All the Pumpkin

I’m a walking “I love fall” cliche…except I can’t fit my giant calves into most skinny jeans or tall boots. But I’m making up for that shortcoming by eating everything pumpkin.

Fall still is not my favorite season (summer all the way baby!), but now that I stay at home full time, it’s growing on me. For the past five years, fall has meant back to school. This has been both an exciting time (lesson planning, working with colleagues and friends, new school clothes, etc.) and a stressful time (waking up early, grading LOTS of essays, etc.). Right now, it still feels like I’m on summer break. I don’t know if it’s totally sunk in that I don’t have a job (that brings in money).

This fall, I have a slower pace of life. Yesterday, I met a friend for Orange Leaf at 3:00pm, and after stuffing my face with pumpkin pie froyo and saying goodbye to her and her cutie son (who is only a week older than Fin), continued walking until 5:30pm. Finley fell asleep at 4:00pm, and I knew she’d wake up if I stopped moving. So we kept walking. I looped around a couple of neighborhoods noticing the pretty fall colors and listening to the crunch of leaves under my feet. I didn’t even have music on, call anyone, or check Facebook (more than twice). See? So cliche.

Besides the pumpkin pie froyo, I plowed through a 9-pack of Thomas brand pumpkin English muffins over the last two weeks.

One side with peanut butter and one with light cream cheese.

I also made pumpkin quinoa breakfast cookies yesterday and ate pumpkin pecan pancakes at The Original Pancake House today. Oh, and I had my first pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks last week. And, although it’s not flavored, I bought a pumpkin-colored cardigan (on sale) at Target.

Finley has even gotten in on the “all the pumpkin” mindset by wearing her Halloween fleece sleeper.

My least favorite season is approaching (“Winter is coming” – boo!), so I’m going to continue being mindful of all the great things about fall. Still on my fall to-do list: drink pumpkin beer (ideally with a cinnamon sugar rim), hang my pumpkin wreath on the front door, buy a few pumpkins for the stoop, and make a batch of double pumpkin muffins.

Are you a pumpkin fan?
How have you been enjoying fall?


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