Finley Update: Seven Months

Finley is changing so quickly! I swear she looked like this yesterday:


But no. That was seven months ago. Incredible. Here’s what’s up with Miss Finley Marie.

Height and Weight:

Finley continues to be in the upper range for all three measurements; at her six month appointment, she was over 100% for height (28 inches), 96% for weight (19 lbs. 11 oz.), and 85% for head circumference. That was a month ago, so who knows how big she is now. I’d guess over 20 lbs. for sure. She’s almost too big for her infant car seat, so we already purchased and installed the convertible car seat.



Physical Developments and Changes:

Sitting up: She’s very stable on her own but will sometimes topple over. If I’m not going to be right by her and she’s on a harder surface, I’ll put the Boppy behind her. She spends lot of her awake time sitting up playing with toys.


Crawling: This isn’t happening yet, but we’re getting close. During play time, I’ll set her on her belly. She’ll stay there for a bit, but she also likes to roll onto her back. A few times she’s pulled her butt up and was on all fours. I’m excited for this new phase!


Teeth: Finley has two teeth coming in! While we were in Maryland, the first bottom one poked through, and less than a week later, the other bottom middle one broke the skin. She’s had no teething symptoms (knock on wood), but I have heard these are the “easiest” teeth.

Talking: Of course it’s too early for Finley to be saying any words, but in the last month she has become very vocal. She says ba, blah, ma, wah, and other similar sounds. I was an early talker, and I hope Fin is too.

Eating and Drinking:

As I mentioned in a previous post, we started solids on Fin’s half birthday. Since then she’s tried the following: carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, avocado, banana, pear, apple, mango, cauliflower, peas, lentils, and whole milk yogurt. Her favorites are yogurt, banana, and sweet potato. We’re skipping rice cereal, so for iron, we’ve been giving her lentils.


After talking to the nurse who runs the Mother Baby Hour I attend and reading more, I decided to try eggs. Brody and I have no known allergies, so instead of just giving her the yolks, I scrambled one egg. She was not a fan and actually spit up a little after a couple bites. Brody also thought she looked a little splotchy around her mouth afterwards. She could be allergic, or it could’ve been nothing. The egg white is that part that causes allergic reactions, so we may try giving her just the yolk for the iron. The idea of having a child who is allergic to anything now freaks the heck out of me.

Although I thought we’d do more of the baby led weaning approach, she really prefers feeding herself or being fed by us with a spoon. Maybe baby led weaning will work better once her teeth come in and she’ll be able to chew. There’s also a part of me that’s nervous about choking. I keep reminding myself that there’s no need to rush these things; she’s still getting the majority of her calories from breastmilk, and this is all practice and exploration.


Sleeping (naps):

Fin’s daytime sleeping is becoming more predictable, and I, in turn, have been experiencing less anxiety related to her sleeping. She takes two to three naps a day, and her awake times have increased to two to three hours. Often she’ll wake up after thirty to forty minutes, and I’ve started letting her hang out in her crib. If she doesn’t fall back asleep after thirty minutes, I pull her out. I’ll change her diaper right away and very likely she’ll have pooped (it’s hard to smell poop with cloth diapers). No wonder she couldn’t fall asleep again, especially with how the poops have changes since starting solids. The afternoon nap, then, is most consistently the long one. And by long, I mean an hour and twenty minutes. However she did sleep for almost three hours Sunday afternoon.


Sleeping (night):

Bedtime is between 6:30-7:30pm. After a bath, pajamas, and a few books, I feed her. At this point, she’s often very drowsy but not totally asleep. Around 9:00pm, I dream feed, and up until a couple weeks ago, I was nursing her one more time during the night. Randomly, she began sleeping through the night (and I’m not talking the five to six hours STTN but like eleven to twelve hours). We did nothing to bring this on. When she would wake up, she’d either need her pacifier if it was out of reach or talk to herself for a bit. It was an adjustment for my body to so abruptly stop a nursing session, and I only had to deal with a little leaking. There have been a few nights when I have nursed her if she wasn’t falling back asleep. Like always, she typically wakes up between 6:00-7:00am. I cannot complain at all.


Finley’s been in mostly 9 month clothes for a couple months. She even has two pairs of Target sweatpants in size 12 months. I bought a few things for her from Old Navy last week, and the two onesies are 12-18 months.



