Switzerland: Days 4-6

Good morning!

Once again, Finley (and Brody, who has come down with a stomach bug) is asleep. Free time for this mama includes blog reading, showering, sweeping of the kitchen, and writing this.

I’ll spare you from all the minute details this time and tell you that our days are often as such: wake up, breakfast, play, walk, Finley naps, “adventure” and lunch, Finley naps, play, walk, dinner, Finley’s bedtime, wine and chocolate, and Treme.

Day 4 (Tuesday)

The big outing of the day was a trip to the grocery store in the town at the bottom of the mountain. Sounds like my life at home, right?

Another exciting moment was having a glass of wine down in The Cave (pronounced caahh-ve). Brody’s dad brought the wine cellar back to its true glory a couple years ago after it had been used as storage space for years. This was Finley’s first time in The Cave, and she got into the spirit of things by drinking (water) from a wine glass and ringing the cow bell.



Day 5 (Wednesday)

After Finley’s morning nap, we packed up and my step-MIL dropped us off at a wine museum for the start of a hike. For the first part, it was more of a walk through villages along paved roads. Once we got to the vineyards, though, it was dirt paths and open fields of grapes.




We stopped and had lunch in some shade: sandwiches for the adults and leftover veal for the baby.

My step-MIL then picked us up in the village where the hike officially ends, and we drove back home. Finley, surprisingly, did not fall asleep in the backpack or on the way home in the car.

For more dinners than not, Finley has been Miss Grumpy Pants. We can’t figure out why, and I realize it’s just a guessing game. She’s made dinners less than enjoyable, and this night was no exception. Dinner was creamy pasta with ham and peas, and I thought she’d like the pasta. But no. And we are out of veal.

Day 6 (Thursday)

Today we got another hike in, and this one was also one we’ve done years past. Brody’s dad drove us to the funicular (a rail car that goes up and down the mountain), which we took up to Montana. On the funicular were an adult goat and baby goat – so cute!




Once in Montana, we walked around for a bit and grabbed sandwiches from a bakery.


We ate at a picnic table and attempted to have a beer at Brody’s dad’s favorite spot (it was closed).

The hike back down to the car was over an hour, so we got started so that we could get home before Finley’s afternoon nap. Finley had other plans, though, and fell asleep in the backpack for the last thirty minutes of the hike. It began to rain as we walked, and then even turned into hail, all while Finley slept.


Her brief early afternoon nap threw off the routine, so we played in the family room and watched Up and Mary Poppins. Fin was more interested in Mary Poppins than Up, and eventually fell asleep in my arms. This was a nice treat because it so rarely happens anymore.


Unfortunately, Brody started to fell really awful this afternoon, and even stayed downstairs during dinner. Fin and I ate lamb chops, potatoes au gratin, and Lima beans with my in-laws. Not too surprisingly, Fin loved the lamb – she’s such a carnivore!

Three more days of vacation left and the trip home. It’s gone by slowly (in a very good way) and quickly at the same time. I’ve appreciated all the family time we’ve had, and also been so thankful that my in-laws are ridiculously accommodating (a full apartment, stocked with food, privacy, etc.) and understanding (planning everything around Finley’s sleeping schedule).


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