Fitness Goals

From the age of three to twenty-one, I considered myself a dancer. With a focus on ballet through the age of eighteen, I took on average five one and a half hour classes a week. I started supplementing that with time at the gym and cheerleading, which I started as a junior in high school. After realizing my body was not meant for the world of ballet, cheerleading became my passion and ballet took a back seat. My body type didn’t matter as much for cheer and I caught on quickly, even getting a backhand spring.

With my parents after winning in Medium Varsity and Grand National Champions at the Canam cheerleading competition

In college, I earned a certificate in dance; at the UW, the focus is mainly on modern dance. I continued to work out at the gym, the SERF for me, through college with a little running, elliptical, and weight training. Dancing kept me in great shape and gave me a strong sense of body awareness.

I had never considered myself a runner. Although I could pump out three miles a couple times a week through college and after, it wasn’t until running my first half marathon in May 2011 (Madison Marathon) that I saw myself that way. This was my first running goal, and it all started because my college girlfriends and I decided while tailgating for a Badger game that running a half marathon would be a good idea. The was the best semi-intoxicated decision I’ve ever made.

The race went fairly well. I was not smart about fueling and had no clue that I needed to be taking in anything during the race. Like many rookies, I went out WAY too fast for the first few miles and paid for it towards the end.

My goal for this race was just to not stop running ever, even through water stations. I accomplished my goal and finished my first half marathon in 2:11.

Nicole (who was a few months pregnant and finished in under two hours!), me, Amy, and Kristen

Soon after the race, I began thinking of my next goal. While a full was in the back of my mind, I knew I hadn’t built up enough of a base to tackle that yet. That summer after getting back from Europe, I signed up for the Haunted Hustle in October.

My friend Nicole ran with me for a few miles in the middle of the race – I appreciated the company 🙂

Because of blogs to like Run Eat Repeat, I now understood the importance of fueling and learned what and when to eat. Around mile five and ten I had Honey Stingers, which gave me the energy to surge at the end. Although I wasn’t running with a Garmin yet, I would guess I ran the last mile in nine minutes. I crossed the finish line in 2:08 and got a little choked up. Yah for a PR!

On December 31, New Year’s Eve, I decided to check the full off my bucket list and signed up for the full Madison Marathon. Although I had a good base to start training, I chose a 20 week program that had me running four days a week. Throughout the training, I continued to strength train, cross-train (sometimes), take yoga (sometimes), and rest. Adding these pieces of the training puzzle saved me from getting injured while training.

I wrote about the race here and here.

My future fitness goals are somewhat unclear. While pregnant, I ran until week 23 and then continued light cardio (walking and elliptical). Now as a SAHM, I am trying to maintain a decent level of fitness? It’s challenging to get to the gym, and even though my gym has free daycare, I’ve haven’t been using it much. Instead I’ve become more of an at-home worker-outer and using lots of Jillian Michaels’ workouts. Eventually (maybe when the weather warms up), I hope to get back into running and lifting. Life with a baby has definitely changed my exercise routine, but I know it will always be a regular part of my life. A happy, sweaty Angie = a happy wife and mommy!

6 thoughts on “Fitness Goals

  1. I was just reading your blog and I noticed that you and I live in the same town. I haven’t done any marathons in a while, but I can appreciate the training schedule. Great blog too. See you in the arb.

    • Thanks Emi! You’re so sweet! I actually live just outside of Madison – technically in Sun Prairie – but I come into Madison to run. I hopped over to your blog and will turn to you for inspiration in trying some Japanese dishes, like the Vegetable Yokisoba. I would also love to hear your favorite restaurants in Madison (I’ll have to search your blog to see if you have recommendations). And let me know if you want to meet us out for a Saturday run!

      • It’s Angie, correct? Hi there – and yes, let’s definitely share advice about food, restaurants and running. I mentioned once on this blog that Muramoto is my favorite restaurant – isn’t the miso cod so good? I haven’t trained for a marathon in years, but I’m still out there. I’m 40, so I have to be kind to my joints.

        • I will have to try the miso cod next time I go! We normally get appetizers and sushi. I do love a drink there, Sunset Over Sunset, that has grapefruit juice and lichi liquor.
          Hope you had a nice Monday!

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