Finley Update: 11 Months

Finley was SO excited for her 11 month birthday, she decided to wake up at 4:30am. I couldn’t get her back to sleep, so I nursed her a little early, and now at 5:53am, here I am.

Now let’s see if I can get this update typed and posted on the same day.

Sleeping (naps):

We’re still doing great with two naps a day. The first one starts around 8:30/9:00am, and the second one at 1:00/1:30pm. Each last around an hour and ten minutes. Sometimes she’ll only sleep for 40 minutes, but most of the time if that happens, she’s dirtied her diaper. Before naps, we read books to Finley for at least ten minutes most days. The routine then goes curtain closed, sound machine, sleep sack, paci, and one round of singing “Twinkle Twinkle.”

A couple weeks ago, Finley did have an off day where she completely refused to take her afternoon nap. I tried putting her down three times in a two hour span and to no avail. At 3:30pm, I gave up, loaded Fin in the stroller, and walked to Starbucks for a half priced frappacino. She was a little cranky later and went to bed at 6:15pm. I have no clue what was going on with her.


Sleeping (night):

Most nights, Finley goes to sleep at 7:00pm and wakes up at 6:00am. She falls asleep quickly and without any fussing. She’s had a couple odd nights lately, though, where she wakes up crying so hard. One night, Brody or I held her to calm her down three separate times throughout the night. I think she’s dealing with separation anxiety because she crawls to the side of the crib closest to the door and reaches towards it.


Eating (nursing):

Finley is still nursing four times a day: right when she wakes up, after each of her two naps, and before bedtime. Once she turns a year, I’ll probably slowly drop the two midday sessions (one at a time), so then I’ll only be feeding her twice a day.

Last month I wrote about how Finley’s teeth were grazing my skin and causing some discomfort. Well, it’s not totally healed, but it’s almost there. I think the skin calloused enough that it doesn’t cut through anymore.

Eating (solids):

Her breakfasts haven’t changed much: egg, a grain of some sort (this past week it was PaleOMG’s apple cinnamon muffins), and a fruit. A typical lunch would be chicken, sweet potato, peas, cheddar cheese, and pear. Dinner is pretty similar to lunch but no cheese (even though she would love more of it). I’ll sometimes give her an afternoon snack; yesterday she had yogurt and canned pumpkin mixed together.



Finley is doing awesome with standing and cruising. She pulls herself up on her Leapfrog table and the “coffee table” cubes in the family room. Often times after she wakes up, she’ll be standing up in her crib too. Her balance is improving, and I’m often amazed how long she can stand unassisted. Maybe she will be walking in a month. I assumed that since she was never much of a crawler that she’d be slower to the walking thing, but maybe not.


Our little girl now makes it very clear when she wants something. She reaches, points and grunts at things and cries when items are taken away from her.

Finley has a few words (maybe you’ll say one doesn’t count though) in her vocabulary. If I point at Moose or Frankie and ask her what it is, she says “dog.” If she sees a dog on tv or in a book, she’ll say “dog” unprompted too. She also can say “water” but it sounds more like “wa-wa.” The other word she knows is banana…but instead of saying banana, she says “mmmm.” This is Brody’s fault because he made up a song when we’d feed her bananas: “Mmm, banana. Mmm mmm banana.”

Other random tidbits:

1. Finley still has seven teeth – four on top and three on the bottom.

2. I feel great not tracking everything. So happy I gave that up.

3. We leave for Switzerland on Friday. With Finley. Ahhh! I’m a little nervous about traveling with a baby for that long and very nervous for how she’s going to deal with the six hour time difference once we get there (and then get home).

4. Finley has a kick butt summer wardrobe, and I can’t wait to dress her up in all her cute new clothes. She’s excited too.


5. When we go to Woodman’s, Finley freaks out over the piñatas. She swings her legs, bounces up and down, and squeals. It’s so fun to see her so excited.


6. We bought a Burley and have now taken two short bike rides as a family. Finley seems to like it!


7. One of her favorite activities is to pull books off these two shelves. We do this at least once a day for 20 minutes.


If it’s of any interest to anyone, here’s a “normal” day in the life of a Finley.

6:00am: wakeup and nurse
6:15-7:00am: independent play in family room
7:00-7:30am: breakfast with Mom
7:30-8:00am: walk (with the dogs of course)
8:00-8:45am: play in bedroom and read books
8:45am: nap #1
10:00am: wakeup and nurse
10:30am: go the the gym
11:45am: return home
12:00pm: eat lunch with Mom
12:30pm: play in bedroom and read books
1:30pm: nap #2
2:45pm: wakeup and nurse
3:00pm: run errands (grocery store, Target, Costco, etc.)
4:00pm: back home and play in family room
5:15pm: Dad gets home and plays with Finley; Mom preps dinner
6:00am: family dinner
6:30pm: bath time
6:45pm: pajamas, nurse, and books
7:00pm: bedtime


One more month and Finley is a year old. As if you couldn’t do the math. I’m more stating that as in “Holy crap! I almost have a one year old!”

It’s almost 9:00pm, so I did it. I finished and posted her update. Now it’s time for bed just in case Finley decides to wake up at 4:30am again.


4 thoughts on “Finley Update: 11 Months

  1. hiiiii guys! I love these updates and pictures. It’s funny how similar Fin and C’s routines are, i’m talking about almost down to the quarter hour that they do the exact same thing!
    I can’t believe your trip to Switzerland is this Friday! Fin is going to do great and so will you guys 🙂 Have such wonderful time!!!

  2. Gah! She is so cute! I can’t believe she has so many teeth! Thanks for sharing your nursing schedule, Bennett’s has been scaling down drastically over the past month since he started 3 solid meals/day. Does she drink anything other than milk during the day, or are those 4 sessions enough to keep her hydrated? Bennett gets really constipated (sorry tmi) if he’s not drinking enough, so I’m not sure how much is enough!

    Have fun in Switzerland!! Good luck traveling with her, I’m sure she’ll do awesome. =)

    • Are you also nursing Bennett four times a day still? I’m unsure how much to cut back after Fin turns a year.
      Fin loves water, and we normally give her drinks throughout meals. If she sees it on the table, she’ll point and yell “Wa!” when she’s thirsty. It’ll be interesting to see if she likes cow’s milk.

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