Friday Facts

Long time no see (or read?)! I hope everyone’s October is off to a good start.

1. I read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and it a) made me feel like I am doing everything wrong with sleeping, b) confused me, c) got me paranoid again regarding Finley’s sleep habits, and d) convinced me that I will end up with a hyperactive, humorless, inflexible child. Gah! Why does everything have to be contradictory? As my friend Jena says, it would’ve been so much easier if these babies came with instruction manuals.

Fin likes sleeping on Dad on the weekends.

2. My cooking streak continues…other than the frozen pizza we had last night. This week I made calzones, teriyaki meatballs with snow peas and edamame, and pesto meatballs (which I had made pre-Finley and were frozen). I also made apple spice muffins using a recipe Nicole sent me. They are delicious, and maybe she’ll post the recipe on her blog! I may even make another batch today.

3. I ordered nine magnets from Stickygram, and they are all of Finley. Go figure. She’s so darn cute.

4. About 75% of the time I grocery shop at Woodman’s, I see the same guy. Seriously. It is super creepy. I wonder if he sees me and thinks the same thing. It’s not even like I shop on the same days or at the same times.

5. I hosted an Arbonne party last week for a friend who is just starting her business and ordered the “aging” facial cleanser and daily moisturizer. It is recommended to women 30 and older and helps prevent wrinkles. I am old. But, I think most people who know me realize I’ve been an 80 year old for years now. I nodded my head along with about half of these (particularly 1, 3, 6, 20, and 21).

6. How does everyone feel about the iOS update? I’m basically used to it now, but it was an adjustment. As a total nerd, I am a big fan of the new font, though.

7. It’s rainy and stormy today…and I’m into it. It’s a free pass to stay in jammies, drink lots of coffee, and watch everything on TLC. I do have a coffee date with a pregnant friend to exchange maternity clothes (for her) for winter girl clothes (for Finley). Otherwise Finley and I will not leave the house. I am excited (see #5).

We’ll probably read some books today.

8. Oh, wait. #7 may be a lie. Earlier this week, I washed the crib pad…and then dried it, and the plastic melted. A trip to Babies R Us may happen today, but it’ll be quick.

9. I went to the dentist this week. Brody and I had to switch dentist offices because we had been on my employer’s dental plan. This new office is super close to our house and seems great. Unfortunately, I have two small cavities. I need to floss.

10. On Sunday, I met Mel downtown for a run. We did three easy miles and then had coffee and a little post-run snack. It was awesome to see her, run without the jogging stroller, and sit outside at Collectivo.


Perfect timing – Finley just woke up.

Have a fantastic weekend!

13 thoughts on “Friday Facts

    • It is such a cute coffee shop! I liked the coffee and scone I had a lot…although my husband says Ancora’s coffee is better.
      I hope work flies by for you – it’s almost the weekend πŸ™‚

  1. I love the wi-fi baby photos! It’s crazy how many new things have come out in the 2 1/2 years since Blair was born. That, or I’m also an old person stuck in a young body and can’t handle all this new fangled technology. Don’t sweat the sleep stuff. Eventually, they all figure it out. Just do what works for you right now. Oh, and i’m super jealous of how fall-looking it looks there with your long sleeve shirt and the leaves changing!

    • The wi-fi is pretty awesome – it has been nice when we’ve had a babysitter to at least check in to see if she is sleeping without calling the sitter.
      Yes, the leaves are changing. I always have remind myself to stop and notice the change as it seems to happen overnight. It’s been very warm here, though, and hasn’t felt like fall yet. I’m guessing you don’t get much change in seasons?

  2. hi angie!
    i love the pic of Fin “reading” her book in her tights and dress, too cute πŸ™‚
    i read that same book and couldn’t believe what i read :/ some of the language is pretty harsh.
    bottles are still a struggle here as is napping but we think we have a pretty good night time routine…. but who knows that can easily change…
    And yes a manual would be nice πŸ™‚


    • I am with you about Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – the first time I read it I was like “What the…?” She likes it though, so it’s the book I read to her the most often.
      Sorry to hear that bottles and napping are not going the best 😦 I seriously do not know one mom whose baby takes great naps consistently. Those books are all hogwash!

      • ha! i was actually talking about Healthy Sleep Habits; Happy Babies regarding the harsh language….. I should have made the comments in different paragraphs πŸ™‚
        and C loves Chicka Chicka Boom Boom too

          • All the books i’ve read have these definite ideas and if you don’t follow them, your child will turn out a reject in society, though i doubt that will happen πŸ™‚ I’ve found I like a couple of ideas/concepts/routines from a few books. really i’m just trying to see what is out there and see if it’s a good fit for Corrine and us! Our schedule is VERY loosely based on the The Contented Little Baby Book, by Gina Ford, but there is no way we could follow her schedule minute to minute…. it’s also hard to have C down by 7p (the schedule is based on a 7a-7p sort of schedule) every night esp b/c we want to “hang out” with her more, she’s fun now!

  3. When you find the instructional manual, please let me know. We also read “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.” The only thing I learned from that book – other than babies need A LOT of sleep – is that all babies are different. No matter what. And without a sleep specialist living in your house, I’ve just come to the conclusion that we’re doing the best we can. πŸ™‚

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