WIAW: Finley and My Eats

“Hello, little person. How are you today? Is your mood quite terrific, or only okay?”

Who can name that quote?

I’ve doing pretty well, between terrific and okay. We’ve been having a rough time with Finley’s nighttime sleeping (which I’ll address in a future post), and last night I got about seven hours of sleep in three chunks. Compared to other nights, that’s actually pretty decent. During one of the awake times, I worked on this post. Might as well do something productive, right?

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting!

Breakfast: brownie baked oatmeal and a fried egg

This was such a yummy way to start the day! It came from a Freezer Meals group I’m in now. (I’ll also discuss this in a future post.) This wasn’t a very Paleo/Primal meal, or day for that matter, but at least I snuck in the egg fried in bacon fat for some good protein and fat.

Finley’s breakfast: brownie baked oatmeal and mango

This was Finley’s first time eating mango on her own. Back when we first started solids, I gave her mango mashed into a purée, but as you can see I cut it into matchstick size pieces. She loved it! I think she enjoyed the slippery texture as well. Although not a ton of food made it into her mouth, she played with and explored her food.

Snack: chicken sausage

A few hours later, I needed something. When I met Mel (who eats Primal) for lunch a week ago, she mentioned eating chicken sausages from Costco. The next time I went, I found them and bought the 24-pack. They’re precooked, so after thirty seconds in the microwave, it was ready to eat.

Lunch: chicken pot pie and (unpictured) strawberries

My lunch was also from this month’s Freezer Meal bounty. I made the pot pie for dinner Sunday night and have been enjoying it for lunch every day since. Brody doesn’t eat leftovers, so it’ll last me at least through Thursday. At this point in the day, I realized that every meal of this day would be from Freezer Meals as I had taken the bag of teriyaki chicken out of the freezer yesterday to throw in the Crock Pot for dinner.

Finley’s lunch: turkey meatloaf, steamed broccoli, and mango

Finley again didn’t eat a whole lot, but she’s bringing more food to her mouth area. It’s so cool to watch her eat real food like a little person!

Snack: whole milk plain yogurt, shredded unsweetened coconut, blackberries, and almond butter

At Woodman’s, blackberries were 79 cents – amazing! I bought two packs and ate both this same way. It made me super excited for all of the summer fruits; I’m sick of oranges, apples, and bananas.

Finley’s snack: puffs and yogurt

I hadn’t planned on giving Fin any food, but she was reaching for my yogurt mess bowl. We sat at the table, and she ate a bunch of puffs and a few spoonfuls of her own yogurt. Up until now, she had never eaten any puffs, just played with them, but she was shoveling them into her mouth.

Dinner: teriyaki Crock Pot chicken, white rice, and roasted asparagus


Although I cooked the chicken on low for an hour less than suggested, it was still too dry for our liking. The flavor was good, though. The recipe actually calls for pork chops, so I’ll have to try those next time.

Finley’s dinner: cottage cheese, broccoli, mango, puffs, yogurt, apple cranberry purée
*no picture – sorry

This girl loves cheese! She’s been eating pieces of medium cheddar and, like tonight, cottage cheese. I bought the Daisy brand 4% milk fat because it only has four ingredients – thanks again to Mel for this suggestion! Finley went for the cheese first, ate a little mango, briefly touched the broccoli, and ate a few spoonfuls of yogurt and fruit purée.

Post-dinner sweet treat: dark chocolate covered coconut

<a href="http://pintofgoals.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/20140305-090552.jpg”>20140305-090552.jpg

After putting Fin down for the night, I had a small handful of these. I bought this bag from Costco a few weeks ago, and it’s been just the thing I need to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Well that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed my eats from yesterday. Have a great Wednesday!

WIAW (but actually WIAFriday) and Day in the Life

I’m finally doing a WIAW! It’s been a very long time. Thanks for Jenn for being such a gracious host.

Finley wakes up around 7am. She gets a clean diaper and nurses. Then it’s my turn to eat!

Breakfast: coconut Chobani, banana, and Eat Live Run’s granola

That was the last of the granola – sad. It was my second batch, and you better believe I’ll be making another one next week. As I eat, Finley plays in her exer-saucer thing.

