Finley and Mama Update: Four and a Half Months

As a four and a half month old, Finley…

goes to Mother Baby Hour at the Meriter Business Center every week.

You can’t tell where we are, so you’ll have to take my word that we’re there.

puts EVERYTHING in her mouth still, including her thumb!

I actually wouldn’t mind if she was a thumb sucker because she could use it to comfort herself instead of a pacifier.

sometimes sports a headband.

This one came in a three pack – the others are green and pink.

has started to lift up her butt during tummy time (i.e. she’s prepping for crawling!!!).

She’s not doing it here – just a tummy time picture.

is happy unless hungry.

Almost every morning she hangs out in the Bumbo while I make breakfast.

doesn’t mind the cooler temperatures.

This was a trip to the dog park.

takes four naps a day (stupid 45-minutes intruder).

This nap was only 15 minutes because she woke up when she rolled onto her back.

sees her friend Braxton a few times a week.

Brody’s response to this picture: “Tell that kid to get his hands off my daughter.” Protective already…wait until she’s 16.

is a giant: 96% for height, 86% for weight, and 75% for head circumference.

This may give a little perspective (keeping in mind that I’m 5’2″).

loves her daddy.

Finley took most of her naps in Brody’s arms the weekend I was in Lake Geneva. Awww…

gets kisses from Moose.

Dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans, right?

gets kisses from Owen.

I’m guessing the only reason Brody allowed this kissing to go on is because it was Owen’s first birthday party.

has started to like Sophie.

Moose likes Sophie too. Sophie may not be around for long…

met her grandpa and step-grandma.

That’s Brody (not his stepmom) and his dad.

As the mother of a four and a half month old, I…

love being at home full time. I knew I would, and I feel lucky to have this opportunity. To help out the family, though, I am starting to watch a friend’s daughter who is 17 months old for five hours, three to four days a week.

hate that I become obsessed with Finley’s sleeping, especially her naps. At her four month appointment yesterday, our pediatrician recommended she be taking two naps a day: one morning and one afternoon. Ummm…ok. That would mean that Finley is awake for more than two hours at a time unless she somehow miraculously starts sleeping for more than 45 minutes. The doctor said I should “push through” the signs of sleepiness. This goes against basically everything I have read about babies and sleep and goes against what I feel is “right.” See? I just blabbed for how many sentences about sleep. If I were to analyze this obsession, I might say it’s about control and schedules, and how as a teacher, I had those two things, but now as a SAHM, I don’t.

feel great physically. Each week, I try to workout at least three times. This week I did 30 Day Shred level one on Monday, went to kickboxing Tuesday, took a three mile walk with Finley and the dogs on Wednesday, and did 30 Day Shred level one again today. Brody and I have talked about how amazing it would be to have a treadmill in the basement but that big of a purchase isn’t a good idea right now. One day hopefully.

only get emotional when I haven’t slept well the night before. Yesterday I was a crying mess. Tuesday night: asleep at 10pm, awake to feed Fin at 12:30am, back to sleep at 1am, awake to soothe Fin at 4am, awake to feed (soothing wasn’t working) at 4:30am, back to bed at 5am, and awake for the day at 6am. While six hours of sleep isn’t horrible, broken up into three chunks is no bueno.

am concerned about becoming a hermit during the winter. Although I love being around people, I’m also a home-body. And I hate the cold. Hopefully weekly activities will force me to leave the house.

It’s just after 8pm, and we had a rough night getting Finley down for the night. After 45 minutes of fussing, crying, picking up and putting down, and holding, Finley is asleep. As a wise friend told me, this isn’t forever. Good night!


9 thoughts on “Finley and Mama Update: Four and a Half Months

  1. I finally made it to mother-baby hour today! Don’t worry about the sleep, seriously. She’ll be fine in 5 years and you won’t even remember! It’s definitely not worth the worry, it’ll work out. =) Let’s get together soon.

    • Good! We’re you in the group picture? Babies in costumes are the cutest.
      Yes, so true wise mama 🙂 I will forget this part. I also read something yesterday about wasting energy stressed about sleep instead of enjoying this time.
      Let’s definitely get together next week – I’ll text you 🙂

    • I’d love that! Because I’ll be watching another kiddo in the beginning of the week, I could only do Thursdays or Fridays. The 14th or 15th both are open – email or text me!

  2. AHHH! Mason gets plagued by the 45 minute intruder ALL THE TIME. I just want to tell him (and actually do most times) – “It’s not time to wake up Mason.” Is Sophie for a teething soothe? I’m beginning to wonder about that too – Mason is drooling all over the place (seriously, he wears a bib when he’s awake) and he’s gnawing on his hands all the time. Teething or just discovering his hands? ONLY TWO NAPS A DAY?!? Already? Who needs mother/baby hour when I have your blog! 🙂

    • So besides telling Mason the nap isn’t done, what do you do? Soothe? Swing? Cry and fuss? Or what does your daycare provider do?
      I don’t think Sophie is for teething specifically, but she could be, especially if you put her in the freezer for a bit. Fin drools quite a bit too, but the doctor said there’s no sign of teeth. There is a baby at MB hour who is five months (and was four weeks early) with two teeth already!
      I know, right? Two is too few.

      • Soothe. I usually go in, turn on his sleep sheep, and bounce his mattress slightly until he goes back to sleep, about 5-10 minutes worth of effort. I am not to the point where I think he should to ‘cry it out.’ I’m still looking for his instructional manual. I remember leaving the hosptial with a CARTLOAD of stuff – maybe it’s in there. 😉

  3. I wouldn’t worry so much about Finley taking 4 naps – Emma took 4 naps a day too until just a few weeks ago and she’s older. They stretch out their awake time at their own pace. Emma is down to 2-3 naps now too, 3 if the naps are shorter. But something that we started doing with Emma was letting her cry for 10 minutes before naps – most of the time, she puts herself to sleep. Sometimes, I still go in and get her to sleep. But I’ve noticed that when she gets herself to sleep, she sleeps longer. I don’t know if it’s because she already knows where she is, so she can go back to sleep easier when she wakes up slightly after 45 minutes. But when I was rocking/bouncing Emma to sleep for all naps and bedtime, she’d wake up after 45 minutes like clockwork. As for keeping Finley awake for longer, maybe just try it for a day, or one awake time, and see what happens? I was always scared that Emma would get overtired and it’d be one big downward spiral, but she always reset herself either overnight, or if I held her for a nap or 2. Anyway, she’s completely adorable!! Good job on exercising. I’m slowly getting better at that. I feel so much better when I do it!

    • Thanks for the reassurance 🙂 I’ve been fairly confident in my “mothering” but this whole sleeping thing makes me question myself. I do have to remind myself that this isn’t forever, and that like Emma, she will drop down to 2-3 naps. For the last two days I’ve kept Fin up for 2.5-3 hours, and she did fine. Like you, I was scared everything would go to hell in a hand basket, but it didn’t.
      I’m heading to your future state of Minnesota today! We’re visiting friends who just built a house in Chanhassen.
      Have a nice weekend!

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