Pregnancy Update: 22 weeks with Baby #2

Hi! Happy Tuesday afternoon!

I’m blogging again – crazy. Let’s talk about pregnancy. I doubt I’ll do pregnancy updates as often as I did with my first, but here’s at least one to get things started. 

   How far along? Almost 22 weeks

*picture from about a week ago 

Gender? Girl!


Baby’s size? Spaghetti squash (11 inches, almost 1 pound). 


Weight gain? 11 lbs. This is more than I had gained at this point with Finley but I was about five pounds less starting out than I was pre-pregnancy with Finley. So whatever. 

Belly button in or out? Kind of out already.

Wedding rings on or off? On. I had forgotten I took them off at night during my first pregnancy.

Sleep? Good. I go to sleep around 9:30pm, wake up twice to use the bathroom around 11pm and 3am, and I’m up for the day around 6am. 

Best moment(s) of the week? Family trip to Chicago! Brody took Friday off and we drove down Thursday night. On Friday morning, we had breakfast at The Bongo Room and spent two and a half hours at the Shedd Aquarium.



Miss anything? Stomach sleeping. 

Looking forward to? Brody’s dad is visiting and staying with us this weekend. We’re excited for him to spend a lot of time with Finley. On the baby front, we looking at decor for her room, so that’s fun. 

Movement? I’ve been feeling movement inside for a few weeks, and recently, movement with my hand on the belly.

Food cravings? A few weeks back, I was into Raisin Bran, but otherwise, not much. I have been loving oranges but I wouldn’t say it’s a craving.


Anything making you sick or queasy? As with my first pregnancy, whole chicken breasts gross me out.  

Exercise? Meh. I try to get to the gym twice a week, whether that’s for a kickboxing class or a session on the elliptical. I did attend a prenatal yoga class at Dragonfly in Middleton with my other pregnant friend, Mel. I bought a ten class package, so that’ll be good for me. 

Symptoms? The varicose veins (on legs and elsewhere) are baaaaack. Yuck. They’re so much worse than last time. I got fitted for compression leggings but haven’t been good about wearing them. The waistband hits at an awkward spot and either gives me ridiculous muffin top or two pregnant bellies. I spoke to my doctor about options if these don’t go away after giving birth. They did with Finley, so fingers crossed they will disappear again…immediately. 

Labor signs? Nope. 

 Have a good day!

A Weekend in DC

Good morning!

I’ve got some free time while all the kiddos (Finley plus the two I watch a couple days a week) sleep and wanted to share our weekend trip to DC.

We flew in late Thursday night, and Finley fell asleep sprawled out across our laps. She stayed asleep in our arms as we got off the plane and walked to get our bags.


Erin and Dan have a one bedroom condo and were kind enough to give us their bedroom for the weekend. Erin’s friend loaned us all the baby gear we needed (pack n play, car seat, high chair, etc), and the pack n play was already set up in their bedroom.

Friday morning began around 7:15am (Finley slept in!!!). Erin and Dan both had to work, so the morning was ours. Brody, Finley and I walked to Starbucks and Target and then strolled around for a bit.


Erin was able to come home early, so we went to lunch with her. We drove to Union Market.


What a cool place! There were lots of food vendors and “stores” set up inside. Brody got a burger, Finley ordered a grilled cheese, and Erin and I had Korean tacos. Yum!



We hung out at their condo for the rest of the day. We drank, relaxed on the couch, watched Finley chase Chester, and ate dinner on the back patio.



Saturday morning, Finley woke us up before 7am, and to let Erin and Dan sleep a little more, we took a walk to Starbucks (basically the only coffee shop open before 8am – crazy!!!) and a bakery for croissants.


After her (and my) morning nap, Finley took her first ever train ride.

We took the train to a BBQ place. I had the BBQ Chef Salad because it had four kinds of meat on it – the perfect sampler!

Next up was the zoo. Unfortunately the rain cut our stay there short, but we still had fun seeing elephants, gorillas, and pandas. It was even one of the pandas first birthdays.



We decided to walk back to the condo from the zoo even though it was still raining. Finley didn’t mind, and we were already wet from being at the zoo. At the condo, everyone napped. Yes, that means I took two naps on Saturday. Pretty amazing vacation, right?

