Going to the Chapel…

I’m so behind on posting what’s been going on in my life. I went to New York City for my SIL’s bachelorette party, we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s, Finley turned six months (probably skipping that update since she’s almost seven months), and there were other both fun and mundane events. Maybe I’ll go back and share those moments, and maybe not.

However, I most definitely wanted to document Erin and Dan’s (my sister in law and now brother-in-law) wedding. It was an amazing weekend!

Brody and I flew out the day after Christmas. That was a whole debacle; in short, our second leg of the flight was delayed by three hours before we even left Madison, but luckily Delta found us a different flight which got us into Baltimore two hours earlier than we were originally supposed to arrive. Amazing!

Finley stayed at our house with my mom and sister. While we would’ve loved to have brought her, it didn’t make sense. Brody and I were both standing up in the wedding. We briefly considered bringing my mom along, but then we’d be paying for another ticket and another hotel room. Plus, it would all disrupt Finley’s life and would pretty much suck for my mom. So although it was hard on us as parents, it was best for Finley.

We met Brody’s mom and Bridget and JP in the Baltimore airport, picked up our rental car, and drove to Easton, Maryland where the wedding festivities would take place.

Thursday night, after dropping off our bags in our rooms, we met everyone who was in town already in the restaurant/bar area of the hotel. We ate, drank, and chatted with friends and family. It was the night I drank the most out of our stay there. It was the only night I needed to pump and dump.

Brody enjoying a “hot nut”


Not sure what I’m doing here…

Friday morning, Brody went to a coffee shop to do some work while I relaxed in bed and read a book (American Wife if you were wondering). I met Erin and my MIL for lunch at this cute restaurant. Having only eaten a banana, Larabar, and cup of grapefruit slices, I was starving. I ordered an Italian sandwich with a cup of the tomato bisque soup, both of which I housed. My MIL commented how much I eat and how small I am – I took it as a compliment 🙂

The three of us walked back to the hotel and met up with all the ladies (bridesmaids, friends, and family) who wanted to get their nails done. Initially I was only going to get my nails done, but my feet were in need of some love, so I splurged and got a pedicure as well.

The rehearsal began at 4:30pm and went smoothly. Erin and Dan asked Dan’s aunt and uncle to officiate the wedding, and there was also the hotel’s event coordinator there to help.

The rehearsal dinner was at an Italian restaurant in Easton. The owner shut down the restaurant for the party, and it was cool to have the whole place to ourselves. Brody and I both had a pasta dish with chicken, roasted red peppers, and artichokes in a cream sauce. It was so yummy and rich. One funny moment of the evening was when Brody stood up to thank Dan’s family for hosting the dinner and to congratulate his sister and Dan. Instead of saying “Erin,” however, he said my name. Ha! This has happened before, and is an easy mistake to make with both of our names starting with vowels. Brody didn’t realize his error initially, but everyone else did. We all got a good laugh out of it.

After the dinner, the party moved to a bar. With a full belly of pasta, it was difficult to drink; nothing sounded good. Plus, the bar was very crowded. I think Brody and I called it a night around 11pm. I wanted to be well-rested and not have icky looking skin the next day for the wedding.

WEDDING DAY! The bridesmaids all met in the lobby and walked to the salon. One of the bridesmaid’s husbands was in charge of picking up bagels and orange juice (and champagne of course), so we snacked on those while getting our hair done. I was hoping to do a low side bun thing, but surprise, surprise – I didn’t have enough hair, as it’s still falling out in clumps. (When does that stop????). She ended up pulling it half up and curling what was down. It looked nice, and I was happy.

Back at the hotel, the bridesmaids and my MIL met in the bridal suite to be with Erin as she put her dress on. She had shared a picture of the dress when she found it months ago, but it was even more spectacular in person. The layers of lace and the beadwork made it so elegant.


Erin putting on her dress


Putting on the final touches

Dan and Erin chose to take pictures before the wedding, so they had their “first look” before the ceremony. We then took pictures with the families and the bridal party.

The navy dresses were from J. Crew, and the purples pashminas were gifts from Erin


Action shot of Erin and some of her bridesmaids

It was then time for the ceremony. Dan’s aunt and uncle, who live in London, did an incredible job. They have officiated weddings before, but I’m sure this one was so much more special. They used the word love as an acronym as their theme (I’ve sadly already forgotten what each letter stood for) and shared personal stories from their marriage.

Post-ceremony was a cocktail hour, which I missed most of due to pumping, and then the reception.

My FIL gave a fabulous speech: he was sentimental (even got a little choked up) but then also had many people on their feet clapping and laughing when he said he had never imagined his new son-in-law would have less hair than he does. The night continued with a great dinner (crab cake – my second of the weekend), drinking, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.

The happy couple’s first dance

Sunday morning, Brody, myself, JP, and Bridget, drove back to Baltimore to catch our respective flights. We arrived on time in Madison at 4pm and were greeted by my mom, sister, and Finley. I knew they were planning on bringing Finley but kept it a secret from Brody. He said he had a feeling they’d all be there, but it was still so sweet to see him rush down the stairs to see her.

A picture my sister took as they all waited for Brody and I in the airport

I am very lucky to have a SIL who I would be friends with even if we weren’t related. The man she now calls her husband is also such a great person – Brody and Dan got along from the beginning. I foresee some joint family vacations in the future!


8 thoughts on “Going to the Chapel…

  1. I can’t wait to see more photos from the wedding. You’re so pretty!! (And a gorgeous bride too.) How did “the girls” fit in the dress – I remember you being concerned with their size. 🙂

    • I know – I didn’t have very many. My SIL just sent out an album, so I’ll post more from that.
      The “girls” fit perfectly! Although my rib cage (and my chest) was too big for the dress when I first got it, it fit great and was comfortable without a bra. Success!

  2. Love this post and so glad you guys had a good time! The acronym was L-Listen, O-Overlook, V-Value, and E-Enjoy 🙂 We were chatting last night about how excited we are to visit you guys next month! I can’t wait to see Fin. Thanks for making the trip and standing up for us! xoxo

    • Oh yes, that’s what they were! They did such a great job – probably the best “sermon” I’ve ever heard.
      We are all so excited for your visit! Fin can’t wait to see her aunt and new uncle again. Dan probably won’t be as nervous to hold her now that she’s 20 lbs 🙂

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