Cottage Weekend

This past weekend, we headed upnorth to my cottage in Lakewood. Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest, we still had a good time and were able to celebrate Finley’s birthday with my mom, sister, her bf, and my grandparents.

On Saturday, Brody and I went for a run soon after waking up while Finley hung out with Laura and Ben. We did six miles in 59 minutes, which is pretty good considering the hills around the lake.

In the afternoon Finley opened presents from my mom, sister, and grandparents.





For dinner, Brody grilled chicken, burgers, and brats over the firepit, and my sister contributed a couple sides. I was going to make potato salad but completely forgot to even bring the ingredients. I did bring broccoli to roast but also forgot about that until 15 minutes before dinner. Oh mommy brain.




Finley wasn’t as interested in this cupcake, but I think she was tired. My mom brought the cupcake and a sheet cake for the adults, and you better believe all the adults are their cake.





My sister’s bf brought his boat up, so on Sunday, we all took a ride around the lake. It’s been years since I’ve been on our lake in a boat, and how I missed it. One day maybe we’ll have a boat. My mom had an infant life jacket (hello 80s) that fit Finley perfectly!





Thanks to my sister for taking many of the photos in this post! I was pretty good about remembering to snap some but it’s always nice when someone else captures the moments, especially with a nice camera.

2 thoughts on “Cottage Weekend

  1. I’ve been slacking on keeping updated on your blog! Whoops. We all had fun up there 🙂 although that picnic table wasn’t the most fun (I just wrote a bad review). I’m glad we got to enjoy the weekend together. Love the boating pictures!

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