Post-Marathon Existence, Nail Polish, and Balls

Hello, friends! I hope you’ve had a good Tuesday.

A friend told me that after she ran her first marathon, she was an emotional wreck. My post-marathon blues aren’t that intense, but I do feel a little blah.

To help with the soreness, I took two ibuprofen immediately after the race and then two more four hours later. I haven’t taken any since but probably should. The pain resonates in my quads, hamstrings, and behind my knees. I have the packed gravel to thank for not destroying the tendons in the front of my knees. Stairs are the enemy, especially when there are no handrails. I would rather walk up one hundred stairs than down ten.

Last night, my smart husband pointed out the white tube of pain that stood next to the tv. I reluctantly foam rolled for five minutes; it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, but I did avoid my IT bands.

Yesterday I had bad stomach cramps from mid-morning through the late afternoon. They seemed to be worse after eating. Luckily, my stomach is feeling fine today. I have no idea if this was related to running or other factors.

Emotionally I am okay. It is strange to not have this big goal in the future, but I know I have other great things to look forward to. Plus with being on summer vacation, I am able to slow down in life (i.e. read, try new recipes, and go to more yoga classes).

Brody’s allergies have been horrible lately, and I realized it had been a while since we had changed the filter in our furnace. During the stop at Target for said filter, I found other more fun items to purchase: cloth shorts, Chobani yogurt (cheaper here than Copp’s), Powerade, and nail polish.

Painted nails and a new to me Luna bar

Such a fun, summery color! When I got home, I looked at the name and smiled: Bikini So Teeny. A very good friend of mine from college, Christina, was coined Tina after Tina Fabulous from The Bachelorette (year 2002 I believe). Tina later morphed into Teeny. She lives out in California with her husband, son, and dog but will hopefully be moving back to the midwest soon!

Today was my first day nannying for a new family. The two boys play baseball and invited me to join them. Like Amber from Clueless whose surgeon doesn’t want balls flying at her nose, I also try to avoid balls flying at my face. Because I still cannot run, I offered to pitch. Luckily we were playing with a whiffle ball because the younger boy nailed me in the knee with it on a good hit. I am so pathetic at sports that it is comical.

And that was some random Tuesday ramblings, folks. Until next time 🙂

Alphabet of My Weekend

Both Janetha from Meals and Moves and Chelsey from Clean Eating Chelsey used this format. I liked it and I am too lazy to think for myself, so I am being a copycat. 🙂

A is for appetite
My appetite is bigger than normal today. This tends to happen to me the day after long runs.

B is for Brody
Brody took a nap this afternoon with headphones on that I got him for his birthday.


C is for cutting
I spent an hour this morning cutting down and hauling the branches away of three willow bushes in our yard. They grow so quickly and were already starting to bud. I never got around to cutting them back in the fall.

D is for dog park
My friend Jennifer called me at 8:30 this morning to see if I was interested in meeting her at the dog park. Although I was in the process of making donuts (see F), I said yes. It had been a while since we had chatted, and the time flies when we walk together. We did four laps in an hour with our dogs, which was about three miles.

E is for episodes
We watch a lot of episodes of Lost on the weekends. This show is very confusing even though it is second time I am watching it.

F is for fail
While drinking an iced coffee this morning in a quiet house, I caught up on a few blogs. The Daily Crumb referenced donuts she had made. I looked through the recipe, looked through my cupboard and fridge, and realized I had everything to make these babies! What I did not realize was that I needed a donut pan – missed that detail. I piped the batter into rings on a cookie sheet and watched them spread out into cookie/pancake/semi-donut looking things. Major fail. They still tasted good, especially with the glaze drizzled over the top. Now I have a dozen flat donuts, and based on looks, I don’t know if anyone at my school would try them if I left them in the coffee area.

G is for Grandma
Yesterday was my grandma’s birthday. I am horrible with birthdays and apparently a horrible granddaughter. I will be sending a late birthday card tomorrow. 😦

H is for hamburgers
Tonight we are grilling! On the menu: hamburgers and asparagus. The asparagus I got from Aldi looks really good with nice skinny stalks. Brody makes a killer hamburger with lots of yummy seasonings.

I is for IT band
My IT band needs some attention after my long run yesterday. The foam roller is staring at me. I know I need to do it, but it hurts.

J is for julep
Last night, one of the drinks I tried at Natt Spil was a spin on a mint julep. There was oolong kombucha in it, so I was intrigued. I have had a mint julep once before when I went to the Kentucky Derby (the inner area, not the fancy area with the hats). I, unfortunately, did not care for the drink last night. I should’ve stuck with the raspberry kombucha Collins.

K is for kombucha
We had a few errands to run this morning and needed to pick up meat, cheese, and buns for burgers tonight. Hyvee has a great selection of kombuchas for a decent price. I chose the trilogy flavor.


L is for laundered
One of my least favorite chores is taking off bed sheets and putting them back on. As much as I love the feeling and smell of clean sheets, it is such a pain. But I put on my big girl pants and stripped the bed and laundered the sheets.

M is for mango
When I want to cut back on my sugar intake, I turn to mango. Whether it is fresh or frozen, I love mango. It helped me detox from chocolate for almost a month when I got back from Switzerland (their chocolate is amazing).

N is for Natt Spil
Natt Spil was pretty good last night. The drinks, especially the raspberry kombucha Collins, were spot on, but the food was just alright. We ordered some appetizers (steamed dumplings, cheese wontons, and steamed mussels), and those were all very good. The pizzas weren’t anything spectacular. I ordered the Greek Goddess with red peppers, artichokes, olives, and onions. Brody and I decided we probably wouldn’t eat dinner there again but that it’d be a good place for drinks and apps.

O is for open
Because of the warm weather, our windows are open. I love having fresh air in the house.

P is for pancakes
I made pancakes for Brody and I this morning. Mine were topped with peanut butter and maple syrup.


Q is for quiet
I love the quiet of weekend mornings. My internal alarm clock wakes me up around 7am. I enjoy the peacefulness and knowing the day is so full of possibilities and opportunities.

R is for rest
My body needs rest and that’s what it is getting today. Besides my three mile walk at the dog park, my legs and body are not doing much.

S is for Stalzy’s
After dropping off Brody’s bike to be tuned up, we headed over to Stalzy’s on Atwood for lunch. I had never been there when breakfast items were available and jumped on the idea of combining eggs and good meat. I ordered the Brooklyn breakfast sandwich: grilled rye, Swiss cheese, pastrami, fried egg, and ground mustard. SOOO GOOD!


T is for tight
My legs are tight from yesterday. My lack of stretching, foam rolling, and rehydrating probably have something to do with that.

U is for unlimited
Moose has unlimited amounts of energy today. After an hour at the dog park, play time outside, and a thirty minute walk, he still wants to play.

V is for vacuum
The dogs shed, so I try to vacuum once a week. I still need to do this today.

W is for water
Because I did not drink enough water yesterday after my run and then chose to have a couple cocktails last night, I know I am still dehydrated. Need to keep drinking water.

X is for X-fit (Crossfit)
This one is a stretch, but X is tough. Brody went to X-fit (Crossfit) three times last week. Today he said he excited for me to be done with marathon training so that I can come try it.

Y is for you
I have enjoyed writing to all of you, whoever you are! This post was especially fun even though it took much longer than I had expected.

Z is for ZZZs
I hope to get some quality ZZZs tonight in my clean sheets. Eight hours is ideal for me but most weekday nights I end up only sleeping for seven.