Pregnancy Update: Week 23

Happy hump day! Checking in quickly with a pregnancy update and a little venting about a trip to the dog park. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

How far along? I started week 23 yesterday.

Yet another embarrassing selfie – it’d be even more embarrassing to admit how many shots it took to get this quasi-acceptable pic

Baby’s size? One website says grapefruit, and another says spaghetti squash. I think she’s more of a grapefruit.

Weight gained? I haven’t weighed myself for over a week, so maybe around 6 pounds? I’ll find out tomorrow at the doctor’s.

Stretch marks? No. 🙂

Sleep? I had a few nights of crappy sleep last week, but since Friday it’s been better. I still keep waking up on my back. I don’t think this is problematic now because there’s not a lot of weight pressing on that major vein, but eventually it will be.

Best moment this week? Besides movement (see two below), getting my clothing order from Gap Maternity today was awesome.

Even though they screwed up my order and sent me the wrong pants (the red ones), I am still happy. And actually, the red pants fit great, are cute, and were the same price as the khakis I wanted. Score! I also ordered a pair of their black leggings, which I am wearing now.

Miss anything? Not really.

Movement? I felt a clear kick/punch with my hand on my belly last week, and just this morning, my hand actually MOVED when she kicked/punched. So cool!

Food cravings? My sweet tooth is back but not crazy intense. I still am into salty foods but am getting in my servings of fruits and veggies.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Last Friday, I got super car sick on the way to school. I had a plastic bag ready, my jacket off, cold air blowing on me, and the seat reclined. Even though I was in the front seat, it was a rough ride: back and forth, up and down, fast and slow. It makes me nauseous thinking about it.

Gender? Girl.

Labor signs? Nope.

Symptoms? The belly is definitely out there now – one pair of dress pants and one pair of jeans (both non-maternity) still fit…but barely. I also have started to feel some round ligament pain (which is a dull ache for me, not sharp pains).

Belly button in or out? In but coming out slowly.

Wedding rings on or off? On. I haven’t noticed any water retention (knock on wood).

Happy of moody? Happy!

Looking forward to? We have a monthly appointment tomorrow; I’m excited to hear the heartbeat again and ask my doctor some questions. Brody and I will also be making our first (of many, I am sure) trips to Babies R Us. My fabulous coworker gave me her old stroller to trade-in and receive 25% off! The car seat we want is there (Chicco Keyfit 30), and we’ll save almost $50.

On a non-pregnancy note, I had a very stressful, anxious trip to the dog park with my friend Jena tonight. Normally we keep a good pace and our dogs run around. We got caught up walking with a person who I know, and then a group of people and dogs, and it made me nervous.

I am totally fine walking with a group of people if I know them, and more importantly, know their dogs. Moose and Frankie like to play and wrestle with each other, but not with other dogs.

“We are exclusive – please don’t try to join in on the fun.”

Sometimes their playfulness excites other dogs, and most of the time when a new dog tries to join in, they will run away from the other dog. But if that dog doesn’t get the hint, both of them will make it known they are not interested. They’re not being aggressive but setting boundaries. Anyways, today Jena and I were surrounded at times with new dogs, and the energy levels were a little too much. Now with my growing belly, I also get nervous with dogs, including my own, rough-housing around me and knocking me down. We both left feeling frustrated, with high blood pressure, and like we didn’t get a good workout in ourselves.

Oh well. Mini-rant from dog park lady over.

Have a good night!