 75% of my internet data in seven days. Truth be told, I kind of enjoyed the break from Facebook, Instagram, reading blogs and blogging myself.

This morning, Finley, the dogs and I made a trip to a dog park in Middleton close to our new house.

I bundled Finley up in her Patagonia fleece (it’s a little big still) and her new See Kai Run kicks. It was only 47 degrees when we got there, and I didn’t want her to be cold.


The dogs had lots of fun at this park. It was our second time here, and the loop around the park is about three minutes longer than the loop at the Token Creek dog park we used to frequent.


It wasn’t too long before I took off my scarf and unzipped my hoodie. The first part of the loop is downhill (if you walk counterclockwise), but then the other side is all uphill (duh).


Pushing a 26 pound toddler and the Bob up that will make even the fittest person sweat. I counted this as my workout for the day.

The views are quite pretty as well.


Now the dogs are tired, Finley is napping, and I got in a shower. It’s been a good morning.

Happy Friday!