I Heart Sailboats, Caves, and Sunscreen in Croatia

While I am not having the perfect Friday like I did last week, I am still having a decent day. The tummy troubles are a little better (knock on wood) and haven’t required me to lie in bed watching a My Mom is Obsessed marathon again. That is progress.

One thing that has helped my mood is looking at pictures from our trip. When I left off last time, we had just finished up our time in Dubrovnik.

We took a ferry from Dubrovnik to Polace on the island of Mljet. I loved this place; it was quiet, beautiful, and not touristy (at least when we were there). The boys spent the afternoon hiking in the National Forest while Bridget and I rented a two-person kayak, paddled around, sunbathed on some semi-flat rocks, and swam.

Then our boat and captain arrived!

We met our captain, Maladin, checked out our new home for the next three and a half days, and left the bay we were in.


Maladin’s buddy owns a restaurant that we could eat at and dock at, so we sailed (motored actually) thirty minutes to get there.

Watching the sun set before dinner and our first night sleeping on the boat

After the sunset we ate octopus, squid, potatoes and zucchini all cooked “in the bell.” Delicious and filling! Plus we had lots of house white wine.

Sleeping that night, and every night, was hot. As you can see from the picture above, the sleeping cabins are small, and the room we had only had one small window. Brody slept on the couch in the living room every night. We are both furnaces when we sleep.

Captain JP was in heaven

Our actual captain/skipper, Maladin, didn’t really need our help operating the forty foot boat (he’s on the Croatian National Sailing Team), but JP was always happy to help out. This was great because the rest of us were happy not helping if we weren’t needed. Me = lazy.

Incredible scenery as we sailed every day

I often sat up on the front of the boat, slathered on sunscreen, and read. Over the entire trip I finished two books: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Little Bee. I started The Birth of Venus but finished it last week.

I did my fair share of relaxing

The days kind of run together from here on, so here are the highlights and more beautiful pictures that will make you want to visit Croatia yesterday.

We saw dolphins! I was positively giddy and squealed with delight. The day before I had asked Maladin if we’d see any and he thought there was a good chance.

This was WAY more than just seeing them; one “played” with our boat and swam right in front of us, swimming back and forth and jumping up often. It was only ten feet from us. I know anyone can see a dolphin at Sea World, an aquarium, or in Florida, but this was authentic.

The Green Caves

We spent a couple of hours at the Green Caves; the boys jumped off those cliffs (around forty feet) and we all swam and snorkeled.

Who is the snake and who is the mongoose?

Of course we got silly, often after some euchre and wine.

Although I don’t have a personal picture of it yet, we visited the Blue Caves also. They were beautiful and I am excited to see the pictures JP took with his waterproof camera. For now here’s a picture I borrowed with the link.

The last night on the boat, Maladin brought us to a fairly secluded bay. Other than the boat of naked French men (true story), we had a quiet space to snorkel, swim, summersault, and watch the sun set over the trees. We joked about buying the house for sale and having this piece of paradise to ourselves. Obviously that would never happen but it was fun to dream.

A crazy coincidence: I had a foreign exchange student from Croatia in one of my classes all year long. While showing her photos, she, ALLASUDS, freaked out. Her friend’s parents own that house! She pulled up her Facebook account and showed me pictures of her there two years ago.
Mildly embarrassing story: When she saw a photo of the wine we bought the first day in Dubrovnik, she giggled and told me that was the wine young kids drink to get drunk. We could tell – it was pretty bad.

Phew! Quite the post. I am kind of sad I am done recapping the vacation.

If you want more of our vacation, and I know you do, check out Bridget’s posts here, here, here, and here.

Have a fantastic weekend!

I Heart Stairs, Sweating, and Sunsets in Dubrovnik

I hope you enjoyed the photos of Switzerland! Brody is a great photographer, and it doesn’t hurt that he had incredible scenes to shoot.

After spending three days in Switzerland, we flew from Geneva to Dubrovnik, Croatia. A taxi drove us to the Old Town, a walled city built in 7th century.

A view of Old Town from the island of Lokrum

We stayed in an apartment with a kitchen and small bathroom on the first floor, a bedroom and bath on the second, and another bedroom and bath on the third floor. The third floor room had a killer view, so we flipped a coin for who got the room; Brody and I won!