Once again, we stayed at the condo for the rest of the day and had a delicious meal.

On Sunday our flight didn’t leave until 2pm, so we spent the morning being lazy and eating eggs and bacon.

The flight home went just fine. The problems arose once we got back to our car in Milwaukee. The battery was dead, and we couldn’t find the parking ticket. Yikes! My smart husband called the airport’s information desk, who sent out a guy with jumper cables. He was at our car in two minutes, and a few minutes later, the car was running. Phew! Then, while Brody packed the car, I searched by the driver’s seat for the ticket. And I found it! Phew again! Two potentially pricey mishaps avoided.

It was a fabulous trip and so good to spend time with Erin and Dan!


Another Cottage Weekend

The weather this past weekend was SO much nicer than two weeks ago, and Finley was able to get into the lake and enjoy the water. Yah lake baby!

She kayaked…



and floated…




and played on the beach.


She also ate yummy food (pretty much all fruit) al fresco…


and enjoyed an adult beverage (she didn’t drink any).


Brody and I got our long run in while we were up there also. We ran from the cottage to and around Paya Lake and back, which was almost eight miles. I could tell within the first minute that I was going to have a good run, and I did. It was hilly, but it’s good training because our area here is so flat. This was the first run where we took fuel; we took turns holding the handheld water bottle filled with Blueberry Pomegranate GU Brew drink mix, and then at 4.5 miles, we ate our GUs.

The only negative parts of the weekend were Finley’s sleeping (fighting naps and night wakings) and Frankie puking (he must’ve eaten something funky Thursday night). Otherwise we had a fantastic time!

Cottage Weekend

This past weekend, we headed upnorth to my cottage in Lakewood. Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest, we still had a good time and were able to celebrate Finley’s birthday with my mom, sister, her bf, and my grandparents.

On Saturday, Brody and I went for a run soon after waking up while Finley hung out with Laura and Ben. We did six miles in 59 minutes, which is pretty good considering the hills around the lake.

In the afternoon Finley opened presents from my mom, sister, and grandparents.





For dinner, Brody grilled chicken, burgers, and brats over the firepit, and my sister contributed a couple sides. I was going to make potato salad but completely forgot to even bring the ingredients. I did bring broccoli to roast but also forgot about that until 15 minutes before dinner. Oh mommy brain.




Finley wasn’t as interested in this cupcake, but I think she was tired. My mom brought the cupcake and a sheet cake for the adults, and you better believe all the adults are their cake.





My sister’s bf brought his boat up, so on Sunday, we all took a ride around the lake. It’s been years since I’ve been on our lake in a boat, and how I missed it. One day maybe we’ll have a boat. My mom had an infant life jacket (hello 80s) that fit Finley perfectly!





Thanks to my sister for taking many of the photos in this post! I was pretty good about remembering to snap some but it’s always nice when someone else captures the moments, especially with a nice camera.

Switzerland: Days 7-9 and the Flight Home

We’ve been home for a week now, and I’m happy to say that we’re all back on Central time and have been enjoying the start of summer in Wisconsin.

The last few days in Switzerland were similar to the others, with Finley controlling the schedule, a couple more hikes, and lots more food, wine, and chocolate.

Day 7 (Friday)

We didn’t go for a hike this day because Brody was still recovering from his stomach bug (or possible gluten overload…not really sure which). We kept it low key and took walks around the village and ran errands with my FIL and step-MIL after lunch.

Finley playing with my step-MIL’s 50 year old doll

That night my step-MIL made one of my favorite meals: fish soup. I meant to snap a photo of the recipe or find it online before I left but I forgot.


Day 8 (Saturday)

With Brody feeling like himself again, we had a great hike this day further up the mountain along the Bisse (the stream that winds down along the mountain). There were lots of other people along this path, so it wasn’t very private, but Finley liked seeing all the people and even a few dogs.



We stopped for a picnic lunch and took in the breathtaking views.


Surprisingly, Finley did not fall asleep on this hike, so while she slept back at the apartment, Brody and his dad drove back up to Montana to have a beer. I relaxed and caught up on some blog reading.

We appeased Finley and had veal again for dinner. This time the veal cutlets were lightly breaded and pan-fried. Finley loved them. That girl.

Day 9 (Sunday)

Our last day in Switzerland was like most of the others and included walks in the village, naps, and a really lovely hike.

