My Birthday

On Sunday, I turned 31 years old, and I had a really fantastic day.

Finley let me sleep in until 6:33am! Lately she’s been waking up closer to 6am, so this was a treat. Brody made breakfast – sausage and eggs – and the three of us played until Finley’s nap.

During Fin’s nap, we both got ready for the day and watched a little tv. I finally transferred the 700+ photos on my iPhone to my computer, and it was the easiest thing. I plugged my phone into our computer (also an Apple) and everything went into iPhotos. This meant I was able to update my phone. Wahoo! The daily messages reminding me of the update will stop now.

After Fin’s nap and a quick nursing session, we packed up the car to drop Fin off at a friend’s house. My friend Amber has a little boy who is a month older than Fin, and a couple weeks ago when I mentioned I needed to find a sitter for Fin this afternoon, she offered. Thanks Amber!

The reason we needed a babysitter was for my birthday surprise “experience” from Brody (although he claims it was from Finley). I had no clue what we were doing, which was fun!

Brody drove to the house of our friends, Erin and Jared. I met Erin through Meriter’s Mother Baby Hour, and although she’s back at work now, we still get together when we can. Her little boy, Braxton, is only a week older than Finley. Upon entering the car, Erin and Jared handed me a present: the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook! So nice of them.

Erin and Jared knew what we were doing, so Brody told them to keep quiet. We drove to the east side of Madison and ended up at…

Flambe Gourmet for a cooking class!

The outside of the building is a little questionable, but the inside was so nice. Rows of tables faced the main cooking area which included all really nice cooking equipment: an induction stove top, a live feed from a camera over the cooking area, and both granite and cement countertops.

The cost of the class includes drinks; Erin, Jared and I started with mimosas and Brody made himself a bloody mary. Throughout the class I drank a couple more mimosas before switching to water.

The theme of the class was Southern Brunch, and the menu included eggs benedict, biscuits and sausage gravy with grits, and bananas foster french toast. Brody informed me that he scheduled this before we agreed to cut out processed foods and grains, so this was a big cheat day for us. It was totally worth it.

Chef Dan led the twelve of us in the class and started by demonstrating how to make hollandaise and how to poach an egg. I’ve seen my mother in law do both for years now because she always makes us eggs benedict when we visit her in Ohio. Chef Dan had a slightly different technique in regards to poaching. He includes vinegar in the water, uses a deep pot of water that’s almost boiling, and swirls the water before dropping the egg in. Everyone then got to make their own egg, and I have to say, I was pretty proud of how well mine turned out.

For the sausage gravy and biscuits with grits, we watched and snacked on the huge block of aged Cheddar sitting on the counter.

And then we ate. So yummy and so easy! I want to make Paleo biscuits and then use a little almond flour in the sausage gravy instead of regular flour. Hopefully that’ll work…?

Lastly, we finished with something very sweet and delicious. Chef Dan started the bananas foster by melting butter and brown sugar. Brody volunteered me to cut the bananas. After Chef Dan’s batch, I made a second for the group.

Another person made the french toast. We were all so stuffed that most people had only half a piece of french toast.

The class was a ton of fun, and I’d love to do another one. This one lasted a little over two hours and was $65 a person. The company offers other classes coming up in May, such as a seafood one and a ladies night with Asian apps. Chef Dan was a great teacher and very friendly. I also love that all of the dishes we made were very approachable and simple – no crazy ingredients or difficult steps. I highly recommend this as an “experience” gift to a loved one or just a fun night (or day) with a significant other or friend.


Thanks again for the wonderful birthday Brody (and Finley)!

10 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. Hi Angie! Happy (belated) Birthday!! This looks like so much fun! and how nice was it to “sleep in”??!! we’re up and going around 630. Sometimes C will sleep to 7a which seems to make such a difference in how i feel, sleepwise!
    Can you believe our babes will be ONE in two months?? we’ve thought about birthday ideas and will prob have a bbq at one of the grandparent’s home. will you do a theme?? i think i want C to have her own smash cake at least for pictures….
    when do you all go to Europe? we booked a trip to FL so hopefully things will go well (nothing like a flight overseas but still a plane ride where anything could happen!)

    • Thanks Kristina! It seems crazy that almost a year has gone by. Brody and I haven’t talked much about her birthday but I’m with you on the smash cake – love those pictures! I can already tell Fin is going to have a sweet tooth (like her mama). A BBQ is a great idea – something casual and low key is what we’d probably do too.
      When are you going to FL? Do you have a direct flight? Warm weather sounds amazing – today it’s raining and a high of 48. Yuck!

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