She is a very happy baby, and she loves to be around people. I’ve been taking her to Mother Baby Hour (MBH) since she was a few weeks old, but unfortunately the 6-9 month group meeting time doesn’t work with my schedule. Luckily a group of moms formed a play group that meets on Friday afternoons, so I’ve been going to that. Last week we met at a coffee shop in Fitchburg. Finley also “interacts” with Adalyn, the 19 month old I watch, three mornings a week.


Finley is pretty awesome, and we love her to pieces.



12 thoughts on “Finley Update: Seven Months

  1. Emma had the same reaction to eggs when we gave them to her the first time (with the whites in) but we’ve since given her just yolks and it’s been fine. She’s not a huge fan of them though – I think it’s a texture thing. She also gags a lot because of the different textures. It was scary at first, but now I’ve learned to tell that she’s just gagging instead of choking.

    I love the talking! So much fun.

    • What was Emma’s reaction to eggs? And have you given her anything with eggs in it, like baked goods? Have you noticed any other reactions to foods? It is really scary. Fin also is weird with textures, especially if we switch foods mid-feeding – it takes her mouth a second to adjust.

      • The only reaction I’ve suspected is that yogurt gives her a stuffy nose. But it’s hard to tell in the middle of cold and flu season. We haven’t given her anything with eggs baked in but she didn’t have any reaction to just eggs so I think it’d be fine.

  2. She’s so cute! We did finger foods with McKenzie from the start. Eggs and strawberries were some of her first. =) I always only gave her the yolk, though, and I’d eat the whites (to be healthy and all…ha). She’s getting so big! I love her Patagucci. I seriously wish Jon would do the shopping, that’d be adorbs. And I love how straight babies sit when they first learn!

    • When you gave McKenzie egg yolks, did you hard boil or scramble it? I hope Fin isn’t allergic to eggs, or anything for that matter.
      So true about how they sit! They must have strong abs under that baby fat.

  3. Hi Angie! I love reading these updates! It’s so much fun to see how they are changing each day! C tried some sunflower seed butter the other day (just a little bit) and she seemed to like it. no reaction, but true allergic reactions will most likely present on the second try….
    we’ve given C hummus (homemade), which she seemed to like. And she also likes biting on chunks of cantaloupe and pineapple (she isn’t interested in feeding herself yet :/ so we hold the chunks of fruit for her, i worry about choking too…..)we haven’t tried eggs yet, but i want to in the next week so! have you tried any meats (pork, fish, chicken), if so, how did you prepare it (blender with broth??)

    I hope you all are keeping warm!!!

    • I love sunflower seed butter! Did she seem to like it? Isn’t that strange about reactions showing up the second time? This reminds me I need to buy some baby Benadryl just in case…
      I gave Fin some chicken that was in a Crock Pot meal, so it was in small shredded pieces. When we gave her a chunk of steak, though, she was not interested. I don’t even think it made it to her mouth! It’s a good idea to blend it -if you try it, let me know if C likes it.

      • yep, she seemed to like the sunflower seed butter. we also tried peanut butter today and she seemed to like that too! we hope to try some chicken or pork sometime in the next couple of weeks. i know the texture will take her by surprise but we’ll see how it goes!

  4. I can’t wait to see her start crawling and talking. she’s getting so big so fast! I hope the new onesies I got for her will fit 🙂

  5. I know you aren’t doing purees like we did… but if you wanted to add more iron I used the Happy Baby multi-grain or oatmeal cereal that had iron added and mixed that with all the veggie/fruit purees that I made/we used. Hadley also wasn’t interested in feeding herself until 9 or 10 months (hard to remember now) and only would eat when spoonfed– what I read said that many babies don’t develop the pincer grasp needed to pick up the food until that time. I also made homemade purees of chicken and butternut squash (which I mixed with my homemade apple puree) and she really liked it. Check out which is where I got most of my recipes (I ended up buying her book that I refer to still for finger food ideas and meals we can all eat). Good luck Fin!

    • Thanks Jess! I’ll look into that cereal. I want to look into what foods with iron are best absorbed by babies. It’s funny because Fin started out wanting to feed herself with the spoon but now she’s perfectly content being fed by us. It’s definitely not as messy! Good call on the website – I’ve heard it’s the best one.

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