Finley Update: Five Months

At five months, Finley…

Giggles when Sophie squeaks.

This is an old photo, so you’ll just have to imagine her smiling holding this plastic giraffe.

Can sit up unassisted for ten seconds.

She often bends over and plays with her feet while sitting.

Attends Learn and Grow at Happy Bambino on Mondays, Mother Baby Hour on Thursdays, and play group on some Fridays.

She’s got quite the social calendar.

Has a new friend, Adalyn, who comes to hang out three half days a week.

We’re thinking about doing baby-led weaning, so I’ve started giving Fin a plastic spoon to hold on to as she watches us eat.

Doesn’t like to nap for more than 45 minutes.

I was attempting to fight the 45 Minute Intruder. He won.

Is already showing signs of a sweet tooth.

Just a sweet tooth…no real teeth yet.

Actually jumps now in her jumparoo.

Her strong legs give her some major air.

Plays with her feet while getting her diaper changed and sitting in the Bumbo.

She hasn’t put her feet in her mouth yet though.

Weighs 18 lbs 13 oz (with clothes and a diaper on after a feeding).

I can’t believe she’s so big! No wonder my back hurts.

Was a penguin for her first Halloween.

Brody and I also have penguin costumes.

Will miss her friend Bennett and his mommy, Nicole.

We met for breakfast this past week – Nicole is moving soon (which is exciting but sad).

Turns herself 90 degrees on the piano playmat.

So talented!

Sleeps well in Mom and Dad’s bed.

I stay with her the whole time and only resort to this if she’s had a day of short naps – she’ll often sleep for two cycles next to me.

Finley brings such joy to our world. Despite the challenges and tears, I can’t imagine her not being a part of our life. Happy five month birthday, Finley!

3 thoughts on “Finley Update: Five Months

  1. I thought it was so cute when Emma started to play with her feet! She did it every chance she got. I might try the bed trick with Emma when she has a rough day of naps. Finley is so cute – but I can’t believe she’s 18 lbs at 5 months! You feed her well. 😉

    • Let me know if pulling her into bed works for you. It seems we’ve turned a corner recently – she rolled over and is now sleeping on her belly. Her naps have improved a TON. It’s so hard to be patient and not try to “fix” their sleeping 😦

  2. Finley is getting so big. Proud she is sitting up! Noah refuses to sit. She is a chunkier. She has Noah beat by 4oz. Happy Thanksgiving!

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