A Day in the Life with Finley [11-11-2013]

Just over a month ago, I did one of these posts. Not only are things changing a little as Finley gets older, but I’m now watching a 17 month old part time. This shows what a pretty typical Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (the days I watch Adalyn) is like for me.

6:33am I hear Finley talking to herself. She slept very well last night: 6:15pm to 2am (with a dream feed at 8:30pm), 2:30am to 3:45am (Brody got her back to sleep – yay Dad!), and 4:15am to 6:30am. Brody goes to get her and bring her to hang out in our bed for a bit.

6:35am Finley soaked through her diaper so I get up to change her while Brody showers. Question to moms: During the night, if your little one didn’t poop or have diaper rash, do you change his/her diaper?

6:45am I brew coffee, pick up clutter, and do a few dishes while Finley hangs out in her Bumbo. Brody comes down to make breakfast and “chat” with Finley.

7:10am My coffee is done, and I pour myself a cup to sip on while I nurse Fin.

7:20am She’s not very hungry and barely nurses, so into the bouncer she goes.

7:30am The dogs get let out to pee, and I make a yogurt mess bowl for breakfast and continue drinking coffee.

8:00am Finley and I play on the floor waiting for Adalyn.

8:18am Finley rubs her eyes, and it’s been over an hour and a half of awake time. I put her down for nap #1. As an experiment, I use the swaddle strap to see if it makes any difference in the length of this nap.

8:25am Adalyn arrives, and I put her in the high chair to finish eating her breakfast. However instead of eating the English muffin with peanut butter, she licks the peanut butter off and gets it all over her face.

8:45am The rain has turned to snow. Adalyn and I stare out the window at it (while I cry inside a little…I dislike the cold that comes with winter and snow).

9:03am Finley is awake. It’s a 42 minute nap – better than last week’s 28 minute ones. Maybe the strap did help.

9:35am Finley nurses. Adalyn has started carrying around her blanket – her nap time is coming up soon.

9:55am I put Adalyn down in the pack ‘n play in our guest room. Finley and I play in her room. I put away her clothes from the laundry basket.

10:15am It’s impossible to shower when both Finley and Adalyn are awake. I bring the bouncer into the bathroom for Fin to play in while I shower. She starts to fuss right as the conditioner (and fistfuls of my hair) go down the drain.

10:30 Fin and I read books in her room after a failed attempt to nap. She’s not ready yet.

10:45am Now she’s ready for nap #2. I put her in the swaddle strap again.

11:15am FOOD! I need food badly. My small-ish breakfast four hours ago wore off an hour ago. I make egg salad and put it on a wheat high fiber tortilla and have a small apple on the side.

I’m still hungry (no surprise) and eat a Sierra Trail Mix Clif bar. It satisfies my sweet tooth and fills me up.

12:15pm I get dinner cooking in the slow cooker; we’re having Iowa Girl Eat’s Crock Pot Thai chicken.

12:30pm Adalyn wakes up from her nap, and it’s lunch time for her.

12:45pm Finley wakes up, gets a clean diaper, and plays on her favorite mat.

1:00pm I clean up Adalyn’s face and hands and change her diaper. Finley hangs out on a blanket on her tummy.

1:20pm Adalyn’s mom, my friend, arrives and we catch up.

1:54pm Finley nurses and I respond to text messages.

2:10pm We go upstairs to have some quiet time in the nursery. I read a few books to Fin, including one of my favorites: Hand Hand Fingers Thumb.

2:33pm Nap time for Fin.

2:45pm Snack time for Mama! I have a handful of tortilla chips with a BLT dip and then an orange. I definitely did not eat enough fruit this weekend.

3:10pm After folding a load of laundry, I sit down to watch an episode of Parenthood.

3:20pm Finley’s eyes open. I attempt to soothe her back to sleep but to no avail.

3:30pm We bundle up for a trip to Woodman’s.

4:22pm We’re home from the store. I put away the groceries and Finley jumps around.

4:45pm I nurse Finley. She again eats for a short period of time – strange.

5:06pm Diaper and outfit change required – poop everywhere.

5:15pm I attempt to put Finley down for a nap (it’d be #4) but she was not interested. I decide to not fight it and let her have a longer awake period. This means she’ll be ready for bed around 6:20pm (three hours after the last nap ended).

5:20pm Brody gets home!

5:45pm Rubba-dubba-dub, Finley’s in the tub.

6:00pm Brody reads a few books to Fin before saying goodnight to her.

6:15pm I change Fin’s pajamas (she spit up all over the first pair she was in), put her in a sleep sack, and sing “Twinkle Twinkle” to her.

6:35pm Finley falls asleep.

6:45pm I finish making dinner, and Brody and I eat while watching The West Wing.

7:30pm We continue relaxing on the couch but switch to The Voice.

8:49 Normally I dream feed Finley around now, but she has woken up, and instead of soothing her back to sleep, I feed her.

9:30pm Bedtime for Mama.

What’s the best part of your day?
What’d you eat for lunch and dinner yesterday?


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life with Finley [11-11-2013]

    • Ok good – that’s what I’ve been doing.
      Woohoo! Way to get money off…and a lot!
      I love cereal but can’t have it as a meal – I have no self control when it comes to it and would eat three bowls 🙂

  1. I leave her diaper alone too. I need to get better about cooking actual dinners. The slow cooker makes it so easy, I should use it more often! Life definitely sounds more complicated with 2 little munchkins – but sounds like you’re handling it like a pro! Did you babysit growing up? Finley’s nursing sessions sound a lot like Emma’s. Unless she’s really tired or upset, she’s too distracted or short-attentioned to nurse for longer than 5-10 minutes. I tried pumping the other day after a short nursing session though and didn’t get anything out so perhaps she’s more efficient than I thought!

    • I’ve also tried pumping after a short nursing session, and the same thing happened – I only got half an ounce!
      Brody told me the hockey onesies are on Zulily today if you do want to get any for Emma 🙂

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