Switzerland: Days 7-9 and the Flight Home

We’ve been home for a week now, and I’m happy to say that we’re all back on Central time and have been enjoying the start of summer in Wisconsin.

The last few days in Switzerland were similar to the others, with Finley controlling the schedule, a couple more hikes, and lots more food, wine, and chocolate.

Day 7 (Friday)

We didn’t go for a hike this day because Brody was still recovering from his stomach bug (or possible gluten overload…not really sure which). We kept it low key and took walks around the village and ran errands with my FIL and step-MIL after lunch.

Finley playing with my step-MIL’s 50 year old doll

That night my step-MIL made one of my favorite meals: fish soup. I meant to snap a photo of the recipe or find it online before I left but I forgot.


Day 8 (Saturday)

With Brody feeling like himself again, we had a great hike this day further up the mountain along the Bisse (the stream that winds down along the mountain). There were lots of other people along this path, so it wasn’t very private, but Finley liked seeing all the people and even a few dogs.



We stopped for a picnic lunch and took in the breathtaking views.


Surprisingly, Finley did not fall asleep on this hike, so while she slept back at the apartment, Brody and his dad drove back up to Montana to have a beer. I relaxed and caught up on some blog reading.

We appeased Finley and had veal again for dinner. This time the veal cutlets were lightly breaded and pan-fried. Finley loved them. That girl.

Day 9 (Sunday)

Our last day in Switzerland was like most of the others and included walks in the village, naps, and a really lovely hike.

Post morning nap, we loaded up and set off for a hike from the village. This was a new hike for Brody and I, and Brody’s dad hadn’t done it for years. Brody claimed this was his favorite one of the vacation, and I might have to agree. The scenery was interesting and diverse and the path was both challenging and easy.

A cow says “Mooo”

Finley chowing down on half a banana

For dinner we grilled out again, and you better believe Finley had some veal. She ate two veal sausages (4-5 inches in length each), an entire orange, and some other odds and ends. Her appetite is pretty incredible.

Flight Home

The day began early at 6:30am. Finley woke up on her own, which always makes me happy to not have to wake her, and we left for the Geneva airport at 7:45am. The drive is about an hour and 45 minutes, and Finley took a short 40 minute snooze on the way.

It kind of stunk that the longest leg of our flight was through the day, but Finley did well and took two naps throughout the 8.5 hours. We kept her entertained with books (the Llama Llama books got A LOT of use), playing with toys, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (kind of), and eating. There was a two year old boy on the flight, and his dad brought him over a couple times so the two of them could stare at each other.

When we landed in Dulles, it was around 2:30pm, which felt like 9:30pm to us. Finley was happy, though, and had fun people watching while we went through customs and security again. On the flight, Finley took a brief nap in my arms.

Oh, O’Hare. You always cause problems. In Chicago, our gate was changed FIVE times before we finally took off…two hours late. There was bad weather earlier in the day, and it threw off all the later flights. At this point, Brody and I were both so tired; we had been awake for almost 24 hours. We’d pass Finley back and forth, trying to keep her entertained. She fell asleep in Brody’s arms around 9:30pm (which was 4:30am Switzerland time), and managed to stay asleep as he transferred her to me, as I boarded the plane, and through all but the last five minutes of the flight. At that point she woke up and was pissed. She’d nurse for a little, and then pull off and start wailing. I hope the people on the plane understood, but it was a small plane, and I know everyone could hear her loud and clear.

Madison has such a nice, small airport, and we were happy to see our bags were already on the belt by the time we got to the baggage area. We walked out to our neighbor waiting for us, loaded our bags, strapped Finley into the carseat for their son (front facing but at that point we weren’t about to be picky), and got home at 11:30pm.

It was a trip (literally and figuratively) and definitely a learning experience. There’s not a whole lot we would’ve done differently with traveling or while in Switzerland. Vacationing with a baby wasn’t like previous trips (duh!), but it was still relaxing and fun.

On a completely unrelated note, on this day two years ago, I ran a marathon. On this day one year ago, Finley was supposed to be born (she came nine days late). On this day today, I’m home with Finley; so far we played, went to a high school baseball game, and had lunch with an old coworker and her kids. We have a doctor’s appointment later and will take the dogs for a walk. To play off the theme of my friend’s recent post, June 10, 2014 wasn’t as “epic” as the last two, but I’m loving it all the same.


3 thoughts on “Switzerland: Days 7-9 and the Flight Home

  1. I loved reading about your trip and all your beautiful hikes. Maybe one of these days I can accompany you :). Even though Fin wasn’t amazing to travel with, it seems like she did a pretty great job! Can’t believe it’s been two years since the marathon and almost one year since fin was born! Where does the time go!

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