Post morning nap, we loaded up and set off for a hike from the village. This was a new hike for Brody and I, and Brody’s dad hadn’t done it for years. Brody claimed this was his favorite one of the vacation, and I might have to agree. The scenery was interesting and diverse and the path was both challenging and easy.

A cow says “Mooo”

Finley chowing down on half a banana

For dinner we grilled out again, and you better believe Finley had some veal. She ate two veal sausages (4-5 inches in length each), an entire orange, and some other odds and ends. Her appetite is pretty incredible.

Flight Home

The day began early at 6:30am. Finley woke up on her own, which always makes me happy to not have to wake her, and we left for the Geneva airport at 7:45am. The drive is about an hour and 45 minutes, and Finley took a short 40 minute snooze on the way.

It kind of stunk that the longest leg of our flight was through the day, but Finley did well and took two naps throughout the 8.5 hours. We kept her entertained with books (the Llama Llama books got A LOT of use), playing with toys, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (kind of), and eating. There was a two year old boy on the flight, and his dad brought him over a couple times so the two of them could stare at each other.

When we landed in Dulles, it was around 2:30pm, which felt like 9:30pm to us. Finley was happy, though, and had fun people watching while we went through customs and security again. On the flight, Finley took a brief nap in my arms.

Oh, O’Hare. You always cause problems. In Chicago, our gate was changed FIVE times before we finally took off…two hours late. There was bad weather earlier in the day, and it threw off all the later flights. At this point, Brody and I were both so tired; we had been awake for almost 24 hours. We’d pass Finley back and forth, trying to keep her entertained. She fell asleep in Brody’s arms around 9:30pm (which was 4:30am Switzerland time), and managed to stay asleep as he transferred her to me, as I boarded the plane, and through all but the last five minutes of the flight. At that point she woke up and was pissed. She’d nurse for a little, and then pull off and start wailing. I hope the people on the plane understood, but it was a small plane, and I know everyone could hear her loud and clear.

Madison has such a nice, small airport, and we were happy to see our bags were already on the belt by the time we got to the baggage area. We walked out to our neighbor waiting for us, loaded our bags, strapped Finley into the carseat for their son (front facing but at that point we weren’t about to be picky), and got home at 11:30pm.

It was a trip (literally and figuratively) and definitely a learning experience. There’s not a whole lot we would’ve done differently with traveling or while in Switzerland. Vacationing with a baby wasn’t like previous trips (duh!), but it was still relaxing and fun.

On a completely unrelated note, on this day two years ago, I ran a marathon. On this day one year ago, Finley was supposed to be born (she came nine days late). On this day today, I’m home with Finley; so far we played, went to a high school baseball game, and had lunch with an old coworker and her kids. We have a doctor’s appointment later and will take the dogs for a walk. To play off the theme of my friend’s recent post, June 10, 2014 wasn’t as “epic” as the last two, but I’m loving it all the same.

Switzerland: Days 4-6

Good morning!

Once again, Finley (and Brody, who has come down with a stomach bug) is asleep. Free time for this mama includes blog reading, showering, sweeping of the kitchen, and writing this.

I’ll spare you from all the minute details this time and tell you that our days are often as such: wake up, breakfast, play, walk, Finley naps, “adventure” and lunch, Finley naps, play, walk, dinner, Finley’s bedtime, wine and chocolate, and Treme.

Day 4 (Tuesday)

The big outing of the day was a trip to the grocery store in the town at the bottom of the mountain. Sounds like my life at home, right?

Another exciting moment was having a glass of wine down in The Cave (pronounced caahh-ve). Brody’s dad brought the wine cellar back to its true glory a couple years ago after it had been used as storage space for years. This was Finley’s first time in The Cave, and she got into the spirit of things by drinking (water) from a wine glass and ringing the cow bell.



Day 5 (Wednesday)

After Finley’s morning nap, we packed up and my step-MIL dropped us off at a wine museum for the start of a hike. For the first part, it was more of a walk through villages along paved roads. Once we got to the vineyards, though, it was dirt paths and open fields of grapes.




We stopped and had lunch in some shade: sandwiches for the adults and leftover veal for the baby.