We go upstairs to her room to play and read books before nap #1. I enjoy a cup of coffee with a little cream and milk.

Squeezing a workout in during this nap is the best chance of it happening. I had picked up a Jillian Michaels’ Last Chance DVD from the library, so I give it a whirl – the workout I choose is a good one!

I take a bird bath (shower without washing my hair) just as Finley wakes up. After feeding her, she plays on the family room floor as I Swiffer our wood floors.

Now it’s lunch time. We’re eating a little early because I didn’t have a morning snack and we have errands to run before nap #2. Finley eats avocado, egg yolks mixed with plain whole milk yogurt, and pear.

Lunch: two egg scramble with salsa and cheddar cheese, quarter of an avocado, two pieces of wheat toast, and some canned pineapple

Finley and I pack up for an afternoon away from the house. Our adventures begin with a Woodman’s run.

I quickly drop the groceries off at home while Fin stays in the car, and then we take off for a coffee shop. I’ve timed it so that Finley’s nap #2 will happen in the car. She took a good morning nap, so I’m okay if her other nap(s) isn’t as great. As expected, she sleeps on the drive to the coffee shop and wakes up as I park.

Friday afternoons we go to a play group formed from the Mother Baby Hour we attended. I really like the moms, and Finley likes looking at the other babies and sharing toys.

This was also the time I needed a snack.

Snack: chai latte, kombucha, and an unpictured banana

We stayed at play group until 4pm and then headed home. Once again, I timed it so Fin would take another cat nap in the car.

Surprise, surprise – I’m hungry again. As I eat, I prep an apple for Finley for the next few meals.

Snack: apple and peanut butter

Brody gets home around 5:30pm, and his dad and stepmom arrive soon after. We all watch as Finley eats her dinner. Her grandpa and step-grandma try to hold her, but she gets pouty. Like many babies, she isn’t always okay being held by new people. I’m hoping she warms up to them before they leave.

After a quick bath and nursing session, I put Fin down for the night. She falls asleep within five minutes a little after 7pm.

I join everyone downstairs and stuff my face with three pieces of pizza. This is one more than I normally eat, and in the end, a mistake. I also drink half a bottle of wine.

Dinner: Salvatore’s pizza and red wine

My father-in-law and his wife drive back to their hotel; they’ve been awake for almost 24 hours (they live in Switzerland). Brody and I plop on the couch and watch The West Wing. I fall asleep during the second episode (we’re already in season seven!) – wine does that to me.

It was a good day: a workout, errands, friends, good food, and family.

Finley Update: Five Months

At five months, Finley…

Giggles when Sophie squeaks.

This is an old photo, so you’ll just have to imagine her smiling holding this plastic giraffe.

Can sit up unassisted for ten seconds.

She often bends over and plays with her feet while sitting.

Attends Learn and Grow at Happy Bambino on Mondays, Mother Baby Hour on Thursdays, and play group on some Fridays.

She’s got quite the social calendar.

Has a new friend, Adalyn, who comes to hang out three half days a week.

We’re thinking about doing baby-led weaning, so I’ve started giving Fin a plastic spoon to hold on to as she watches us eat.

Doesn’t like to nap for more than 45 minutes.

I was attempting to fight the 45 Minute Intruder. He won.

Is already showing signs of a sweet tooth.

Just a sweet tooth…no real teeth yet.

Actually jumps now in her jumparoo.

Her strong legs give her some major air.

Plays with her feet while getting her diaper changed and sitting in the Bumbo.

She hasn’t put her feet in her mouth yet though.

Weighs 18 lbs 13 oz (with clothes and a diaper on after a feeding).

I can’t believe she’s so big! No wonder my back hurts.

Was a penguin for her first Halloween.

Brody and I also have penguin costumes.

Will miss her friend Bennett and his mommy, Nicole.

We met for breakfast this past week – Nicole is moving soon (which is exciting but sad).

Turns herself 90 degrees on the piano playmat.

So talented!

Sleeps well in Mom and Dad’s bed.

I stay with her the whole time and only resort to this if she’s had a day of short naps – she’ll often sleep for two cycles next to me.

Finley brings such joy to our world. Despite the challenges and tears, I can’t imagine her not being a part of our life. Happy five month birthday, Finley!

