Post-Marathon Existence, Nail Polish, and Balls

Hello, friends! I hope you’ve had a good Tuesday.

A friend told me that after she ran her first marathon, she was an emotional wreck. My post-marathon blues aren’t that intense, but I do feel a little blah.

To help with the soreness, I took two ibuprofen immediately after the race and then two more four hours later. I haven’t taken any since but probably should. The pain resonates in my quads, hamstrings, and behind my knees. I have the packed gravel to thank for not destroying the tendons in the front of my knees. Stairs are the enemy, especially when there are no handrails. I would rather walk up one hundred stairs than down ten.

Last night, my smart husband pointed out the white tube of pain that stood next to the tv. I reluctantly foam rolled for five minutes; it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, but I did avoid my IT bands.

Yesterday I had bad stomach cramps from mid-morning through the late afternoon. They seemed to be worse after eating. Luckily, my stomach is feeling fine today. I have no idea if this was related to running or other factors.

Emotionally I am okay. It is strange to not have this big goal in the future, but I know I have other great things to look forward to. Plus with being on summer vacation, I am able to slow down in life (i.e. read, try new recipes, and go to more yoga classes).

Brody’s allergies have been horrible lately, and I realized it had been a while since we had changed the filter in our furnace. During the stop at Target for said filter, I found other more fun items to purchase: cloth shorts, Chobani yogurt (cheaper here than Copp’s), Powerade, and nail polish.

Painted nails and a new to me Luna bar

Such a fun, summery color! When I got home, I looked at the name and smiled: Bikini So Teeny. A very good friend of mine from college, Christina, was coined Tina after Tina Fabulous from The Bachelorette (year 2002 I believe). Tina later morphed into Teeny. She lives out in California with her husband, son, and dog but will hopefully be moving back to the midwest soon!

Today was my first day nannying for a new family. The two boys play baseball and invited me to join them. Like Amber from Clueless whose surgeon doesn’t want balls flying at her nose, I also try to avoid balls flying at my face. Because I still cannot run, I offered to pitch. Luckily we were playing with a whiffle ball because the younger boy nailed me in the knee with it on a good hit. I am so pathetic at sports that it is comical.

And that was some random Tuesday ramblings, folks. Until next time 🙂

The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Amazing

The Good
Summer break is almost here! I have two more days and then it’s time to decompress. To prevent myself from spending every day at Target, I nanny. Last summer I split my time between three families and one tutoring gig, but this year I am scaling a little back and watching two families a few times a week.

The pistachio cupcakes were a hit. The recipe got me thinking of other pudding and cake mix combinations: white cake and cheesecake pudding or chocolate cake and butterscotch pudding. Before I make any cupcakes, though, I need to use up the two overripe bananas on my counter. Recipe suggestions? Or maybe I could incorporate the cake mix/pudding combo with the bananas. Hmmmm…you may be getting a semi-original recipe from me soon!

The Bad
Yesterday was a big day for Wisconsin politics. As a public worker who went to UW-Madison, it is probably not surprising which direction I swing. This was not a place I intended to talk about politics, so I won’t. But, I will say I ate blueberry pancakes and ate blueberry Greek frozen yogurt for dinner last night and I wore black today.

It is Wednesday and I completely forgot to document my eats from yesterday or today. I took one picture of the wrap I had for lunch today and one of dinner. That’s all you get. #WIAWfail


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The Ugly
Can I not catch a break with marathon weather? The temps in West Bend on Sunday are 67/81, which is warmer than I’d like. Thankfully the humidity looks like it will be pretty normal. With those high temps, I am going to quite the ugly-looking runner.

The Amazing
Brody follows The Chive, basically a photo blog, which recently called its community into action by asking for donations to help Taylor Morris, a Navy EOD tech who sadly lost parts of all four limbs, be able to afford a down payment on his and his girlfriend’s dream house: a log cabin. If you are at all doubting the state of humanity, please go here for the full story. A similar situation happened last year with this lovely family.

What is a good, bad, ugly, or amazing from your life?

Fifteen Friday Fancies

1. Brody is home! After almost seven days and six nights, he breathed in fresh air, felt the sun on his face, and was able to shave. I am one happy girl with him and the dogs back in my life.

2. The full marathon of the Madison Marathon is canceled. The temps are supposed to be in the nineties and it will already be in the low seventies by 7am Sunday morning. I totally understand why they made this decision and believe it’s the right one….but….it still sucks. I spent the last four months working towards this one day, this one GOAL, and now I have to adapt. Game plan = run a half marathon on Sunday and hopefully run a full in West Bend, WI on June 10th.

3. Salvatore’s is sooooo good. Brody requested a pizza party for his first meal back, and since I am carbo-loading, I agreed. Confession: Even if I wasn’t preparing my body to run lots of miles in semi-extreme heat, I still would’ve eaten pizza.

4. I read a crazy short story this morning: “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.” Dystopian stories intrigue me, so this was right up my alley.

5. Before picking up the pizza, Brody and I swung by the grocery store for fluids. Brody needs to keep drinking (not alcohol) like it’s his job. Powerade was on sale and so was frozen fruit. I chose mango and cherries and can’t wait to try new smoothie combos with these. I won’t add the Powerade to the smoothies, though – that would be gross.

6. Did you know that the pineapple is the international sign of hospitality and welcome? A college friend of mine shared this tidbit with me years back, and I now always give a pineapple (and normally a bottle of wine) to friends who move into a new house. Brody and I are going to a housewarming party on Sunday and the pineapple is ready.

7. This movie looks awesome – I love The Great Gatsby and Baz Lurhmann. This one also looks fantastic.

8. Dear Dry Shampoo,
Why did I not try you sooner?
Love, Angie

9. I have lots of magazines to read. With running outside and going to BodyPump, I haven’t needed to keep myself occupied on cardio machines. In approximately two weeks, my schedule may suddenly open up.

10. “School’s (almost) out for summer!” A handful of teaching days and a few final exam days, and then it’s summer vacation. I can’t wait.

11. This post is not going to have any pictures.

12. My right knee has been feeling kind of wonky lately, like it’s just a little looser in there than normal. I have been foam rolling my IT band, taking Advil, and icing it. I need my body to hold on for another two weeks.

13. After lots of phone calls, I have successfully set-up the rollover of a 403b and 401a into a current 403b. Dealing with that stuff frustrates me because I am so clueless when it comes to investing money.

14. I am still loving the Plant Fusion protein powder in my morning smoothies. Janetha used it in her blueberry lemon protein scones, and I am hoping to test out her recipe tomorrow or Monday.

15. I was shooting for fifteen points in this list (to create alliteration of course), but I just realized fourteen also starts with an F.

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. 🙂