WIAW Summer Staples #4

This morning, I went on to Jenn’s blog to see what the new theme was for September…but guess what? It’s still August! That means it is still summer staples. Good times.


Breakfast @ 7:00am

This meal, which was definitely a summer staple for me, was eaten in the car on my way to work. I need to buy supplies for overnight oats because this was difficult to eat while driving. Yup – not safe.

Snack @ 12:00pm
At our first in-service day of school, we had a long meeting that started at 10:00am. I failed to eat a little something before and was starving by noon and had to pee like nobody’s business. Looks like I’ve got to train my bladder again. Anyways, I grabbed a handful of mixed nuts from an emergency stash I keep in my gym bag.

Lunch @ 1:30pm
Over what would’ve been a lunch break, I ran a few miles with two coworkers. We’re going to try to run one day a week, probably three miles, after school. While it was fun to run with new people, running at noon on a hot, sunny day was not very fun.
insert lunch photo here…or lack of photo
I came back sweaty and hungry. So hungry, in fact, that I didn’t even think to take a picture of the massive salad, yogurt, and handful of Starburst candies I ate. Whoops.

Snack @ 4:45pm

This snack bag was consumed before a trip to the dog park with my friend Jena and her pup Ruger. These have become a staple in our house because every box has a coupon on the inside: $1.50 off two boxes. I wait until they’re on sale and then only spend $2.25 per box. Feel free to call Extreme Couponing to nominate me to be on the show.

Dinner @ 7:00pm

I cut up a chicken breast into small chunks, bathed them in an egg bath, and dunked them in a pool of garlic breadcrumbs (P.S. Do you like all of the water imagery I used there? My brain is back in school mode.) They baked for fifteen minutes. On the side were packaged Alfredo noodles, sautéed Swiss chard (from my garden!), and a side of BBQ sauce. I did pretty good with my greens today!

Dessert @ 8:15pm

So this happened, but it was basically meant to happen. You see, after dinner Brody and I were about to watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy when I was thinking how we hadn’t had Dairy Queen for a while. No joke, ten seconds later, Brody proposed going for a treat after the episode. He was reading my mind! Or, most likely, he just knows me really well and recognized there wasn’t much to eat for dessert in our house. I had a medium hot fudge sundae and loved every bite of it. Brody had an Oreo cheesequake Blizzard.

Do you eat in your car? What is the most difficult (i.e. unsafe) food you’ve ever eaten while driving?
How often do you get Dairy Queen, ice cream, or froyo?

“I” Statements on My Birthday

One factor I consider when writing (whether that is here for you or at school doing freewrites with my sophomores) is my sentence structure; in particular, I try to vary the first word of each sentence. Today, however, I am not going to do that. So here are some of my “I” statements regarding today.

1. I was born on this date twenty-nine years ago. I weighed 7 lb 11 oz.

2. I cannot for the life of me spend money at Kohl’s. They send me $10 gift cards randomly, so I go there (obviously that marketing ploy works well on me). Today I wanted to buy clothes; I tried on a Vera Wang top, Rock & Republic shorts, two dresses, and a few other assorted items. Nothing! I found a pair of nude wedge shoes that I liked but they rang up as still being $45 (I am cheap). Once again, I bought a six-pack of running socks and paid $1.79.

3. I always find stuff I like at Old Navy. For $22, I bought two 3/4 length tops, running capris, a running tank, and a cotton dress. While Brody did the dishes, I proceeded to tell him the details of my shopping trip. After a couple minutes of recap, he responded, “Huh? I stopped listening after you went to Kohl’s.” He doesn’t get it.

4. I made dough balls, and they taste like Larabars. I ate four of them today. I need more dates.

20120427-221550.jpg I followed Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe, used chocolate chips, and finely chopped peanuts.

5. I got beautiful flowers (pinkish-purplish roses and mini white roses) from my loving husband. What a lucky girl I am.

6. I went to Whole Foods today looking for Plant Fusion protein powder. My friend and fellow blogger, Bridget, read about it here. Sadly, the WF’s in Madison didn’t carry it. BUT…they do carry Graeter’s ice cream! Bridget introduced me to this incredible ice cream in Cincinnati – the black raspberry chocolate flavor is the bomb! I didn’t buy any, but it is nice to know it’s there.

7. I am angry at the weather. Forty degrees and a 70% chance of rain for most of the morning. Really? Come on Wisconsin. At least I will have lunch at Bluephies to look forward to during those fourteen miles.

8. I had a Dairy Queen blizzard tonight. Last weekend’s was so good, and I had a strong garlic flavor in my mouth from dinner that needed to be replaced with something. Plus, it is my freakin’ birthday. I had Butterfinger and it was good and I ate it all. The end.

No really, that’s the end. I need my beauty rest because God knows how hideous I am going to look after running in the rain for two+ hours. I hope Bluephies let’s me in for lunch.


I Survived 18 Miles (and have no t-shirt to show for it)

*I loosely based this title off of Mel’s posting on Dailymile
Three hours and seven minutes of my day were spent running this morning. That’s a lot of time, and while I wish I could say I loved all of it, I can’t. This run kicked my butt. No, literally – my butt hurts, as do other parts of my body. It metaphorically kicked my butt mentally too, and if it hadn’t been for a two breaks at the car and a few short walk breaks, I wouldn’t have made it.

Doing multiple loops through the Arboretum lacks the landscape variety I need. I love seeing so many runners, bikers, and walkers in there, but going past the same even beautiful scenery two or more times mentally frustrates me. Next week we’ll likely not loop anywhere, as Mel, Tim, and I plan to run nine before Crazylegs (which is an 8K).

Running that far is very stressful on my body, and my IT bands need some rolling love tonight and tomorrow. As another way to help my body heal, I took a wimpy ice bath to help reduce the inflammation.

If you recall, my first attempt at the dreaded ice bath did not go so well (tears and about two minutes in the water). Tim, who has lots of medical background knowledge, shared with me a better way somewhere during the first six miles:
1. Take off sweaty clothes and put on a warm top (for me, swimsuit bottoms and hoodie)
2. Make something warm to sip on (black mango tea with honey)
3. Fill a tub with cold water
4. Sit for a bit (unintentional rhyme) and then add eight cups of ice
5. Stay in the tub for 15 minutes (while reading blogs on your iPad…that was my addition to the steps)
I didn’t add a ton of ice, and I may have had both the hot and cold water going into the tub in the beginning. Goosebumps covered my legs, though, once I added the ice, but they melted (which is why you see none in the photo above). Brody came home from Crossfit in the midst of my ice bath, and as I expected, he scolded me for my use of an expensive electronic device in a bathtub. Thanks, Mom.

I had grand plans to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day, but Brody persuaded me otherwise. Because we had no food to compose a lunch of substance, we drove to Chipotle and I demolished a burrito salad bowl. Paying extra for guacamole is totally worth it when they put an entire avocado on top of the salad creation. Our next adventure involved the dog park; two SLOW laps ensued as I felt like an old woman and Brody’s legs were shot from Crossfit.

The laps obviously depleted my energy, so I convinced Brody to take me to Dairy Queen. The sweet and salty combo of vanilla soft serve and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups makes me happy.

Hmmm…this position looks familiar.

I am currently lying on our new patio furniture while Brody mows the lawn. I am being a good helper, although I did complain initially when asked, by taking the grass clippings to an empty lot whenever the bag fills up.

A nap sounds good about now…on this outdoor couch.

Have a great Saturday!

Do you have any ice bath or recovery tips for me?
What is your favorite blizzard from Dairy Queen?