My step-MIL then picked us up in the village where the hike officially ends, and we drove back home. Finley, surprisingly, did not fall asleep in the backpack or on the way home in the car.

For more dinners than not, Finley has been Miss Grumpy Pants. We can’t figure out why, and I realize it’s just a guessing game. She’s made dinners less than enjoyable, and this night was no exception. Dinner was creamy pasta with ham and peas, and I thought she’d like the pasta. But no. And we are out of veal.

Day 6 (Thursday)

Today we got another hike in, and this one was also one we’ve done years past. Brody’s dad drove us to the funicular (a rail car that goes up and down the mountain), which we took up to Montana. On the funicular were an adult goat and baby goat – so cute!




Once in Montana, we walked around for a bit and grabbed sandwiches from a bakery.


We ate at a picnic table and attempted to have a beer at Brody’s dad’s favorite spot (it was closed).

The hike back down to the car was over an hour, so we got started so that we could get home before Finley’s afternoon nap. Finley had other plans, though, and fell asleep in the backpack for the last thirty minutes of the hike. It began to rain as we walked, and then even turned into hail, all while Finley slept.


Her brief early afternoon nap threw off the routine, so we played in the family room and watched Up and Mary Poppins. Fin was more interested in Mary Poppins than Up, and eventually fell asleep in my arms. This was a nice treat because it so rarely happens anymore.


Unfortunately, Brody started to fell really awful this afternoon, and even stayed downstairs during dinner. Fin and I ate lamb chops, potatoes au gratin, and Lima beans with my in-laws. Not too surprisingly, Fin loved the lamb – she’s such a carnivore!

Three more days of vacation left and the trip home. It’s gone by slowly (in a very good way) and quickly at the same time. I’ve appreciated all the family time we’ve had, and also been so thankful that my in-laws are ridiculously accommodating (a full apartment, stocked with food, privacy, etc.) and understanding (planning everything around Finley’s sleeping schedule).

Switzerland: The Flight and Days 1-3

It’s day six of our vacation, and now that the internet is working in our “apartment” and Finley is down for a nap, I thought I’d see how much of a review I could get through before either of those two things change.

The Flight(s)
Our flight pattern was Madison to Chicago, Chicago to Dulles (DC), and Dulles to Geneva. Finley was awake for the first flight, took a thirty minute nap on the second, and slept for five hours straight on the last (which would’ve been her nighttime). I’ll likely do a full post on traveling with a baby in the future, so I’ll keep the details to a minimum. It all went by very quickly because our layovers were each only just over an hour, so we never had to sit around in the airports for very long before boarding the next flight. Overall, it was a success.

Day 1 (Saturday)
We arrived in Geneva at 8am (1am Central Standard time) and we’re picked up by Brody’s dad and stepmom. The drive to their place is about two hours, and for only having slept 3-4 hours, I felt pretty good. Finley slept for the majority of the car ride.

Their place in Switzerland is in a small village of about one thousand people. It’s up the side off mountain and has amazing views. This is the view from the bathroom – not bad to look out of after showering.


Their house has two levels, each being it’s own full apartment. They live on the second floor and keep the first floor available for guests. There’s a full kitchen, family room, two baths, and three bedrooms. Brody’s dad turned the smallest room into a nursery for Finley.

View of the family room

The (kind of messy) kitchen

Although we’ve been eating a mainly grain free diet for over a month now, we both decided to not follow Paleo/Primal during vacation. The bread here is incredible, and it would be a crime to not eat the doughy, crunchy goodness. So, of course, our first meal in Switzerland was bread, salami, and butter sandwiches.

Our hope was to stay awake for most of the day, but after a trip to the grocery store, Brody and I were both exhausted. Back at the apartment, we put Finley down for her afternoon nap and crawled into bed ourselves with an alarm set for 4pm. Good thing we set it because I could’ve slept for much longer. We had to wake Finley up as well because we wanted her to adjust to the new time as quickly as possible.

We took a walk at some point that afternoon and tried out the stroller Brody’s dad and stepmom bought. Finley obviously doesn’t look happy here, but she likes it and enjoys our walks around the village.


Dinner is always a big to-do while we’re here, and Brody’s dad and stepmom prepare delicious meals. Saturday night was pasta with a variety of mix-ins: spicy tomato sauce, tuna, truffles and their oil, onions, and chopped ham. I think we had a simple salad as well. Finley tried tuna for the first time, but she didn’t love it.

