Wedding in Stillwater

Finley fell asleep in my arms this morning.

She likes to put her arm in my shirt.

I’ve been holding her for her first nap of the day because I know that once she’s older, she won’t cuddle as much and I’ll regret not doing this more often.

I’m telling you all this because I’m going to type out the entire post on my phone with one hand. What talent, I know.

A week ago I posted a photo dump and shared that Brody and I would be leaving Finley over night. We did it! And it went well!

After Fin went down for her first nap Saturday morning, we took off, leaving our little girl home with my sister. My mom arrived a little after noon and took over.

I was most nervous about Finley taking a bottle since it had been over a month since we’d given her one, but she did great. At each feeding she ate about four ounces, which is helpful for me to know for next month when I leave her home with Brody for a weekend.

My mom followed our sleep routine (down for a nap every 90 minutes) pretty well. Unfortunately, Finley was not into napping Sunday morning, so that by the time we got home at 12:15pm on Sunday, she had been awake for five hours. Eek! Brody and I were so excited to see her, but the second she saw us, she started crying. She was just off for the rest of the day, was fussy, and had a horrible night of sleep (up at midnight, 2am, 4am, and 5:45).

Now on to the wedding!

It was so fun to be reunited with Bridget and JP. We quickly got ready in their hotel room, drank a beer, and got on to the shuttle bus.

All of the wedding festivities were at the same place. It was a beautiful property and a gorgeous setting for an outdoor ceremony.



After the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour.


Bridget suggested I try the Chardonnay, J. Lohr, because she said it wasn’t oakey, and I strongly dislike oakey wines.

Bridget is very smart, and she knows me well because I loved the wine and drank it for the rest of the night!

For dinner, the couple had a food truck set up outside the tent. They served three kinds of sliders: Thai chicken, beef brisket, and black bean. I ate three but could’ve put down six. And I probably should’ve eaten more because I was hungry a couple hours later and ate a granola bar at 10pm and a banana at 4am when I got up to pump.

Photos from dinner:

Such pretty centerpieces

Brody and I enjoying time as a couple

Hi Pete!

Although there was dancing, I did not bust a move but instead chatted it up with friends and Brody.


It was a fun wedding and weekend away. Although I missed Finley and it wasn’t fun to pump (and dump some) every four to five hours, I am glad we did it. In December we’ll be leaving her again for my SIL’s wedding for three nights. That will be harder, I’m guessing, because it’s for a longer stretch of time and we’ll be farther away in Maryland.

Guess what? Fin is STILL asleep and I finished the post. #bloggermomsuccess #snuggleandtype #ineverdohashtagsbutcouldnthelpmyselfafterhavingseenJTsparody

5 thoughts on “Wedding in Stillwater

  1. Glad it went well! I have yet to be away from Emma overnight. I understand that it’d be hard but I’d also really look forward to sleepibg in! I still hold Emma for some naps or for getting her to sleep – I also enjoy it and will miss it when she gets older! So I think its good you do that.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who holds their baby for (some) naps. I know I’ll have to give it up eventually. Plus I want to cherish these moments because I know she’ll probably not like me much during some of her teenage years 🙂

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