The view from our room at night

As you can probably tell from this view, we were above most of the city. This was fantastic for the views but made for some killer stair workouts.

These were not your average stairs – we got a good burst of cardio in at least two times a day

Bridget counted just over one hundred steps from the main street, the Stradun, of Old Town.

Stradun – the main street in Old Town: lots of touristy stuff and LOTS of gelato (seriously, people were eating gelato at 10:30am)

Besides the stairs and the intense heat (it was 95 to 100 degrees every day), I loved this part of the vacation.

We explored the inside of the walled city.

We took a ferry across to Lokrum, hiked around, relaxed on the rocks, and went swimming for the first time on vacation.

Bridget and I went swimming and floated effortlessly in the Adriatic due to the high salt content

We hiked to the top of Lokrum and arrived sweaty beasts – thankfully, you can’t tell in this photo because of the shadows

We walked the walls of the city and had amazing views.

Bridget and I in warrior 2 – we did not plan to have our arms make a straight line but it looks sweet IMO

We took the cable car to the highest point of Dubrovnik to watch the sun set – I’m so glad we all decided to go because initially JP was the only one interested in it.

We ate and drank good food, and were often silly during these times.


I would highly recommend staying in the Old Town if you go to Croatia. There is a lot to do, great restaurants, and friendly people.

Up next: the sailing part of our vacation.

*Not related to my vacation, but I finally updated my Fitness Goals page.

Have you ever been to Croatia? Have any interest in visiting?
Are you more of a relaxing vacation person or an active vacation person?

iPhone Vacation Photos

It is 8:30am here (1:30am central time in the States) and our marina has free wireless. I wanted to share a handful of photos I have taken so far to show you all how things have been going. It is pretty obvious that our vacation has been stunning.


Drinking Croatian wine and beer in our apartment in the Old Town of Dubrovnik

The view from a restaurant in Polace (sp?) in Mljet where Mladin, our skipper, picked us up in the sailboat

“In the bell” meal of stuffed squid, octopus, potatoes, and zucchini

Bridget sunning herself (with layers of SPF – don’t worry) on the bow of our sailboat.

We’re off to a new island – see you later!

Checking In From Dubrovnik

Good morning!

This city is beautiful. We are staying in the Old Town, which is an entire town surrounded by walls; it’s like we’re staying inside a castle.


The stone, red-roof buildings against the blue waters are so picturesque.


We have had a great time, although an extremely sweaty one, and are looking forward to exploring more of Croatia from a boat.

Hope all is well wherever you are!

Au Revoir America, Bonjour Switzerland

I realize my title is in Frenglish; my French is a little dusty.

We leave for our European vacation in a couple hours. Because we’re flying out of Madison’s airport, we’re only getting to the airport an hour and a half before our flight. From Madison we fly to Detroit, Detroit to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam to Geneva. I am so excited to get there and not so excited about the traveling part.

This morning I made a to-do list to keep me in track and to stop my mind from running through all of the things I needed to do.

Juicing probably shouldn’t have been at the top of my list, but it was.

I HATE wasting food, and there were grapes, watermelon, blueberries, a beet, and mixed greens in the fridge. With my breakfast I juiced watermelon and the beet (amazing combo and beautiful color) and grapes, blueberries, and greens after my workout. The juicer is cleaned and will be neglected for the next two weeks. Yup, Brody put the kibosh on bringing it along. We tried Bridget.

Another important item on my list was laundry.

My amazing travel tip: wash your sheets before you leave. It is the most incredible feeling to get into bed with clean sheets after traveling for almost twenty-four hours.

I also like to workout the day I travel because of how much I will be sitting. My blood got moving this morning in a BodyPump class and thirty minutes on the elliptical. While on vacation, I like to stay somewhat active but in different ways. Last year, we did tons of hiking in Switzerland and I went on one amazing run in Lauterbrunnen (even though I had just developed runner’s knee). This year, Bridget and I have hopes of running in Croatia, but the research I did about running in Croatia make it seem like a challenge. If we end up just hiking and walking a lot, I’ll be okay.

