A Day in the Life with Finley [10-10-13]

I began this post last Thursday and had plans to finish it, you know, Friday at the latest. Oh well – better late than never.

I’m sure I missed a feeding or diaper change in here, so by no means is this completely exact. It was also kind of a funky day to document because of our road trip that night. Regardless, I think it’ll be fun to look back on this post weeks, months, years from now. Note to self: do a post like this at least once a month.

6:00am I hear Finley talking and look on my phone (our monitor is WiFi) to see her eyes open. While Brody normally brings her into bed with us for ten minutes in the morning before we all start the day, I know it’s too early for Brody to wake up. I feed Finley in her room and change her diaper. She sleeps in a disposable but wears cloth during the day.

6:30am Finley and I wake up Brody. The two of them hang out while I jump in the shower for a quick bird bath (wash body, not hair).

6:45am As I make Brody a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and get my breakfast plate ready, Finley sits in her Bumbo. She chooses this time to dirty her diaper, and let’s just say the position of sitting in the Bumbo make for a messy cleanup.

7:00am After a diaper change, Finley hangs out in her bouncer. I let the dogs out to pee.

7:10am I can tell Fin is ready for her first nap because she stops playing and stares blankly into space. She’s also been yawning since 6:45am. Although I haven’t eaten yet, I position everything around me to hold Finley for this nap. Today she’s going to spend more time in her car seat than I like, so I decide she should nap on me.

7:15am Finley falls asleep quickly. I eat two apple spice muffins and a Honeycrisp apple while watching The Today Show.

8:50am What a nap!

I refill my coffee cup and get ready to feed Finley.

9:00am Fin eats and then plays in her exer-saucer (is that what they’re called?).

I put on normal people clothes (jeans even!!!).

10:00am We all (including the dogs) get in the car. We have a wedding in Toledo this weekend, so the dogs are having a sleepover with Murphy (and his owners, our friends) who lives on the far west side of Madison. Finley falls asleep for about 30 minutes during this drive.

10:45am I get to Mother Baby Hour a little early. Finley wakes up and enjoys some tummy time.

I chat with another mom about traveling and sleep issues.

11:00am I nurse Finley, change her diaper, and listen to the owner of StrollerStrides. She’s come to give us a mini-class. Seriously – the first day I wear jeans is the day I was supposed to wear workout clothes. It’s okay, though; I’m able to do everything I my jeans.

12:45pm Finley and I stop at Target on the way home. I am in desperate need of razors and a few other essentials, like peanut butter.

1:20pm I eat a steak and egg sandwich and an orange while Finley keeps herself entertained on a playmat. It’s the one with the piano keys at the feet – she loves it!

1:35pm Finley passes out while eating, and I put her in her crib for a nap. I have lots to do to get ready for our road trip, so I keep my fingers crossed that she’ll nap for at least an hour.

1:40pm After another birdbath (I got mildly sweaty during the StrollerStrides class), I pack my bag for the weekend.

2:20pm Finley wakes up. Ugh! Yes I love her and enjoy playing with her, but I also like when she gets a good nap in, AND I did not finish much on my to-do list.

2:30pm Finley eats again and gets a new diaper, we play in her room, and I pack her bag.

3:45pm When Finley rubs her eyes, I know it’s time to start winding down for the next (and fifth) nap of the day. We read half of a book and she starts to fuss. White noise machine? Check. Swaddle? Check. Paci? Check.

3:50pm After a little fussing, Finley falls asleep and I revisit my to-do list: make sandwiches for dinner, pump, set DVR for The Walking Dead, pick up for cleaning people, put away some laundry, and work on this post.

4:50pm No dice on the long nap. She’s up and ready to party. I feed her, change her diaper, and give her a bath.

6:15pm It’s “time” for Finley to go to sleep again, but Brody’s going to be home soon, and we’ll be leaving for Ohio around 7pm. I feed her again, and she stays calm.

7:00pm The car is packed, and we’re off. Six (or more) hours of driving ahead of us. I keep my fingers crossed that Finley passes out and that Brody doesn’t pass out from exhaustion (he had a crazy busy day). About twenty minutes into the drive, we realize we do not have our iPass, so we make the decision to go through the tolls in Illinois as if we do and pay online later.

7:45pm Finley falls asleep – woohoo!

8:00pm Brody plays an audio book while I doze off. We also talk, listen to music, and eat snacks. Finley continues to sleep.

2:00am (Ohio time) We arrive in Ohio. Finley wakes up to see Grandma (Brody’s mom), nurse, and get a clean diaper.

3:00am We all go to bed.

The end.


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