A Day of Firsts

Thursday was a BIG day and so much fun.

First of all, Miss Fin turned six months old. We celebrated that morning by taking her six month photos. She was in such a good mood!




After her second (short…grrr) nap, Fin and I drove downtown to pick up Brody to go see Santa! A friend told me the Santa at Hilldale Mall was free. We got there around noon and had no idea what to expect. There was no one there! I brought Finley up to the strange, bearded man, not sure how she’d react. We’ve all seen the crying-baby-in-Santa’s-arms photo, and we thought we might end up with a similar photo. But no – she did great! However, I don’t think she was exactly aware of who was holding her.


I wonder what she told Santa she wanted for Christmas…

Because the Santa experience was over and done in about thirty seconds, Brody had time to have lunch. We walked over to Pasquals. Before our food came, Brody and Fin played with some paper.


While we ate, Finley sat in a high chair at a restaurant – another first!


We said “bye” to Dad and went home. Finley fell asleep in the car, and I somehow managed to bring her upstairs to her room and not wake her up. She slept in her car seat in her room for an hour, and after waking, I brought her into our bed and we both napped for another hour. It was glorious.

The last and biggest first came next – eating solids! She’s getting to be such a little person. How is this happening?

I read Baby Led Weaning, and after explaining it to Brody, we decided we’d give it a shot. *Click on the link to Amazon to read the summary. I steamed broccoli and carrots into matchstick-size pieces and had banana and avocado.

Once Brody got home from work, it was time to eat. I placed all four foods in front of her.


She went for the broccoli first and sucked on the floret. The carrot sticks were also easy to hold, but nothing was eaten. We knew this would happen – the book explains that for a while, babies won’t really eat much. The banana and avocado were too slippery, so I broke off little pieces and fed them to her. Feeding the baby is not true BLW (baby led weaning), but I see no problem with doing a hybrid of “strategies,” especially in this beginning phase of food exploration.


As expected, Finley made a mess of herself and needed a bath. Once clean and in her jammies, I fed her the food she’s used to and she went down for the night.

It was a great day of firsts with my little family!

Did you visit Santa as a kid?
Do you know what your first food was? Or, what was your kid’s first solid?

4 thoughts on “A Day of Firsts

  1. Fin is soooooo cute! I love the picture of her looking at all the foods 🙂 I like how you say beginning to feed Fin you can use a “hybrid of strategies” – that’s a good outlook! Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

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