Pool Party

Finley’s grandma gave her a pool for her birthday. Since we’ve been home from the cottage, we’ve already used it twice.

On Sunday, after being in the car for three hours, I thought Fin would enjoy trying it out. And she did.



Yesterday, it was quite warm, so we filled it up and let it sit in the sun to warm up while we walked to Starbucks (I needed a caffeine fix).

Finley played by herself for a bit. She also figured out she can crawl out of the pool, so not all the time was spent in the water.





The dogs also took advantage of the pool by using it as a giant water bowl.



Around 4:30, Finley’s friend showed up for a little pool party on our back deck. Leo, who is seven months, and his mama, Liz, came over for some splashing and chatting for an hour or so.



Finley followed Moose and Frankie’s lead and drank a bunch of the water. Don’t judge – I’m building up her immunity.

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