Day in the Life [6-13-14]

6:00am: Finley woke up at 5:30am, and Brody brought her into our bed so we could all get a little more sleep.

7:00am: Brody has left for work, and Finley is nursing. It was nice to sleep in a little.

8:00am: We had breakfast and are now on a walk.



9:00am: I cut up a pineapple that is on the verge of going bad, and Finley pulls books off shelves.

10:00am: Finley naps, and I get ready for the day. I used a new shampoo that was in my Birchbox this month and LOVE it. My hair is smooth and slick. I had been using Moroccan Oil volumizing shampoo but I may need to switch. I also put on makeup, and as always I keep it simple.


11:00am: A little after 11am, Finley stirs, and even though she may fall back asleep, we have plans to meet Brody for lunch. I change her diaper and we drive to Ale Asylum.


12:00pm: And we’re back in the car already. It was a quick lunch (a delicious salad Brody ordered for me) because Brody and his friends have to leave for a golf outing.


1:00pm: Play time and reading in Finley’s room.


2:00pm: Finley fell asleep about ten minutes ago, and my mom, my friend’s mom, and my friend’s sister will be here any minute. They’re bringing bridesmaids dresses to try on.

3:00pm: A dress fits! The wedding isn’t until July 2015, so hopefully it still fits in a year. Finley is awake and we’re all watching her play. Unfortunately, she’s in a strange mood – very whiny, clingy, and just unhappy. She keeps putting her hands in her mouth, so I think it could be teething (the go-to reason for everything these days!). I give her a dose of Tylenol.


4:00pm: Our visitors take off.

5:00pm: We take a walk to Costco to order a few pictures. Finley is already rubbing her eyes, so I’m thinking it’s going to be an early night.


6:00pm: Finley is in a much better mood now that she’s got some food in her belly. She pulls diapers out of drawers.


7:00pm: The little one is asleep and Brody is home from golfing. The two of us eat tuna sandwiches on GF bread and watch Treme.

8:00pm: Another episode of Treme.

9:00pm: Bedtime!

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