Girls’ Weekend in Lake Geneva

The photos should speak for themselves…but I’ll still provide captions. It was a fantastic weekend! Ten of us ladies rented a beautiful house in Geneva National.

Jena found a homemade snuggie

View of the family room

Shopping in downtown Lake Geneva

I bought Finley a book and nothing for myself or Brody

Pretty views of Lake Geneva

Taking a break from shopping for drinks

Yummy cider – but I couldn’t taste the ginger much

We definitely didn’t go hungry this weekend

That chicken orzo salad was so yummy!

Action shot

Pumping buddies

We couldn’t tell if this woman was previously a man or not

Group shot (minus two)

As fun as the two nights away were, I was very happy to get home and see Finley. Brody had a nice weekend home with her. He made my Finley-less days easier by sending some photos.

Finley at the dog park

Not of Fin but new onesies Brody ordered for her

Moose can’t wait for Finley to be a more engaging playmate

Owen, who just turned one, kept kissing Fin

Brody held Fin for most of her naps this weekend

I hope you had a great weekend as well!


10 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend in Lake Geneva

  1. OMG, “We couldn’t tell if this woman was previously a man or not,” made me laugh out loud! And I love the “pumping buddies,” and the fact that Brody ordered her onesies. I don’t think Jon has ever bought either of them clothes!

    • Seriously! I thought she was but another friend said no. She had such masculine facial features and thick arms. Maybe she took stuff for body building though…
      Brody has bought Fin more clothes than I have!

  2. WOW – I made the post 6 times!! WOO HOO! I seriously love our pumping buddies pic. Ok for me to make it my facebook profile pic? 🙂 Were you just so excited to see Fin when you got back Sunday? I started crying when I saw Mason…. #overemotionalmommy

    • Yes, FB it! Do you need me to send it to you? Text me if so.
      I did get a little choked up. I tried to not be too excited because I was worried I’d freak her out. Hope you had a nice afternoon with Mason!

    • I bet that run was pretty! Smart idea to pick a loop – that’s my favorite long run style route, and running by water is always more enjoyable.
      I know – isn’t that a sweet picture?

    • Brody got them on Zulily. Have you bought anything from there? They have the cutest rocking “horses” by Rockabye – I think we’re going together one for Fin for Christmas (even though she won’t be able to use it for a little while).

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