Finley Photo Dump vol. IV


Finley puts everything in her mouth…and don’t even think about making the “twss” joke with my daughter 🙂

Staying up to watch the Blackhawks game didn’t happen.

Such a cutie!

Aunt Laura gave Finley her first piano lesson.

Apparently cloth diapers and jeggings don’t go together; she looks like an old man with a fupa (sorry…kind of true though).

Go Badgers!

Finley is ready to stay warm during our three mile run.

We met Brody for lunch at Pizza Brutta on Tuesday, and he surprised Fin with a Badger headband and a stuffed Bucky.

Fin doing some tummy time at Mother Baby Hour.

I bought headbands (and a couple other things) at Carter’s with a gift card.


7 thoughts on “Finley Photo Dump vol. IV

  1. Oh my gosh these are priceless! Love the grandpa pants look I laughed out loud… Her badger headband is so cute! 🙂 she’s going to be a musician like her Auntie! Or a ballet dancing hockey player… Whatever ill love her no matter what.

  2. I learned about FUPA from Aaron. It was one of our first dates and we were at the Art Institute in Chicago. This is where he taughed me FUPA. And I still married him…
    The little Fin is such a cutie. Can’t wait to spend some individual time with her mommy this weekend! 🙂

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