Girls’ Weekend in Lake Geneva

The photos should speak for themselves…but I’ll still provide captions. It was a fantastic weekend! Ten of us ladies rented a beautiful house in Geneva National.

Jena found a homemade snuggie

View of the family room

Shopping in downtown Lake Geneva

I bought Finley a book and nothing for myself or Brody

Pretty views of Lake Geneva

Taking a break from shopping for drinks

Yummy cider – but I couldn’t taste the ginger much

We definitely didn’t go hungry this weekend

That chicken orzo salad was so yummy!

Action shot

Pumping buddies

We couldn’t tell if this woman was previously a man or not

Group shot (minus two)

As fun as the two nights away were, I was very happy to get home and see Finley. Brody had a nice weekend home with her. He made my Finley-less days easier by sending some photos.

Finley at the dog park

Not of Fin but new onesies Brody ordered for her

Moose can’t wait for Finley to be a more engaging playmate

Owen, who just turned one, kept kissing Fin

Brody held Fin for most of her naps this weekend

I hope you had a great weekend as well!

A Day in the Life with Finley [10-10-13]

I began this post last Thursday and had plans to finish it, you know, Friday at the latest. Oh well – better late than never.

I’m sure I missed a feeding or diaper change in here, so by no means is this completely exact. It was also kind of a funky day to document because of our road trip that night. Regardless, I think it’ll be fun to look back on this post weeks, months, years from now. Note to self: do a post like this at least once a month.

6:00am I hear Finley talking and look on my phone (our monitor is WiFi) to see her eyes open. While Brody normally brings her into bed with us for ten minutes in the morning before we all start the day, I know it’s too early for Brody to wake up. I feed Finley in her room and change her diaper. She sleeps in a disposable but wears cloth during the day.

6:30am Finley and I wake up Brody. The two of them hang out while I jump in the shower for a quick bird bath (wash body, not hair).

6:45am As I make Brody a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and get my breakfast plate ready, Finley sits in her Bumbo. She chooses this time to dirty her diaper, and let’s just say the position of sitting in the Bumbo make for a messy cleanup.

7:00am After a diaper change, Finley hangs out in her bouncer. I let the dogs out to pee.

7:10am I can tell Fin is ready for her first nap because she stops playing and stares blankly into space. She’s also been yawning since 6:45am. Although I haven’t eaten yet, I position everything around me to hold Finley for this nap. Today she’s going to spend more time in her car seat than I like, so I decide she should nap on me.

7:15am Finley falls asleep quickly. I eat two apple spice muffins and a Honeycrisp apple while watching The Today Show.

8:50am What a nap!

I refill my coffee cup and get ready to feed Finley.

9:00am Fin eats and then plays in her exer-saucer (is that what they’re called?).

I put on normal people clothes (jeans even!!!).

10:00am We all (including the dogs) get in the car. We have a wedding in Toledo this weekend, so the dogs are having a sleepover with Murphy (and his owners, our friends) who lives on the far west side of Madison. Finley falls asleep for about 30 minutes during this drive.

10:45am I get to Mother Baby Hour a little early. Finley wakes up and enjoys some tummy time.

I chat with another mom about traveling and sleep issues.

11:00am I nurse Finley, change her diaper, and listen to the owner of StrollerStrides. She’s come to give us a mini-class. Seriously – the first day I wear jeans is the day I was supposed to wear workout clothes. It’s okay, though; I’m able to do everything I my jeans.

12:45pm Finley and I stop at Target on the way home. I am in desperate need of razors and a few other essentials, like peanut butter.

1:20pm I eat a steak and egg sandwich and an orange while Finley keeps herself entertained on a playmat. It’s the one with the piano keys at the feet – she loves it!

1:35pm Finley passes out while eating, and I put her in her crib for a nap. I have lots to do to get ready for our road trip, so I keep my fingers crossed that she’ll nap for at least an hour.

1:40pm After another birdbath (I got mildly sweaty during the StrollerStrides class), I pack my bag for the weekend.

2:20pm Finley wakes up. Ugh! Yes I love her and enjoy playing with her, but I also like when she gets a good nap in, AND I did not finish much on my to-do list.