All of our other affairs are in order: the neighbor boy is watering my plants and getting our mail, the dogs are with my mom, and my pack and carry-on (scarf, socks, books, iPad, toiletries, and snacks) are packed. Now it’s time to wait for my coworker to pick us up and we’re off!

See you again in Switzerland!

Have you ever been to Switzerland or Croatia?
What do you bring on your carry-on for long flights?

Summer Break, Marathon Anxiety, and One Lovely Blog Award

Happy Friday, friends!

This girl, as in me, is done with school for the year.

This was actually taken on Thursday which was the last day with students for the year. I am not driving, so don’t worry.

While this has NEVER happened, I went in to school today done with all of my grading.  All I needed to do was be there, clean up, and wait until a certain time to leave.

Students needed to have their lockers cleared out yesterday, and the custodians were going around opened all the lockers to be checked and fully cleaned out.  Being the garage sale loving person I am, scrounged the lockers for worthwhile items; I came “home” with brand new notebooks, a pair of scissors, copies of books (including two that I teach), and a pretty photograph from an art class.

My colleague became the winner when he found a plaid suit.

I have two pictures of him in this suit, and he is striking this pose in both. Who knew this is how you needed to stand when wearing a hideous, fabric plaid suit?

On the running front, I’ve been trying to avoid freaking out about the weather.  Mel, Tim, and I will be dealing with similarly hot conditions this Sunday for the Eisenbahn Marathon in West Bend.  I complained about it on DailyMile and Bridget said something I’m going to adopt as my mantra: Embrace the heat.  I do hot yoga and used to do Bikram yoga six times a week – I like the heat.  Now I have to like the heat while running 26.2 miles.

Also, my anxiety has been heightened due to a very sore, scratchy throat.  It started Tuesday night and has continued through today.  Besides gargling warm salt water and sucking on cough drops, I’m at a loss.  However, I did just wake up from an hour and a half nap, and it is feeling better.  Per Mel’s suggestions, I am downing four Emergen-C packets today and will use the neti pot after I type this post.

Months ago, I clicked on a link to another blog in the comment section of Hungry Runner Girl.  It was Southern Fit Foodie, and early on, we recognized some of the similarities between us.  She was sweet enough to nominate me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  This is my first blog award ever, and I am honored.  Thanks Natalie!

Here are the guidelines for the award:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate some other blogs you like for this award
  • Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them about the nomination

Seven Facts About Angie

1. I used to record what I wore to school every day on a calendar in my bedroom.  I also wrote down what I did, if I had practice, or had to work.  Below you can see a calendar from what I think was my freshmen year of high school; we toilet papered Mariah’s house two nights in a row apparently.  

2. Last Friday, Brody and I went to the Verizon store for my anniversary gift: an iPhone!  It is fantastic and so great for taking pictures.  I love not having to carry a camera around, which I was never good at doing anyways.

3. My gift for Brody finally came yesterday.  I went out on a limb and bought him a watch.  He used to wear a Swiss Army one every day, but it broke down and he never got it fixed.  Plus, he thinks it was a knock-off.  He really likes the one I picked out for him, which is a real Swiss Army watch.

4. We leave for Switzerland and Croatia in less than a month.  I am very excited about the trip but nervous about the long plane rides.  However, my friend Jena just took a trip to Italy and popped a Zanax (sp?) at the beginning of the flight.  She slept for eight hours!  Hmmm…

5. My feet are shot from training for five months.  They are callused beyond belief and nasty to look at.  I will for sure be getting a pedicure next week.  Let’s hope I don’t lose a toenail on Sunday.

6. I made pancakes with Kodiak Cakes for breakfast this morning and then had half a donut at school.  I’m an expert at carbo-loading.

7. For dinner tonight, we are having pulled pork.  A pork shoulder is currently cooking in my slow cooker, on high, in root beer.  It will be shredded and mixed with chopped banana peppers, jalepeno peppers, and pickles, and of course, barbeque sauce.  This makes the best sandwich, especially with a little melted cheddar cheese on top.

I would like to pass this blog award to a few friends I know personally:

Bridget @ Type A-Frame Personality

Mel @ Life, Scraps, and Ink

Claire @ Design Chalk

I probably won’t be checking in again until Sunday afternoon, so wish me luck!