Finley Update: 21 Months

Some of you may be wondering whats new with my little lady. It’s been forever since I’ve done a post only about her, so why not get one started now while she naps on me (which is quite the sight given my large belly).

Sleeping (naps):

Since September or so, we’ve been down to one nap a day right after lunch. Sometimes that means she’s in her crib at noon, and sometimes it’s 1pm. She sleeps for at least 75 minutes, but occasionally will take a 120 minute or more nap. Lately, because I can and I love it, I’ll bring her into the baby’s nursery and rock her in the glider. She’ll often doze off again for 20-60 minutes.   

Sleeping (night):

Ever since Daylight Savings Time, Finley’s nighttime schedule has been AWE-SOME (please don’t let me jinx myself). She goes to sleep around 7:30/8pm and sleeps until 7am. In the morning, she wakes up and hangs out in her crib for 10-15 minutes, rolling around, playing with her three pacis, and basically waking up. She’s so happy when I go in to get her then – I love it!

Soon after I posted about the tart cherry juice, we stopped giving it to her. It was becoming something forced. Seems like most things, she was in a “phase” and it passed. 

Eating and Drinking:

I can’t recall if I ever mentioned this, but I stopped nursing Finley in September, soon after we moved into our new house. At that point she was only nursing once in the morning and for only a few minutes. Plus, it started to feel “odd” to me, and I couldn’t explain it. Well, a pregnancy test a couple weeks later explained my aversion. I was not meant to be a breastfeeding pregnant mama. Because we weaned so slowly, I never had any problems with engorgement or leaking.

Finley eats three meals and two snacks a day. She eats most fruit, some vegetables, all grain products (bread, waffles, granola bars, pretzels), yogurt, hotdogs and chicken nuggets (we buy Applegate), rice with a little soy sauce, and as a treat, M&Ms. She drinks water throughout the day and whole milk at most meals.   


Social Development:

We stay busy around here! We leave the house every morning for play dates, music class, the museum, play groups, etc. Finley has lots of friends, and while she doesn’t exactly “play” with them yet, she prefers being around other kids to playing by herself.    





In the afternoon we’re more likely to stay at home, whether that means playing inside or outside. Now that the weather is improving, we’ve been going to the park across the street, taking walks, and playing with chalk.   


Physical Development:

At her 18 month appointment, she was still in the 90% for height and weight. She wears mostly 24 month or 2T clothes now, but all the summer clothes I bought for her at the end of last summer are 3T, and they’re going to fit perfectly. 

Finley runs, climbs stairs with help, can almost jump correctly, goes down big slides alone (she’s still fearless), dances, and much more. She’s working on jumping; she can’t quite get both of her feet to leave the ground at the same time. 

Mental Development:

Finley is very clearly going through a language explosion. Every day she is saying new words, and most recently, she’s started putting two words together (Noah’s house and Daddy home). She’s been loving the ABCs, and we sing them to her a lot and play with the foam letters in the bathtub every night.

Like any toddler, Finley has tantrums when frustrated or when things don’t go her way. Typically I can distract her so she forgets about it or I hold her in a hug and sing and sway.

We are trying to mentally prepare Finley for a sibling by talking about the baby, hanging out in her room, reading books about being a big sister, and even watching the Daniel Tiger episodes involving his little sister. She is drawn to babies and always wants to see them and touch them. I know she’ll be a great big sister!

Extra Information:

-We haven’t even attempted any form of potty training and don’t plan on tackling it any time soon. I have hopes of doing the “naked weekend boot camp” in August. For now she’s perfectly content wearing Pampers Baby Dry size 5 and occasionally a cloth diaper.

-Finley still has her paci(s), and like the potty training, I have no plans of changing that. We limit their use to car rides and sleeping. However during her week of sickness, she had it during the day too.  

-We are not a no-tv household, but I do not want Finley sitting for hours watching shows (unless she is sick). She likes Curious George, Daniel Tiger and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I see her screen time decreasing as it continues to get warmer.  


 -The girl is obsessed with belly buttons…hers and others’.   


That’s our Finley! We love her to pieces and have been having so much fun with her lately.  

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