Brody and I put Finley down for the night at 8pm, but she woke up at 11pm. I nursed her and put her back in her crib (a pack n play), but she wasn’t having it. She ended up sleeping in bed with us for the rest of the night, and she slept like a rock until 8:30am when we had to wake her up. Again, we wanted her to adjust quickly, and letting her sleep in would not be helping that goal.

Day 2 (Sunday)

Brody made eggs and bacon for breakfast. We ate them with more warm bread. Mmmm…a never ending supply.

The three of us played in the apartment during Fin’s first awake time. She’s been having a ball pulling all the CDs, DVDs, and VHSs off the shelves.


After her nap, we set out for our first official hike of the vacation. Brody’s dad took us on a hike along the Bisse (I think that’s how it’s spelled). We’ve done it before a few years ago, and it’s a good first hike because it’s very flat. We packed a lunch and ate in the shade. Finley did awesome in her hiking backpack but did end up falling asleep after lunch.

Because of Finley’s odd and short nap in the backpack, we put her to bed at 6pm (she was grumpy!), but not before some playtime in the Swiss sunshine.

Finley playing on the patio before dinner.

We then had dinner with Brody’s dad and stepmom. This meal was a standby for our visits: Swiss grill. We had three kinds of sausages, pork and steak, and a side salad. Also, I haven’t mentioned it yet, but we’ve been drinking our fair share of red wine with dinner and after. I bet I’m averaging three glasses each night. Hey – I’m on vacation!

Finley woke up again after three hours of sleep, and again would not go back to sleep and was awake from 9pm to midnight. Ugh! At least she’s sleeping in.

Day 3 (Monday)

We all slept until 8am and had our standard European breakfast: bread, meat, cheese, and fruit. Finley has taken a liking to bread with butter and it’s all she eats for breakfast now. The eggs and fruit lay untouched on her tray. Speaking of, Brody’s dad and Chantal also purchased a high chair for the apartment. It’s worked out great and will hopefully get lots of use in the years to come with Finley and other grandchildren.

We took a walk with Fin in the stroller to the funicular, and along the way saw sheep, cats, and horses. I think Finley is going to be disappointed when we go home and don’t have such amazing views and things to look at.

During Fin’s nap, Brody and I headed upstairs and had lunch with his dad and stepmom. Finley woke up and also had some food.

Because the weather wasn’t that nice, our big adventure of the day was a trip to a grocery store up in Montana, a ten minute drive up the mountain. Along with the food, Finley left with a souvenir – a stuffed dog. Brody aptly named him Monty for Montana.

Monty and the Swiss cow Brody’s dad gave Finley upon arrival

Back “home”, Finley took her afternoon nap. Although I can’t remember specifically, I would guess Brody and I read in the family room and likely napped as well.

The three of us, well-rested, went upstairs for dinner. Brody’s dad made veal cordon bleu – so good! Also, this was the best meal Finley has had all vacation; she was in such a good mood and pounded the veal. Apparently we need to make veal at home.

We’ve tried to keep Finley’s routine as normal as possible, so we’ve still been giving her a bath every night followed by a feeding, books and then bed. We didn’t bring many books because of space, and also because Finley has become very particular about what books she wants to listen to. If she’s not into the book you’re reading, she’ll grab it, throw it, and hand you a book she does want. Her favorite books on this trip have been all the Llama books, Pinkalicious (Brody and I try to hide this book from her but she finds it), and The Puppy Book (which I purchased at Half Price Books). We read those books at least four times each every day. Books she dislikes are Goodnight Moon and The Goodnight Train.

We went back upstairs to finish our wine with Brody’s dad and stepmom and then watched an episode of Treme in our apartment. That night Finley slept until 11:40pm; I fed her, held her for a few minutes, and put her back in the crib. And she slept in it the whole night! Success!

Geez, this is quite the recap. I had plans to go through day five but I’ve changed my mind. As you can tell, we’ve fallen into a nice rhythm here and are very much enjoying our time in Switzerland.

Chicago Trip

I wasn’t planning on putting a post together but I’m awake this morning already and Finley is sleeping. One can only check Facebook so many times!

This weekend happened before Cincinnati, so we had two big weekends in a row.

