Another Cottage Weekend

The weather this past weekend was SO much nicer than two weeks ago, and Finley was able to get into the lake and enjoy the water. Yah lake baby!

She kayaked…



and floated…




and played on the beach.


She also ate yummy food (pretty much all fruit) al fresco…


and enjoyed an adult beverage (she didn’t drink any).


Brody and I got our long run in while we were up there also. We ran from the cottage to and around Paya Lake and back, which was almost eight miles. I could tell within the first minute that I was going to have a good run, and I did. It was hilly, but it’s good training because our area here is so flat. This was the first run where we took fuel; we took turns holding the handheld water bottle filled with Blueberry Pomegranate GU Brew drink mix, and then at 4.5 miles, we ate our GUs.

The only negative parts of the weekend were Finley’s sleeping (fighting naps and night wakings) and Frankie puking (he must’ve eaten something funky Thursday night). Otherwise we had a fantastic time!

2 thoughts on “Another Cottage Weekend

  1. Hi Angie and Fin!! Love these lakeside photos! so so cute (also loved the pictures from the pool date post!!) so much fun! C is slowly warming up to playing in water. We’ve tried the baby pool set up but all she wants to do is crawl around and climb out of it!
    Corrine’s bday was 6/27 and we celebrated with grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. I just can’t believe a year has past. We’re enjoying the summer weather and C loves being outside, watching dogs, and listening to music!
    C seems to fight sleep too when we’re away from home. I think she knows there are others around and wants to keep playing 🙂
    Have you transitioned Fin to Whole milk yet?? C wants nothing to do with it and lets it just flow out of her mouth. She’ll drink water and I try to sneak a sip of milk in there, but when I do she just gives me this horrific look, like “what did you give me, mommy???”
    Give Fin hugs and kisses from C 🙂

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