2:30pm Finley eats again and gets a new diaper, we play in her room, and I pack her bag.

3:45pm When Finley rubs her eyes, I know it’s time to start winding down for the next (and fifth) nap of the day. We read half of a book and she starts to fuss. White noise machine? Check. Swaddle? Check. Paci? Check.

3:50pm After a little fussing, Finley falls asleep and I revisit my to-do list: make sandwiches for dinner, pump, set DVR for The Walking Dead, pick up for cleaning people, put away some laundry, and work on this post.

4:50pm No dice on the long nap. She’s up and ready to party. I feed her, change her diaper, and give her a bath.

6:15pm It’s “time” for Finley to go to sleep again, but Brody’s going to be home soon, and we’ll be leaving for Ohio around 7pm. I feed her again, and she stays calm.

7:00pm The car is packed, and we’re off. Six (or more) hours of driving ahead of us. I keep my fingers crossed that Finley passes out and that Brody doesn’t pass out from exhaustion (he had a crazy busy day). About twenty minutes into the drive, we realize we do not have our iPass, so we make the decision to go through the tolls in Illinois as if we do and pay online later.

7:45pm Finley falls asleep – woohoo!

8:00pm Brody plays an audio book while I doze off. We also talk, listen to music, and eat snacks. Finley continues to sleep.

2:00am (Ohio time) We arrive in Ohio. Finley wakes up to see Grandma (Brody’s mom), nurse, and get a clean diaper.

3:00am We all go to bed.

The end.

All the Pumpkin

I’m a walking “I love fall” cliche…except I can’t fit my giant calves into most skinny jeans or tall boots. But I’m making up for that shortcoming by eating everything pumpkin.

Fall still is not my favorite season (summer all the way baby!), but now that I stay at home full time, it’s growing on me. For the past five years, fall has meant back to school. This has been both an exciting time (lesson planning, working with colleagues and friends, new school clothes, etc.) and a stressful time (waking up early, grading LOTS of essays, etc.). Right now, it still feels like I’m on summer break. I don’t know if it’s totally sunk in that I don’t have a job (that brings in money).

This fall, I have a slower pace of life. Yesterday, I met a friend for Orange Leaf at 3:00pm, and after stuffing my face with pumpkin pie froyo and saying goodbye to her and her cutie son (who is only a week older than Fin), continued walking until 5:30pm. Finley fell asleep at 4:00pm, and I knew she’d wake up if I stopped moving. So we kept walking. I looped around a couple of neighborhoods noticing the pretty fall colors and listening to the crunch of leaves under my feet. I didn’t even have music on, call anyone, or check Facebook (more than twice). See? So cliche.

Besides the pumpkin pie froyo, I plowed through a 9-pack of Thomas brand pumpkin English muffins over the last two weeks.

One side with peanut butter and one with light cream cheese.

I also made pumpkin quinoa breakfast cookies yesterday and ate pumpkin pecan pancakes at The Original Pancake House today. Oh, and I had my first pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks last week. And, although it’s not flavored, I bought a pumpkin-colored cardigan (on sale) at Target.

Finley has even gotten in on the “all the pumpkin” mindset by wearing her Halloween fleece sleeper.

My least favorite season is approaching (“Winter is coming” – boo!), so I’m going to continue being mindful of all the great things about fall. Still on my fall to-do list: drink pumpkin beer (ideally with a cinnamon sugar rim), hang my pumpkin wreath on the front door, buy a few pumpkins for the stoop, and make a batch of double pumpkin muffins.

Are you a pumpkin fan?
How have you been enjoying fall?

Friday Facts

Long time no see (or read?)! I hope everyone’s October is off to a good start.

1. I read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and it a) made me feel like I am doing everything wrong with sleeping, b) confused me, c) got me paranoid again regarding Finley’s sleep habits, and d) convinced me that I will end up with a hyperactive, humorless, inflexible child. Gah! Why does everything have to be contradictory? As my friend Jena says, it would’ve been so much easier if these babies came with instruction manuals.

Fin likes sleeping on Dad on the weekends.

