Thanksgiving Part I and II

Doesn’t it feel strange to have had Thanksgiving and December so close to each other? I didn’t have any time to mentally prepare for December, Christmas, and everything that comes with this time of year. Heck, my mental capabilities aren’t what they used to be, so I doubt I have the ability to mentally prepare for much at this point. However, in case you’re wondering, Finley – and subsequently me – has had a two really good nights of sleeping and that does wonders for my mental state.

I was lucky enough to once against celebrate Thanksgiving twice! I say “I” and not “we” because Brody doesn’t love Thanksgiving foods. But Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food (did I really just type that?!?!), and we both enjoy the opportunity to hang out with our friends and family.


Our group of Madison friends get together every year for Friendsgiving. It’s always fun to see everyone, enjoy good wine and food, and catch up.

At last year’s Friendsgiving, Brody and I announced I was pregnant. It was also a different crowd as there were three babies.

This year there were four (and later five)!


Brody, Finley and I got to Mel and Tim’s house a little later than planned due to Miss Finley’s two and a half hour nap (which hasn’t happened FOREVER!). No way were we going to wake her. At least we made it before dinner!

Check out the spread: turkey, casseroles galore, carrots, mashed potatoes, rolls, and more.


After dinner, Finley was pooped and took a thirty minute cat nap in Brody’s arms.


Brad and Jess’ little lady, Hadley, is such a doll. She just started crawling, but instead of using both legs, she keep one leg straight out to the side and drags it along, pirate style.


Unlike two years ago when I drank WAY too much wine in Mel and Tim’s basement, I only had a couple glasses throughout the night. Nursing and being the DD kept me in check. It was a great time! Thanks to Mel and Tim for hosting.


Brody’s mom arrived the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It was nice for all of us to have a few days of downtime with her. Finley, unfortunately, took some time to get used to Grandma.

By Friday, though, Brody’s mom could hold Finley and no pouty lip or tears would appear. Sadly, this was also the day she flew back to Ohio. We decided we need to FaceTime more often to get Finley used to the faces of family members she doesn’t see regularly.

My family (my mom, sister, and grandparents) came for the day on Thursday. Finley got lots of attention.



You know what that is? The bag of giblets.

See, I’ve never done the turkey myself. I knew there should be a bag of the icky stuff, but it wasn’t in the big cavity of the bird. What was in there was a part of its intestine still attached – gross! I put on my big girl pants, covered my hand with a paper towel and plastic bag, and squealed to my mom on the phone as I detached it from the turkey. But back to the bag. Apparently, there’s another cavity. Who knew? I bet the fine folks at Butterball predict geniuses like me (remember my introductory paragraph?) will make this mistake and design the bag to withstand the cooking.

We had a very traditional meal: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, roasted broccoli, buns, pumpkin pie, and pecan bars.


Finley was napping during the first part of our meal but woke up in time to join us at the table for a bit. She was a happy girl. I can’t wait until she can eat with us next year!


Don’t think the dogs were forgotten; they each got a plate with a little of everything. Surprisingly they both even ate the broccoli.


After our meal, we relaxed into food comas. I didn’t feel uncomfortably full until three hours after I was done eating. Does that happen to anyone else?

Finley spent a little time with her great-grandparents, my mom’s parents.

My grandpa is a hoot and has always been a jokester. My grandma, sadly, has dementia and short term memory problems. She never remembers who the dogs are and often makes the same comment multiple times. She did really well, though, and was in a good, social mood. It’s hard to see someone you love deteriorate mentally.

We can’t end this post on a downer, so here are ten happy things (in no particular order) I am so very thankful for:
1. Brody and Finley
2. Coffee
3. Family
4. Naps
5. Fuzzy blankets and socks
6. Target
7. Mother Baby Hour
8. My Crock Pot
9. Wine and Recipe (the event, the food, the wine, and the ladies)
10. The West Wing

12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Part I and II

  1. Sounds like a good time! I’ve never cooked a turkey so I wouldn’t have any idea where to start. My grandma had dementia for the last couple years of her life, and I agree, it is hard to see that happen to your loved one.

    • I definitely considered calling the Butterball hotline – ha! Sorry to hear your grandma also suffered from dementia. Luckily my grandpa is still very much with it and can take care of her.

  2. I can’t believe Thanksgiving was here and then in the same weekend December – time just keeps marching along! Always love seeing pictures of Fin – so stinkin’ cute!!

  3. sadly no bottles worked for Corrine – she is syringe fed when I’m at work :/ but she’s happy and gaining weight! We’re starting to have her drink from an open cup too. We also started some solid foods – sweet potatoes and avocados! It’s so much fun 🙂

    • I’m glad you guys found something that worked while you’re working! I’ve heard of babies being spoon fed their milk but not with a syringe. Are you doing more of a baby-led weaning approach to solids?

      • I’ve read a little about blw and I like some of the ideas. I think purees are a little too thin so i’ve just been mashing up the food with a fork, but still spoon feeding her. C is able to grasp and bring items to her mouth but i haven’t let her do that with food yet….. i’ll prob try that in the next month or so…
        Have you all started cereal or solids yet? What has worked for Fin?

        • We haven’t tried any solids but will probably in a couple weeks. I think we’re going to give blw a shot and start with avocado, banana, sweet potatoes, and other soft foods. I’ve been giving Fin a spoon to hold and she brings it to her mouth; however I know it’s going to be a very messy learning experience. Such a fun milestone, though!

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