Our main purpose in going to Chicago was to have Finley attend her first Blackhawks hockey game that Friday night. Brody bought the tickets months ago, and we didn’t have high expectations for seeing much of the game as it started at 7pm…which is Fin’s bedtime.

We had lots of fun through the first period of the game. After that, Finley was getting close to melt down mode, so we took off. She sure looked cute in her Toews jersey!





We spent the rest of the weekend at Brody’s high school friends’ house, Sean and Nina. They have a 4 year old son and a baby on the way. They were awesome hosts, and we had our own living/sleeping space in their basement.

On Saturday after Finley’s morning nap, she and I met a few of my college friends for brunch. It was great catching up with these ladies!



Because Finley’s bedtime makes going out at night difficult (and expensive), our hosts had invited friends over for dinner Saturday night. Lots of basketball was watched, (no surprise) including one of the Wisconsin games. Sean made a fantastic dinner of coconut shrimp, mustard greens, rice and beans, and mango avocado salsa. Nina baked a ridiculous chocolate cake with caramel frosting. I was so full!


Sunday morning we relaxed with our friends and their son until Finley was awake from her nap. Then we packed up, said goodbye to our friends, and drove to meet another one of my college friends for brunch on the way out of town.

Although it was a crazy long wait (at least an hour!!!), it was a nice brunch and so good to see Carrie and her husband, and to finally meet their little girl.

Brody and I have lots of friends in Chicago, so we always love to visit. But as with any weekend away, it’s nice to get home.

Cincinnati Trip

Good afternoon! Brody, Finley and I had a fantastic weekend, so let’s get started with the recap.

We planned this trip for two reasons: to visit our very good friends, Bridget and JP, and fly with a baby. We’ll be visiting Brody’s dad and stepmom in Switzerland at the end of May, and we wanted to have one flight with Finley under our belts before that.

Our flight was direct from Madison to Cincinnati. Although I wasn’t thrilled that Fin woke up at 5:45 Friday morning, the timing worked out well because the flight left at 8:45am. I nursed Finley as we took off, and she fell asleep in my arms shortly after for a short 30 minute nap.


Playing on the floor of the airport

Bridget and JP picked us up, and we spent about ten minutes figuring out the car seat Bridget had borrowed from a friend. Let’s just say carabiners were involved. It was so sweet of Bridget to have borrowed a car seat, pack n play, stroller, and high chair for Finley this weekend. It made traveling so much easier! Thanks Aunt Ridgey!

The five of us went to grab lunch. They suggested Mac’s because it has great pizza and an impressive beer selection. Bridget and I had vanilla porters while the boys drank IPAs. For pizza we had a gyro pizza and one with have pesto primavera and half meatball. Finley ate plain Cheerios and a squeeze pouch of sweet potato and apple. We left with full and happy bellies.

At Bridget and JP’s house, Finley went down for her afternoon nap, and the four of us sat outside in the sun. Yes – sun! It felt soooo good on my skin. Unfortunately, Finley woke up after 41 minutes and had a dirty diaper, so there was no chance of her falling back asleep.


Just call her Fin Diesel

After a clean diaper and a nursing session, we jumped back in the car and headed to Rhinegeist, a brewery that Brody’s college buddy works at. Finley ended up falling asleep when we were almost there – apparently she was still tired. It was an odd nap, though, and she was moaning and moving her head back and forth a lot. Bridget stayed in the car with me, and once Finley woke up (short 25 minute nap), we joined the boys in the brewery.


Family pic

As you can see, the space is open and very industrial. They have a bar in one corner, and then lots of picnic tables for sitting and ping pong tables for playing. I ordered an IPA, and it ended up being the only beer I drank there (not because it wasn’t good – I just was distracted with Finley and friends). We chatted with friends and even set up a little play area on the floor (read: concrete). Babies in a bar playing on the floor – ha! Finley loved meeting and playing with Corrine, and I was so happy to finally meet her mama, Bridget’s good friend.


Babies love breweries

Finley started to feel a little warm in the early evening, and she was acting a little clingy. I put a few things together (lots of drool, moan-y nap, low grade fever) and realized she was feeling the effects of teething. Thank goodness I packed along Baby Tylenol!