2. My cooking streak continues…other than the frozen pizza we had last night. This week I made calzones, teriyaki meatballs with snow peas and edamame, and pesto meatballs (which I had made pre-Finley and were frozen). I also made apple spice muffins using a recipe Nicole sent me. They are delicious, and maybe she’ll post the recipe on her blog! I may even make another batch today.

3. I ordered nine magnets from Stickygram, and they are all of Finley. Go figure. She’s so darn cute.

4. About 75% of the time I grocery shop at Woodman’s, I see the same guy. Seriously. It is super creepy. I wonder if he sees me and thinks the same thing. It’s not even like I shop on the same days or at the same times.

5. I hosted an Arbonne party last week for a friend who is just starting her business and ordered the “aging” facial cleanser and daily moisturizer. It is recommended to women 30 and older and helps prevent wrinkles. I am old. But, I think most people who know me realize I’ve been an 80 year old for years now. I nodded my head along with about half of these (particularly 1, 3, 6, 20, and 21).

6. How does everyone feel about the iOS update? I’m basically used to it now, but it was an adjustment. As a total nerd, I am a big fan of the new font, though.

7. It’s rainy and stormy today…and I’m into it. It’s a free pass to stay in jammies, drink lots of coffee, and watch everything on TLC. I do have a coffee date with a pregnant friend to exchange maternity clothes (for her) for winter girl clothes (for Finley). Otherwise Finley and I will not leave the house. I am excited (see #5).

We’ll probably read some books today.

8. Oh, wait. #7 may be a lie. Earlier this week, I washed the crib pad…and then dried it, and the plastic melted. A trip to Babies R Us may happen today, but it’ll be quick.

9. I went to the dentist this week. Brody and I had to switch dentist offices because we had been on my employer’s dental plan. This new office is super close to our house and seems great. Unfortunately, I have two small cavities. I need to floss.

10. On Sunday, I met Mel downtown for a run. We did three easy miles and then had coffee and a little post-run snack. It was awesome to see her, run without the jogging stroller, and sit outside at Collectivo.


Perfect timing – Finley just woke up.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Wedding in Stillwater

Finley fell asleep in my arms this morning.

She likes to put her arm in my shirt.

I’ve been holding her for her first nap of the day because I know that once she’s older, she won’t cuddle as much and I’ll regret not doing this more often.

I’m telling you all this because I’m going to type out the entire post on my phone with one hand. What talent, I know.

A week ago I posted a photo dump and shared that Brody and I would be leaving Finley over night. We did it! And it went well!

After Fin went down for her first nap Saturday morning, we took off, leaving our little girl home with my sister. My mom arrived a little after noon and took over.

I was most nervous about Finley taking a bottle since it had been over a month since we’d given her one, but she did great. At each feeding she ate about four ounces, which is helpful for me to know for next month when I leave her home with Brody for a weekend.

My mom followed our sleep routine (down for a nap every 90 minutes) pretty well. Unfortunately, Finley was not into napping Sunday morning, so that by the time we got home at 12:15pm on Sunday, she had been awake for five hours. Eek! Brody and I were so excited to see her, but the second she saw us, she started crying. She was just off for the rest of the day, was fussy, and had a horrible night of sleep (up at midnight, 2am, 4am, and 5:45).

Now on to the wedding!

It was so fun to be reunited with Bridget and JP. We quickly got ready in their hotel room, drank a beer, and got on to the shuttle bus.

All of the wedding festivities were at the same place. It was a beautiful property and a gorgeous setting for an outdoor ceremony.



After the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour.


Bridget suggested I try the Chardonnay, J. Lohr, because she said it wasn’t oakey, and I strongly dislike oakey wines.

Bridget is very smart, and she knows me well because I loved the wine and drank it for the rest of the night!

For dinner, the couple had a food truck set up outside the tent. They served three kinds of sliders: Thai chicken, beef brisket, and black bean. I ate three but could’ve put down six. And I probably should’ve eaten more because I was hungry a couple hours later and ate a granola bar at 10pm and a banana at 4am when I got up to pump.

Photos from dinner:

Such pretty centerpieces

Brody and I enjoying time as a couple

Hi Pete!

Although there was dancing, I did not bust a move but instead chatted it up with friends and Brody.


