Finley Photo Dump vol. III

Once again it is time to unload pictures of Finley. There’s lots of cute ones, and I think she totally looks like Brody in a bunch of them. Enjoy!


Hanging out on the playmat

Helping Mama bake

All bundled up for a (colder) morning run with Mama and her friend

Those cheeks!

Showing off her Patagucci (Patagonia) outfit…which she spit up on two minutes later

Happy baby

A baby and her daddy at Stalzy’s for a lunch date

Good morning

Tomorrow, Brody and I are going to Minnesota for a wedding, and it’ll be the first time we both leave Fin overnight. My mom and sister will be here, and although I have complete faith in them, I will be leaving a book of “instructions” so that things are done “right.” (Too many quotation marks?) While I know we’ll both miss our sweet little girl, I am excited to a) sleep through the night, b) spend some alone time with Brody, and c) have fun with JP and Bridget!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “Finley Photo Dump vol. III

  1. Love all the pictures – esp the “good morning” one 🙂 Corrine has the same Patagucci outfit but in a size to wear next summer! Have fun at the wedding!!

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