Friday night we ate takeout and watched basketball. Finley’s sleep was crappy, so at 10:15pm, I pulled her out of the pack n play and brought her into bed with me. Brody had already volunteered to sleep on the couch, and he was going to stay up to watch (some of) the Michigan State game.

Finley and I slept until 1:15am, when she woke up hot, hungry, and with a dirty diaper. We were awake until 2:45am, when I nursed her (again) to sleep. Luckily, she didn’t wake up until 7:15am, so I kind of got to sleep in. (There are too many “until”s in that paragraph but I’m too lazy to revise it.)

Saturday morning was low key; we ate a small breakfast, Brody ran to Whole Foods with Bridget, we played with Finley, and she took her morning nap.

For lunch, we braved the elements (i.e. rain) and went to Dutch’s for lunch. This was probably my favorite “thing” (because just seeing Bridget and JP is my favorite) we did. Our food took a while, and Finley became grumpy and sleepy. Brody managed to hold her for a 41 minute nap. As she was napping, our food came. Impressive multitasking!


Dad of the Year!

I had a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich with fig jam and arugula. It was amazing! The meat and cheese platter was also delicious. I was like a bottomless pit. Bridget and I ended lunch with a bottle of prosecco.

Back at the house, Bridget’s friend and her little one came over to play. Corrine is a week younger than Finley, and it was cute to see them interact. They even brought a gift – an adorable board book! Thanks guys!

They left and Fin took a short nap in my arms. I’ll never get tired of those.

Saturday night was a big night for Badger fans. I ate a little leftover pizza and vegetable pad thai before the game, and then a brownie sundae with Graeter’s ice cream. It was a good night because Finley slept well in the pack n play and the Badgers won!

Sunday morning, Finley woke up at 6am, so I brought her into bed with us and she slept another hour. We played and ate breakfast. Then, I did something I haven’t done forever – YOGA! Bridget is almost done with her yoga teacher training, so we took a class at her studio. It was incredible, and I was reminded how much I love (and miss) hot yoga. So much sweat.

Once we cleaned up, we all got back in the car and went to meet some of JP and Bridget’s friends for brunch. They have a little girl also, so it was fun to chat with them about parenthood. Cora is seven months and a cutie. The food was awesome; I had an eggs Benedict type meal with artichokes.


Funny faces from Dad and Finley


Bridget and JP with two pretty ladies

We made it home right in time for Finley’s afternoon nap. The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill: watched basketball (Michigan State played and lost), read Bridget’s copy of Gwenyth Paltrow’s new book, and walked for a few miles.

Our flight home left at 8pm, so we got to the airport around 7pm. We checked our one bag and got through security quickly. I had Fin in the Ergo and wanted to see if they’d let me keep her in it. And they did! Brody grabbed us sandwiches at Bruegger’s Bagels, and we ate at our gate.

The flight back wasn’t the greatest. Finley was way overtired. She moaned, cried, and squirmed. She took a thirty minute nap, and then was awake. We rolled with it and fed her Cheerios to keep her occupied.

As always, our trip to Cincinnati and time with Bridget and JP was lots of fun! Finley is already asking when she can go back. Well, that’s not true because she can’t talk yet, but I am positive she would be saying that if she could.

Going to the Chapel…

I’m so behind on posting what’s been going on in my life. I went to New York City for my SIL’s bachelorette party, we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s, Finley turned six months (probably skipping that update since she’s almost seven months), and there were other both fun and mundane events. Maybe I’ll go back and share those moments, and maybe not.

However, I most definitely wanted to document Erin and Dan’s (my sister in law and now brother-in-law) wedding. It was an amazing weekend!

Brody and I flew out the day after Christmas. That was a whole debacle; in short, our second leg of the flight was delayed by three hours before we even left Madison, but luckily Delta found us a different flight which got us into Baltimore two hours earlier than we were originally supposed to arrive. Amazing!

Finley stayed at our house with my mom and sister. While we would’ve loved to have brought her, it didn’t make sense. Brody and I were both standing up in the wedding. We briefly considered bringing my mom along, but then we’d be paying for another ticket and another hotel room. Plus, it would all disrupt Finley’s life and would pretty much suck for my mom. So although it was hard on us as parents, it was best for Finley.