It was a fun wedding and weekend away. Although I missed Finley and it wasn’t fun to pump (and dump some) every four to five hours, I am glad we did it. In December we’ll be leaving her again for my SIL’s wedding for three nights. That will be harder, I’m guessing, because it’s for a longer stretch of time and we’ll be farther away in Maryland.

Guess what? Fin is STILL asleep and I finished the post. #bloggermomsuccess #snuggleandtype #ineverdohashtagsbutcouldnthelpmyselfafterhavingseenJTsparody

My Weekend Through Websites

Confession: I spent a considerable time on the couch this weekend.

I guess I have a couple valid excuses:
1) This was my first weekend of summer vacation
2) I am 40 weeks pregnant (due date is today – June 10!!!!)

It’s difficult for me to do just one thing at a time, and this even extends to my down time. Often times while I’m on the couch, I’m also reading a magazine or a book or on my phone or iPad.

To peek into my weekend and life, I thought it’d be interesting to share ten (of the many) websites I visited.

1) Skinnytaste’s Cheeseburger Casserole

I ended up making this for dinner last night. So good and so easy.

2) Buzzfeed article about a beauty blogger’s facial gone bad
I won’t share any pictures, but seriously a crazy story.

3) Adoption website
I have never met these people, but they are friends of a friend. Their website was on Facebook, and I loved reading the story of their family. They seem like amazing parents with a great life, and I hope they find another child to adopt.

4) The Shu Box’s birth story
Reading birth stories is obviously interesting to me. Mine will be unlike anyone else’s, but I enjoy reading about all of the possibilities.

5) Ellie Krieger’s Salmon Cakes

I’ve never made any seafood cake, and I liked how few ingredients this required. Plus, when I asked Brody if he would try it, he said yes. This will be a nice summer meal with a big salad on the side.

6) How to induce labor naturally
You know how I mentioned today is my due date? Well now that school is done, Brody and I are ready – like REALLY ready – to meet this baby. I am willing to give some of these a shot, like eating pineapple, but not others, such as drinking castor oil or nipple stimulation (which I’ve read can bring on very strong contractions that can be potentially dangerous).

7) Essential oils on Amazon
Brody and I have plans to spend time outside and up north at my cottage this summer with Baby. A week ago, he asked about bug spray for babies. I hadn’t really looked into it yet (but my initial reaction was “All those funky chemicals on a newborn? No thank you.”) when a fellow teacher with three kids randomly brought it up. She said she uses essential oils on her kids and suggested looking at a starter kit on Amazon. Apparently lemongrass can be especially effective. I haven’t ordered anything yet but it’s in my cart.

8) Brody used my iPad
Friday night’s couch time involved the fifth game in the Blackhawks’ series against the L.A. Kings. In case you don’t follow hockey, the winner of this series goes on to play for the Stanley Cup. After double overtime, the Hawks won Friday’s game, ending the series 4-1. I went to bed before the end but heard Brody cheer. He apparently was doing a little post-game reading on my iPad Saturday morning.

9) Parade of Homes
On Sunday after lunch, Brody and I headed to Bristol Gardens (in Sun Prairie) and Westridge (in Waunakee) to check out houses. We had free tickets, and it seemed like a fun way to spend a few hours. It was…but my feet, hips, and butt were tired by the end. We are hoping to sell our house in a year and move, so it’s been fun to look at houses. In particular, we loved the house by Duren; it had more natural wood than what I normally like as I typically prefer white wide baseboards, but it was beautiful.

10) Costco
Saturday late morning was my friend Jena’s baby shower! I texted the hosts to offer my last minute help, and luckily they took me up on my offer. For dessert, I picked up a cake from Costco, but I needed to make sure they were open before the shower started (they were). I chose the red velvet, and it was a winner! I had a piece at the party and another one after dinner. Sidenote: My sugar intake is a little ridiculous right now.

As I was finishing up this post, this alert popped up on my phone – ha!

I remember putting this day in my calendar back in October, thinking it was SO far away. According to my calendar, she’ll be arriving in twenty minutes. Ya, that’s not happening. I also find the automatic alerts, especially in this situation, hilarious.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

What website(s) did you visit this weekend?
Do you multitask when relaxing also?