Switzerland: The Flight and Days 1-3

It’s day six of our vacation, and now that the internet is working in our “apartment” and Finley is down for a nap, I thought I’d see how much of a review I could get through before either of those two things change.

The Flight(s)
Our flight pattern was Madison to Chicago, Chicago to Dulles (DC), and Dulles to Geneva. Finley was awake for the first flight, took a thirty minute nap on the second, and slept for five hours straight on the last (which would’ve been her nighttime). I’ll likely do a full post on traveling with a baby in the future, so I’ll keep the details to a minimum. It all went by very quickly because our layovers were each only just over an hour, so we never had to sit around in the airports for very long before boarding the next flight. Overall, it was a success.

Day 1 (Saturday)
We arrived in Geneva at 8am (1am Central Standard time) and we’re picked up by Brody’s dad and stepmom. The drive to their place is about two hours, and for only having slept 3-4 hours, I felt pretty good. Finley slept for the majority of the car ride.

Their place in Switzerland is in a small village of about one thousand people. It’s up the side off mountain and has amazing views. This is the view from the bathroom – not bad to look out of after showering.


Their house has two levels, each being it’s own full apartment. They live on the second floor and keep the first floor available for guests. There’s a full kitchen, family room, two baths, and three bedrooms. Brody’s dad turned the smallest room into a nursery for Finley.

View of the family room

The (kind of messy) kitchen

Although we’ve been eating a mainly grain free diet for over a month now, we both decided to not follow Paleo/Primal during vacation. The bread here is incredible, and it would be a crime to not eat the doughy, crunchy goodness. So, of course, our first meal in Switzerland was bread, salami, and butter sandwiches.

Our hope was to stay awake for most of the day, but after a trip to the grocery store, Brody and I were both exhausted. Back at the apartment, we put Finley down for her afternoon nap and crawled into bed ourselves with an alarm set for 4pm. Good thing we set it because I could’ve slept for much longer. We had to wake Finley up as well because we wanted her to adjust to the new time as quickly as possible.

We took a walk at some point that afternoon and tried out the stroller Brody’s dad and stepmom bought. Finley obviously doesn’t look happy here, but she likes it and enjoys our walks around the village.


Dinner is always a big to-do while we’re here, and Brody’s dad and stepmom prepare delicious meals. Saturday night was pasta with a variety of mix-ins: spicy tomato sauce, tuna, truffles and their oil, onions, and chopped ham. I think we had a simple salad as well. Finley tried tuna for the first time, but she didn’t love it.

Brody and I put Finley down for the night at 8pm, but she woke up at 11pm. I nursed her and put her back in her crib (a pack n play), but she wasn’t having it. She ended up sleeping in bed with us for the rest of the night, and she slept like a rock until 8:30am when we had to wake her up. Again, we wanted her to adjust quickly, and letting her sleep in would not be helping that goal.

Day 2 (Sunday)

Brody made eggs and bacon for breakfast. We ate them with more warm bread. Mmmm…a never ending supply.

The three of us played in the apartment during Fin’s first awake time. She’s been having a ball pulling all the CDs, DVDs, and VHSs off the shelves.


After her nap, we set out for our first official hike of the vacation. Brody’s dad took us on a hike along the Bisse (I think that’s how it’s spelled). We’ve done it before a few years ago, and it’s a good first hike because it’s very flat. We packed a lunch and ate in the shade. Finley did awesome in her hiking backpack but did end up falling asleep after lunch.

Because of Finley’s odd and short nap in the backpack, we put her to bed at 6pm (she was grumpy!), but not before some playtime in the Swiss sunshine.

Finley playing on the patio before dinner.

We then had dinner with Brody’s dad and stepmom. This meal was a standby for our visits: Swiss grill. We had three kinds of sausages, pork and steak, and a side salad. Also, I haven’t mentioned it yet, but we’ve been drinking our fair share of red wine with dinner and after. I bet I’m averaging three glasses each night. Hey – I’m on vacation!

Finley woke up again after three hours of sleep, and again would not go back to sleep and was awake from 9pm to midnight. Ugh! At least she’s sleeping in.

Day 3 (Monday)

We all slept until 8am and had our standard European breakfast: bread, meat, cheese, and fruit. Finley has taken a liking to bread with butter and it’s all she eats for breakfast now. The eggs and fruit lay untouched on her tray. Speaking of, Brody’s dad and Chantal also purchased a high chair for the apartment. It’s worked out great and will hopefully get lots of use in the years to come with Finley and other grandchildren.

We took a walk with Fin in the stroller to the funicular, and along the way saw sheep, cats, and horses. I think Finley is going to be disappointed when we go home and don’t have such amazing views and things to look at.

During Fin’s nap, Brody and I headed upstairs and had lunch with his dad and stepmom. Finley woke up and also had some food.

Because the weather wasn’t that nice, our big adventure of the day was a trip to a grocery store up in Montana, a ten minute drive up the mountain. Along with the food, Finley left with a souvenir – a stuffed dog. Brody aptly named him Monty for Montana.

Monty and the Swiss cow Brody’s dad gave Finley upon arrival

Back “home”, Finley took her afternoon nap. Although I can’t remember specifically, I would guess Brody and I read in the family room and likely napped as well.

The three of us, well-rested, went upstairs for dinner. Brody’s dad made veal cordon bleu – so good! Also, this was the best meal Finley has had all vacation; she was in such a good mood and pounded the veal. Apparently we need to make veal at home.

We’ve tried to keep Finley’s routine as normal as possible, so we’ve still been giving her a bath every night followed by a feeding, books and then bed. We didn’t bring many books because of space, and also because Finley has become very particular about what books she wants to listen to. If she’s not into the book you’re reading, she’ll grab it, throw it, and hand you a book she does want. Her favorite books on this trip have been all the Llama books, Pinkalicious (Brody and I try to hide this book from her but she finds it), and The Puppy Book (which I purchased at Half Price Books). We read those books at least four times each every day. Books she dislikes are Goodnight Moon and The Goodnight Train.

We went back upstairs to finish our wine with Brody’s dad and stepmom and then watched an episode of Treme in our apartment. That night Finley slept until 11:40pm; I fed her, held her for a few minutes, and put her back in the crib. And she slept in it the whole night! Success!

Geez, this is quite the recap. I had plans to go through day five but I’ve changed my mind. As you can tell, we’ve fallen into a nice rhythm here and are very much enjoying our time in Switzerland.


5 thoughts on “Switzerland: The Flight and Days 1-3

  1. Glad to hear things are going smoothly there! This is a much more thorough recap than Brody is sending me via text. Hoping the weather holds out for you guy.

    • Yes, the post was much more detailed than I had originally planned, and I doubt the rest of the recaps will be like that since each day has become a routine. The weather has really been great, and these last few days look perfect! Unfortunately, Brody’s dealing with a nasty stomach bug, so we’re keeping it low key today (Friday).

  2. That’s so funny about Finley and the books! Emma has just started liking looking at books in the past couple of months, but still doesn’t really have any interest in them being read to her.

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