We met Brody’s mom and Bridget and JP in the Baltimore airport, picked up our rental car, and drove to Easton, Maryland where the wedding festivities would take place.

Thursday night, after dropping off our bags in our rooms, we met everyone who was in town already in the restaurant/bar area of the hotel. We ate, drank, and chatted with friends and family. It was the night I drank the most out of our stay there. It was the only night I needed to pump and dump.

Brody enjoying a “hot nut”


Not sure what I’m doing here…

Friday morning, Brody went to a coffee shop to do some work while I relaxed in bed and read a book (American Wife if you were wondering). I met Erin and my MIL for lunch at this cute restaurant. Having only eaten a banana, Larabar, and cup of grapefruit slices, I was starving. I ordered an Italian sandwich with a cup of the tomato bisque soup, both of which I housed. My MIL commented how much I eat and how small I am – I took it as a compliment 🙂

The three of us walked back to the hotel and met up with all the ladies (bridesmaids, friends, and family) who wanted to get their nails done. Initially I was only going to get my nails done, but my feet were in need of some love, so I splurged and got a pedicure as well.

The rehearsal began at 4:30pm and went smoothly. Erin and Dan asked Dan’s aunt and uncle to officiate the wedding, and there was also the hotel’s event coordinator there to help.

The rehearsal dinner was at an Italian restaurant in Easton. The owner shut down the restaurant for the party, and it was cool to have the whole place to ourselves. Brody and I both had a pasta dish with chicken, roasted red peppers, and artichokes in a cream sauce. It was so yummy and rich. One funny moment of the evening was when Brody stood up to thank Dan’s family for hosting the dinner and to congratulate his sister and Dan. Instead of saying “Erin,” however, he said my name. Ha! This has happened before, and is an easy mistake to make with both of our names starting with vowels. Brody didn’t realize his error initially, but everyone else did. We all got a good laugh out of it.

After the dinner, the party moved to a bar. With a full belly of pasta, it was difficult to drink; nothing sounded good. Plus, the bar was very crowded. I think Brody and I called it a night around 11pm. I wanted to be well-rested and not have icky looking skin the next day for the wedding.

WEDDING DAY! The bridesmaids all met in the lobby and walked to the salon. One of the bridesmaid’s husbands was in charge of picking up bagels and orange juice (and champagne of course), so we snacked on those while getting our hair done. I was hoping to do a low side bun thing, but surprise, surprise – I didn’t have enough hair, as it’s still falling out in clumps. (When does that stop????). She ended up pulling it half up and curling what was down. It looked nice, and I was happy.

Back at the hotel, the bridesmaids and my MIL met in the bridal suite to be with Erin as she put her dress on. She had shared a picture of the dress when she found it months ago, but it was even more spectacular in person. The layers of lace and the beadwork made it so elegant.


Erin putting on her dress


Putting on the final touches

Dan and Erin chose to take pictures before the wedding, so they had their “first look” before the ceremony. We then took pictures with the families and the bridal party.

The navy dresses were from J. Crew, and the purples pashminas were gifts from Erin


Action shot of Erin and some of her bridesmaids

It was then time for the ceremony. Dan’s aunt and uncle, who live in London, did an incredible job. They have officiated weddings before, but I’m sure this one was so much more special. They used the word love as an acronym as their theme (I’ve sadly already forgotten what each letter stood for) and shared personal stories from their marriage.

Post-ceremony was a cocktail hour, which I missed most of due to pumping, and then the reception.

My FIL gave a fabulous speech: he was sentimental (even got a little choked up) but then also had many people on their feet clapping and laughing when he said he had never imagined his new son-in-law would have less hair than he does. The night continued with a great dinner (crab cake – my second of the weekend), drinking, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.

The happy couple’s first dance

Sunday morning, Brody, myself, JP, and Bridget, drove back to Baltimore to catch our respective flights. We arrived on time in Madison at 4pm and were greeted by my mom, sister, and Finley. I knew they were planning on bringing Finley but kept it a secret from Brody. He said he had a feeling they’d all be there, but it was still so sweet to see him rush down the stairs to see her.

A picture my sister took as they all waited for Brody and I in the airport

I am very lucky to have a SIL who I would be friends with even if we weren’t related. The man she now calls her husband is also such a great person – Brody and Dan got along from the beginning. I foresee some joint family vacations in the future!