A Long Run and a Paint Color Conundrum

Before yesterday, the farthest I had ever run was the half marathon distance. The last two long runs had me doubting my ability to make it the full 26.2, but yesterday, my confidence soared.

Mel and her husband Tim met me at 9:00am by the Brittingham Boathouse in Madison, and we ran to pick up our friend Nicole about half a mile away. The four of us did four miles together around campus and chatted the whole time.

We said goodbye to Nicole and continued on for the eleven mile loop I mapped out on Map My Run. We headed east towards Maple Bluff and ran part of the race route. There were some decent hills and my upper hamstrings, lower butt got super tight (as did Mel’s) but loosened up on the downhills. My first Gu, vanilla, at mile six was delicious, but as Tim predicted, the pineapple Gu was not. Now I know. I did buy the Peanut Butter Gu at REI today; Monica mentioned it and said it was really good, so I am sure it will be ah-mah-zing (channeling Penny from Happy Endings).

Overall, I felt strong the whole time, felt only a little discomfort, and kept my breathing under control. Unfortunately, Mel and Tim both had less than great runs. I hope we can all be in sync next weekend for the sixteen mile run.


My big Spring Break 2012 (meant to be said really loudly and quickly) include painting the front hallway and living room. Brody and I visited Sherwin Williams to look at colors and get a few samples. Our family room and kitchen are in Comfort Gray and our dining room is a light mocha color (not a Sherwin Williams paint), and we want something neural that flows well with these two colors. We picked out Grassland and Versatile Gray.

For about five dollars each, we brought home about a quart of paint to put up on the walls. I wanted to see how each looked in different lighting, next to the Comfort Gray, and next our trim.

The one on the left is the Versatile Gray and the right is Grassland.

Next to the trim and the Comfort Gray, what do you think? No seriously. This is not a rhetorical question; what color do you like better? I know it is hard to tell because most of you don’t know the space, but humor me.

What color do you like better?